Manner: 21st Century and Young Generation

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The young generation in the 21st century has lost their manners by doing what they want without considering the feelings and reactions of others. This is due to a lack of education from parents who are too busy with work to teach their children manners. Young people listen to loud music and make annoying noises in public places for attention from their parents and others. The internet, video games, television, and media have a negative influence, as they often contain vulgar language and violent content. Young people are also influenced by their friends and want to fit in with the modern culture. Lack of religious education and culture shock are also contributing factors. Parents play a crucial role in teaching their children manners by spending time with them and taking them on vacations.

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Yes,the young generation in this 21st century has lost their manners. They simply do what they wanted to do without ignoring others feeling and reaction. Young generation nowadays has changed. This happen because they lacks of education. Their parents did not teach them about manner with the right ways. Parents nowadays are busy with their works and did not have the time to teach their children. By that their children felt abandoned by their parents. They hear music very loud and make annoying noise at the public places. They simply did not care about others feeling and reaction.

They did that because they wanted attention from others and from theirs parent. Parents nowadays are busy with their works and the attention given to their children is less compare to their works. Internet,video games,television and media are really bad influence. Sometimes in advertisement,certain individual did not censored vulgar words,produce an advertisement that contains gangsterism ,vandalism and others. Young generation easily influenced. Youth nowadays also easily influenced by their friends. One of the reasons is youth just want to fit in with others so that they won`t feel different.

Lack of religions also reasons that the youth has such manners. Theirs parents probably think that religion education is not important to their children. Culture shock also the reasons that young generation nowadays has a bad manners. Young generation just want to fit in with the 21st century culture so that others think they are not outdated. The conclusion is,parents played an important roles in forming the young generation manners. Parent should spend more time with theirs children example take their children for a vacations.

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