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Parent Involvement in Education

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Education today is one of the more important aspects of life. It is harder to survive in the growing economy without the aid of a good job, which requires education and training. That is why it is so important to get a good education.

To do so it is vital that parents are involved.

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Parent Involvement in Education
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Students perform better and are more motivated in school when they have parents who are involved in their children s education and over the years the public has come to realize the need for parental support and numerous efforts have been made to expand the ways in which parents are involved.With the involvement of parents in education students are able to excel to their greatest ability. In order for the parents to get involved there must be a good parent and teacher relationship, PTAs, a good community, state funding programs, and of course a good relationship between the parent and child.

To help create parent involvement it is essential create a strong parent-teacher relationship.

Without the parents trusting the teachers and visa versa, it becomes more difficult to create a good strong relationship. However, problems in creating a good relationship aren t always the parents fault.Parent-involvement expert Dorothy Rich says that “Many teachers never had a sense that parental involvement goes along with the job.

Not only must they expect parents to be involved, but teachers need to understand that communication with parents must be a two-way street” (Pape, 49). One way to lose communication between parents and teachers is for the teachers to speak in jargon. Parents want to know what is happening in the classroom, what the teachers goal s and objectives are, and most importantly, how the child is doing rather than something that parent s don t understand.There are a number of different ways to strengthen that relationship.

One way is for the teacher to visit the parents at home. Although this may seem time consuming, it will give teachers a chance to see what the home life is like (Hickman, 3). This meeting is on the “parents turf” therefore it will make uncomfortable parents feel as if they have the upper hand (Pape, 3). An easier way to get a good relationship between parents and teachers is phone calls.

They are less time consuming, yet they still allow the parents and teachers to be involved together in the decision making of the child s education.Once a good parent-teacher relationship has been formed, parents will be more willing to get involved in school activities such as the PTA. Parent Teacher Organizations have been created to help teachers and parents make decisions together. ” We know from three decades of research that children with involved parents do better in school and are more successful in life, says National PTA President Joan Dykstra.

Our organization is taking the much-needed step of identifying what factors are effective components of consistent, high-quality parent involvement programs. (PTA, 16) Joan along with the U. S. National PTA has created six standards that can help get parents involved:1) two-way communication between home and school;2) promoting and supporting parenting skills;3) active participation of parents in student learning;4) parents helping as volunteer partners in schools;5) parents helping as full partners in school decisions that affect children and families; 6) outreach to the community for resources to strengthen school.

PTAs help the school with decisions on text books, money issues, ordering supplies and various other things that teachers and other staff members are too busy for. Along with the PTA there are various other programs that have been created at the state and local level. At the national level a program has been established to develop effective family-school partnerships in schools across the nation.It is known as the National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education (NCPIE).

The NCPIE believes that with parents and schools sharing in decision-making, and collaborating in children s learning, parents can feel more involved in the education process. Not only does it benefit the parents but the children do better in school, and the schools improve as well. In 1998 a survey was taken by the U. S.

Department of Education. The survey had to do with Family Involvement in Education.

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