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Changes of Women’s Roles in the Workforce

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When one thinks of the world today, we realize the world is constantly changing. Specifically in today’s world, the role of women has shifted from what is once was. I believe women are becoming stronger, more independent, and becoming leaders. Women are no longer standing behind a man; they are either standing side by side to one or in front of them. Women play many different and important roles in society. Women were once seen as only being a house wife; someone who would take care of the children, cook, and clean.

They were seen as weak because they had to depend on a man.

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Changes of Women’s Roles in the Workforce
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Today, women are making drastic changes. They are making their own money and no longer relying on a man to take care and support the family. We can now see the positive effects change has had on women and their roles in society. Women’s roles in society have changed tremendously leaving a great impact on society; women have become role models and are now successfully taking over the world in all different aspects of life.

Women’s roles have changed from generation to generation dating back as early as the 18th century. Women have faced many hardships while trying to gain power and equality. During the 18th century is when women finally took a stand for themselves. According to the article “Women’s Rights Movement in the U.S.” by Ann- Marie Imbornoni, in 1848 the first Women’s convention was held in Seneca Falls, New York. This convention took place called for equal treatment of women and men under the law and the voting rights for women. Conventions took place every few years until 1920 when the 19thAmendment was passed allowing women the right to vote (Imbornoni). This was an enormous change in society and a huge win for women of all ages. This was the first major change in society that would benefit women for years on end.

After the Women’s Rights Movement more and more powerful women were breaking through to society. Sojouner Truth who was born a slave became an abolitionist and a feminist wrote a speech titled “Ain’t I a Woman”. She was advocating for women’s rights before the 19th Amendment was passed and has continued to be an influential figure for women. In Sojouner Truth’s speech she states “If the first woman God ever made was strong enough to turn the world upside down all alone, these women together out to be able to turn it back and get it right-side up again. And now that they are asking to do it, the men better let them”. I agree with Sojouner Truth, it is time for the women to shine and show exactly who they are and what they are capable of. While giving her speech she flexed her arm muscle and stated “I have plowed, I have planted and I have gathered into barns. And no man could head me. And ain’t I a woman? I could work as much, and eat as much as man- when I could get it- and bear the lash as well! And ain’t I a woman?” Sojouner Truth took a solid stance for women showing that her being a woman is just as strong and just as capable as any man. She was a true motivator and has shown women to stand up for themselves and be strong. Women are stronger together were joined in unity regardless of the different life paths they have come from. All women have one thing in common; they are all capable of being strong women.

Although women have now become noticed and accepted in society it was not always like that. In Claudia Goldin’s article, The Changing Economic Role of Women: A Quantitative Approach she states “Within agriculture the Wages of females relative to those of men were exceptionally low”. During these times women were paid extremely low compared to the men because the men were seen as the head of the household. Society was convinced that women were not capable of performing any work outside of the home but that was far from the truth. Women could not be stopped. They worked hard without complaint and these women were empowering one another. Women of different classes: the working and middle came together and began to thrive.

As the world began to evolve the question arose “Are Men Necessary?” Lisa Belkin wrote an essay which states that women are becoming more dominant but men will never disappear. Lisa Belkin stated, “Indeed, the U.S. economy is in some ways becoming a kind of traveling sisterhood: upper-class women leave home and enter the workforce, creating domestic jobs for other women to fill.” This is also an example of women empowering women and working together to make a change. Women are taking on more responsibilities from being mothers, wives, and working women. There is nothing women cannot do. The roles of women have changed drastically and in today’s society. Women are now business owners and are well educated. They hold high positons in the corporate sector and are involved in politics and much more. As times have changed women have showed they no longer have to be dependent on their father or their husband. Women have a proclaimed sense of independence which they are passing down to the younger generations.

The major change in society has shown that both men and women are equally suited for any job in any area. Women now have their own individuality and no longer only identify with being an uneducated housewife. Over the years women have really stepped up and have proven themselves as smart, educated, talented, ambitious individuals. Women are raising families, taking care of children, spouses and homes while still maintaining a full time job making their own money so they will never have to depend on anyone but themselves. Being a woman today makes me extremely proud of all the women before me who have proven over and over and who have fought for gender equality. Women are recognized in today’s society for the hard work they put in and they are truly accepted. There is nothing that a woman cannot do or overcome, women are fearless, strong, bold individuals’ who will always strive to be better.

With the world changing drastically, we must ask ourselves could this be the end of men?” Simone de Beauvoir (pg. 1) states “this world has always belonged to males, and none of the reasons given for this have ever seemed sufficient.” To me this means men have always been given credit for everything while women were left in the shadows. Today women are shining bright, sticking out and are being acknowledged for being the strong superiors they set out to be.

In the book The End of Men and The Rise of Women by Hanna Rosin she discusses the shift in the world that both men and women would have to adjust to. Men were now becoming more and more accustomed to no longer being the provider or sitting at the head of the table where they once were. Women have now stepped up by maintaining a home, caring for children, and working. If a man is not going to benefit my family or me as an individual they are just taking up space. A woman is now seen as a man’s equal and men have to bring just as much if not more to the table.

In the book (pg. 240) and excerpt titles I Am A Bad Woman states “I may be a good employee, but to my family, I am a failure. In their eyes, I am a bad daughter-in-law, a bad parent, a bad wife and a bad mother. Do the benefits of working rationalize carrying all these labels?” This relates to the Korean culture and although the world was adjusting some cultures still did not and do not want to accept the change. This woman Hwang Myeong-eun was a mother, a wife, a hard worker but forher family she felt she should give up her career to be a full time mother and wife. In Korea work hours were long and the longer her job kept her away from him she was looked down upon. She did not want to have to choose between her and her job and why should she. She decided to speak out and put an ad in a newspaper. Being so determined she caught the government’s attention and the attention of many others. She was not the only woman suffering and stressed out about having to make an unfair decision. The Korean government expanded childcare options so that working women did not have to choose. They could have it all and not feel guilty about it.

Change is inevitable; Hanna Rosin (pg. 139) states that in order to succeed in the future education is a must. Technology will advance and increasingly take away jobs from humans. Woman are dominating many professions one being the medical profession. They are using new technology to their advantage. Women are not willing to compromise their careers. Women remain hungry for information and that strive will continue to help them progress in life. Women do not complacent and by not getting too comfortable it is easier for them to adapt and be needed in the workplace.

Unfortunately for women as they are holding their ground and proving themselves to be just as good if not better than men but there is still a double standard. Linda Babcock (page 209) wrote advice books called “nice girls don’t get the corner office; play like a manager, win like a woman; and stop sabotaging your career.” These books were to teach women that men can do things one way; for example go to an office party without helping another colleague in need and not be looked down on. But if a woman was to do the same thing it was frowned upon. Linda Babcock states be firm and believe in yourself. Women are most likely to get judged while becoming a rising star. Do not let anyone or anything hold you back from what you set out to achieve, greatness. Women can do anything they want. Since the beginning of time women have overcome obstacles and the journey for women has not been easy. With hard work, determination, dedication and strive women will accomplish anything they set their mind to.

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