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Every individual in the society requires employment at most point in their life for the main purpose of sustenance. This concept is evidently true in the present modernized society because of their economic principles and objectives. It is also evidently true that every person has their own ability to acquire employment depending in their personal philosophy and ability as productive individuals in the society. Thus, as expressed in the said concept, every individual has their own path regarding their employment aspect that they must seek.

            However, it is common in the present society that some people do not actually know their personal employment career. This is mainly because they have not yet fully understood their own aims and objectives in life and have not yet realized their own potential. Because of which, they tend to depend on other’s decision regarding the employment they will take in. Thus, the concept of mandatory employment such as the one being implemented in communistic society wherein most people settle with employment that is not in accordance to their will.

            In contrast to the said ideology, employment at will is very much important because this ethical principle will actually advantageously reflect in the employment aspect of the people. Employment at will indeed will produce dedication and conviction to the work because the individual who is pursuing it desires to actually be in it. Thus, at will employment will significantly gain the personal passion of the said individual and actually implement it at the work aspect resulting to many beneficial aspects. Another reason for this is that individuals who are actually working at jobs that they personally desire can fully harness their abilities and channel it to the job thus producing better results. In addition to that employment at will can actually generate self-confidence and determination in the part of the individual which can positively influence the job performance of the individual.

            Employment at will is not a detrimental issue in the society in actual basis. This is not a problem for the government at all. This concept mainly aims to express to the society that they personally seek and determining the employment they actually desire and pursue it with great efforts and dedication. Working in accordance with personal will is a rewarding experience in reality thus individuals must incorporate this concept in their own philosophy.

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