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Working as part of a multi-disciplinary team has helped me effectively care for my patients and developed my communication skills in working with other NASH refashions. One of the most satisfying parts of my job now, and in my previous role is the direct patient contact. Developing trusting relationships and listening to them is very rewarding and helps me to get to know my patients, show empathy and maintain their dignity. Am used to shift working, working 7 days a week with various shift patterns, so this side Of the role will not faze me.

M always professional, caring and show empathy and understanding to the needs of my patients. I have the ability to work using my own skills and initiative but working for the NASH realism the importance of working in a multi-disciplinary team, ensuring the needs of the patients come first. Part of my current role is to coordinate for the ward which involves liaising with the bed managers, site matrons and ambulance services, utilizing my communication skills to ensure our patients get the best possible level of care available from admission to discharge.

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Another part of this role is to attend the daily bed managers meetings, all areas of the hospital attend the meeting, so you have to be confident, clear and professional when communicating bout your ward and you pass on any areas of concerns. Am a very organized approachable person, and this helps me to be competent in this role. Prior to working in the NASH I have had a professional career in the banking industry for over 10 years.

I started on the counter and worked my way up through the different career paths by hard work, years of studying and determination and to fulfill my own potential. Learned my excellent customer service skills through this career and I think this has really helped me when communicating with patients. Have excellent communication and existing skills, and think these skills are invaluable in nursing. After embarking on a change of career I have loved the daily challenges it brings.

In preparation for university I started my GEESE math at night school last year, and have since completed and passed this course. I am now studying on an Access to Nursing Diploma at College. I have always had to study and pass exams whilst working for high street banks, but doing this Access course has enabled me to priorities my workload, given me a great understanding of writing academic assignments, referencing and most of all developed my independent learning skills to allow me to get my work life balance right, I have a great support network at home.

I have come to realism that nursing is not just a 3 year degree course, it is a lifetime of learning, refreshing and I am ready to take on this challenge. I really enjoy studying, and I am committed to becoming a competent nurse and to continually enhance my knowledge and skills throughout my nursing career. I am competent in my role now as a Health Care Assistant, however I recognize that there is many new areas to learn, from increased accountability, autonomy and responsibility for leaning and evaluating my patients care, and am looking forward to learning many new skills.

Family life is very important to me. When not at work, I enjoy spending time with my family and going away in our Torture Caravan. I have some great friends and enjoy socializing with them. I am already aware that nursing can be challenging, emotionally and physically demanding but I am ready for the challenge. I work well under pressure and I feel I am ready to take on this 3 year Nursing Degree and am excited by the challenges and opportunities that are ahead.

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