Gender Persuasive Speech Outline Essay

A. Attention-Getter: How many of you can actually remember the days when you had to communicate via the phone or through letters, when you had to actually write checks and present them to humans to get cash, or had to go to the library to do literally all of your research? B. Link-to Audience: Most of us can’t imagine life without email, ATM machines, or the Internet because we rely on these things everyday to make our lives easier.

C. Speaker Credibility: Besides being an avid user of each of these technologies, have done research on the pros and cons of Commuter Mediated Communication. D. Thesis Sentence: Today I’m here to convince you that computer mediated communication is just as useful as face-to-face communication, and in some ways may even be better. E. Preview of Speech: First want to talk about the ways that computer mediated communication (CM) can help build strong interpersonal legislations.

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Gender Persuasive Speech Outline
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Next, I’ll address how CM will positively affect the work place, and finally, PI discuss how CM will make interrupt relationships in large- scale organizations better as well. Transition: Let’s begin by talking about the way that the most common forms of CM can help build strong interpersonal relationships. II. Main Point #1 A. Strong interpersonal relationships: Some people argue that email isn’t a good form of interpersonal communication because we don’t see people’s nonverbal cues, because the feedback isn’t instant, or because we may be less of an individual when typing. We are beginning to find ways to add expressiveness a. Punctuation b. Writing non-verbal expressions 2. We have unlimited interaction over the computer vs.. Limited interaction using the phone or face-to-face communication a. We are driven as humans to communicate b. It may take longer with computers, but we will still learn as much about others.

Persuasive Speech Outline Essay

I. ADG- It is not a myth why people call fast food disgusting. On a Friday night during my graveyard shift at McDonald’s a drunken customer passed by the Drive-Thru around 2:30a. m. While my coworker was taking his order the customer decided to cuss and call her really offensive names because she couldn’t get his order right. She got mad and decided to spit in the customers Sweet Tea, she was immediately fired when another coworker told the manager. Since I started working at McDonald’s 3 years ago and actually noticed how nasty it really is, I don’t eat at fast food restaurants nearly as often as before.

Audience Relevance- According to Health Magazine of March, 2011 Americans spent $165 billion on fast food in 2010. Besides the grossness of eating fast food, I want to give you guys great reasons why we should all cut down on consuming it. Thesis- Today I want to inform everyone here about what fast foods can do to our lives and society as a whole if we don’t stop consuming it in a mass quantity like we currently are. First of all I’ll talk about a few of the many problems fast food brings.

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Persuasive Speech Outline
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Secondly, why we as Americans consume so much fast food and why it has become part of our lifestyle and diet and how it affects our environment. And lastly I will offer a couple reasonable solutions that can help us out with some of the problems caused by fast foods. Link- I am sure once everyone knows all the problems fast food brings everyone will at least think twice before they go eat at a fast food restaurant again. II. The way things are right now is bad because of fast food. A. The health risks from eating too much fast foods are really damaging.

  1. Obesity and Type 2 diabetes- A fast food item sometimes has as much calories that can cover the amount of calories you need for a day. 2. Stroke and Cardiovascular disease- Trans-fat, hydrogenated fat, and sugars from fast food clog up the arteries increasing the chances of a stroke. Also fast foods build up plaque and fat in the arteries which can result into a variety of heart disease or even heart failure. 3. Asthma- With high-calories, high-sugar, and high-fat diets, the symptoms of asthma can easily be aggravated.

Obese people are 92% more likely to suffer asthmatic symptoms. . Liver disease- Fat is built up in the liver cells which will eventually leads to cirrhosis which is severe liver damage or liver failure. 5. Cancer- 30% of tumors in breast, colon and prostate cancer are associated with nutrition. B. Pollution is also a huge problem that fast food brings to our lives. 1. With its grab-and-go overly stuffed packaged food stuffed with unnecessary condiments, fast food outlets have become out country’s primary source of urban litter, which easily travel through gutters and storm drains and will eventually end up in the ocean.

This water pollution threatens marine environments. 2. Currently less than 35% of fast food stores’ waste is diverted from landfills, the majority of it which is cardboard. 3. Napkins, wrappers and straws from chains like McDonald’s and Burger King make up 49% of all trash found on the streets. Link- These problems are caused by several factors. III. We got into this mess because of the huge fast food company’s techniques and their fatty, addictive foods which are preferred by the average American rather than a home-cooked meal.

A. Fast food is filling, convenient, inexpensive and we get it fast which suites the typical American fast-paced life. And a lot of advertising from fast food restaurants focus on children and they advertise in mass quantity, children see an average of 3. 5 fast food commercials a day according to the Public Citizen’s Commercial Alert website on October 31, 2008. B. Fast food is addicting due to the sugar, fat, salt, casein, which is referred to the nicotine of food, and monosodium glutamate.

Fast foods stimulate the pleasure chemicals in the brain and scientists have claimed that hamburgers and French fries can be as addictive as heroin. C. A huge part of pollution is caused by fast food. And fast food pollution is caused by customers who pass by the drive-thru and eat while on the go. When the person is done eating their food they most likely don’t have a trash can nearby so they just throw the trash out the window while driving or just leave the trash wherever it is when they finished the food. Link- But with every problem there is an answer.

IV. Solution can come in many ways, which can lead to great benefits. A. The government should regulate food safety and the controlled substances put in fast foods to cut down on calorie intake. B. Choosing different sides that some fast food restaurants might offer like sliced apples and macaroni and cheese instead of French fries. Also choosing different beverages to drink with your lunch rather than sodas. C. And lastly, eliminating Drive-thru from fast food restaurants makes people have to eat inside the restaurant.

So the customer won’t take the trash with them once they finish their meal, making a huge difference in littering and pollution. Link- With all this kept in mind; everyone should start trying to make a change. V. Conclusion- I have talked about the different problems caused by fast food to our health and environment. Secondly, why we consume so much fast food which lead us to the problems we are facing today. And lastly, a couple solutions that can help us get through these problems. So stop going to nasty fast food restaurants, especially if you’re pissing off the people making your food, you never know what they might do to it.

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