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Overcome Workforce Shortages in Health Care

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    This report details strategies and recommendations to overcome the workforce shortages and improvement of employee morale of Middlefield Hospital. The Middlefield Hospital is a 50-bed tertiary care facility and has an integrated health system, provides full array of inpatient and outpatient services. Though it has a reputation for providing quality care, it turns out that the hospitals employee turnover rate exceeds 20% and there are over 100 nursing vacancies. It has also been found that the following facts may be responsible for impacting the workforce shortages. A new hospital has recently opened in your market area that has produced competition for Middlefield Hospital. Employee morale has deteriorated over the last 12 months. Essex University (a local college) is considering eliminating its nursing degree program because there is continual difficulty in recruiting well qualified instructors. As the new chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Middlefield Hospital, I would suggest the following recommendations and strategies to overcome the nurse shortages and improve employee morale.

    First of all, if Essex University eliminates the nursing degree program, the problem of nurse shortages might even get worse in coming years. Since the university is facing difficulties in recruiting well qualified instructors, strategies should be developed to attract qualified instructors. Also, the hospital can implement a strategy by collaborating with Essex University and attracting the students to work in Middlefield by providing financial aid to those students who work in the hospital after their graduation. The students get to know more of the hospital environment and rules by the time their education is completed.

    The students can have clinical experience and also reduce the workload of nurses by helping them. I would also suggest implementing the following strategies to attract instructors. Continue to promote faculty roles to the nursing population with career fairs, articles, seminars, etc. Establish and maintain competitive salaries and compensation. Broaden options for interested nurses to become qualified to teach-Teacher Certification, education tracks at the master’s and doctoral level, etc. Recognize clinical practice as a valid route for faculty contribution in lieu of Research and publication. Continue to prime the pipeline for future faculty:  To increase opportunities for advancement, make registered nurse to Baccalaureate degree in nursing programs more widely available. Implement distance-learning options. Offer scholarships and other financial incentives to nurses who will complete advanced degrees and teach. Implement joint-appointments and other personnel assignment strategies that support and complement full-time faculty.

    Investigate flexible scheduling options for faculty. Explore the potential for shared faculty appointments for specialty services, e. g. Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, and Community Health. Increase State Funding Increase nursing program funding to reflect market compensation trends and to accommodate increasing program enrollments. Fully fund the Health Personnel Shortage Incentive Grant Program.

    Graduates of the RN Residency program have a lesser turnover rate. Creating programs that offers nurses who are feeling burned out the chance to explore working in other units of the hospital rather than leaving the profession. Providing nurses regular lunch breaks, extra nurses are sent in to work three-to-four-hour shifts to cover lunch breaks. If a unit is short on a particular day, the nurse can be asked if she’d like to put in additional hours. The hospital should try to make nurses’ jobs less frenetic by employing nursing students from local colleges (Essex University) who can help with tasks such as dressings and wound care. Strategies that focus on truly improving the workplace – things that give job satisfaction e. g. patient satisfaction, convenient locations, and providing transport facilities especially during odd hours and providing enough Patient Care assistants (PCAs) to decrease the work burden.

    Flexible staffing, Flexible scheduling and Self scheduling for pregnant nurses, nurses with young children ,tuition reimbursement, communication activities and flexible career assignments and professional development. Nurse leaders should make a practice of rounding at the hospital and addressing their issues. Staff recognition events should be held on a regular basis. Conducting meetings with the staff and asking opinions on reasons why employee morale is deteriorating and taking measures accordingly. Finally, the hospital should try to improve the technology and provide better facilities to retain physicians and other staff from going to a new hospital. Plans should be initiated to redesign the hospital to changing health care system and also make use of funding by state and federal governments.

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