Personal Statement for MBA at Washington State University

I am Madhav Soti and I wish to apply for the admission of MBA at Washington State University. Introducing myself, I am an experienced professional engineer with masters in mechanical Engineering from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, IL. With working knowledge in the field of manufacturing for almost 6 years, I came to realize that, my management skills in terms of project as well as professionals are not sufficient to achieve my career goal. Therefore, I am writing this statement in order to possible earn a slot in your formidable university for my Master’s education.

My engineering degree have given me a strong foundation to my analytical and technical skills. I had been continually serving with ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) and AICHE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) and devoting my volunteer hours to internal student office in organizing different events throughout campus. These involvements created opportunities of networking, leadership and gave me precious life-long friends. More than what I have studied in classroom, it has been these experiences that have shaped me the person, I am today.

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I have a desire to learn more and go to the depth, which eventually dragged me to graduate school. I was able to visualize a process from bench scale to industrial skills. During one of those networking technical conference, I was presented an opportunity to work with a similar technology startup company landing my first professional job. Working as a full time, I finished the latter half of my graduate studies, therefore adapting work-study-life balance at the same time and still maintaining the highest level of achievement in academics. It was emerging, patented technology to minimize the carbon footprint and develop alternative sources of fossil fuel. Working independently presented me the opportunity to work with the team as necessary and at the same time figure out the challenges of growing a business and solving whatever problem the business developed around posed to develop relationship. Now with my technical skills in place, I need to learn the management skills too to make myself equipped with all the corporate knowledge.

After graduating with a degree of Master’s in Science I worked with Startup Company as well as well-versed company like Johnson Controls. I had the opportunity to observe and work with the existing technology, at the same time improvise the process. Apart from manufacturing of automotive parts and developing processes, I played a key role in the quality assurance, organizing kaizen events as well as management of expansion projects. The projects brought home the importance of interaction with cross-functional, non-technical teams, clients across the globe and access their demands and needs. My career has thus evolved from that as an engineer to a professional capable of understanding both technological and business developments leading teams to deliver outstanding project results.

A global MBA from Washington State University is the key to achieving my career goals at this juncture in my career. It will enable understanding at a cross-functional level of enterprise complexity and at perfect stage to be able to apply such learnings’. I will thus be aware and well conversant with the challenges faced by various business functions- be it engineering technology, operations, management or human resources. Such an educational endeavor will complement my core competencies as a technologist and equip me to utilize my knowledge and expertise towards becoming successful professional.

I believe that WSU is the best-accredited institution for me to further hone my talent in business administration and eventually earn the title of MBA at the end of my education. Such as platform to interact with global diverse community will bring in the opportunity to learn cutting-edge business practice and will also prepare me to excel in a global arena. The school’s approach of cultivating intuition through academic coursework, case studies, study abroad trip and consulting and research assignments will help me strengthen my fundamentals and develop well-trained managerial and entrepreneurial instincts in my career chosen field. With its vast expertise towards online courses and platform, WSU is thus my most preferred destination for pursuing an online MBA program.

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