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Persuasive About Trayvon Martin

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Justice? No Justice here…. Elbows Copeland September 8, 2013 Many items can be considered weapons, but do you think that candy, a drink, and a phone poses a threat to anyone? Well apparently someone did; George Zimmerman did. He did on the night that he attack and killed Tramway Martin. The young man was walking home from a local store when Zimmerman felt like he was being suspicious and felt the need to approach him. Soon afterward, they engaged in a confrontation that ended with George Zimmerman shooting and killing Tramway Martin.

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Persuasive About Trayvon Martin
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By finding his man innocent its giving people the green light to stereotype and harass innocent people, Right is right, and wrong is Wrong because Zimmerman Shot and killed an unarmed person and While there are 2 sides to every story, Tramway’s dead and Zimmerman is alive and well. By acquitting Zimmerman, this is an issue for the entire country, This is giving a green light for anyone to approach an unarmed black male who wears a hooded and harass them, when they are Just minding their own business.

Tramway was unarmed and not bothering anyone, so why was it okay for Zimmerman to approach him, and start a confrontation with him and then giving a pat on the back. Zimmerman Shot and killed an unarmed person. Right is right and wrong is wrong. At the end of the day, someone is dead, and they are dead after the fact that you harassed them, and you started the conformation, so shouldn’t you be responsible for the consequences of your actions. Zimmerman approach Tramway after direct orders by the 911 operator not to, but did so anyways.

Zimmerman should have been found guilty for various reasons, for one, Tramway did not have any paeans on him when the tragedy happened, he was walking home minding his own business. So I guess now in our society it is okay to approach someone unarmed, when we are armed and kill them, and then yell self defense.. This tragedy was far from an act of self defense this man is guilty of this crime and he wasn’t charged for the murder. I don’t expect for our world to be perfect, but even in a not so perfect world, everyone can see that this is not Justice.

This case affects lots of people directly and indirectly. You wonder if its okay for you to walk to the store, or up the road, without someone thinking that your being suspicious and that you are a threat to them. You wonder if you hold your phone in your hand will someone think that it’s a weapon. Just think this could have happened to you, your son, your father, your friend. So as you sit back and reexamine the evidence, do you still think the outcome of an acquittal should have happened? I don’t think so…. Guilty Guilty Guilty Persuasive Essay About Tyranny Martin By Copeland

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