P&G Distribution Model

Advertising vs. Publicity What other people say about you (publicity, referrals and testimonials) is infinitely more believable and less expensive than what you say about yourself (conventional advertising). This is why advertising isn’t enough – effective publicity is a vital part of any marketing campaign. You can leverage the power of your existing customers and the media to tremendously increase the impact of your marketing message by making it far more credible. Let’s start with the simple press release. Most companies do an absolutely terrible job with this.

You can’t begin to imagine the quantity of pure drivel that rolls off of editors fax machines and mail slots every day. Most press releases are poorly written, vague and pompous all at the same time. The Amazing Power of a Great Press Release Creating a press release does not have to be difficult or complicated, yet a really good one can do amazing things. Once I sent a press release that generated over 200 sales leads from just one trade magazine. These were quality leads, too, because almost every information request came via email.

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The product we were selling cost well over $1000, and that press release got us into three Fortune 500 companies and many other smaller ones. The best part is, it cost absolutely nothing. Had it been an advertisement, the same amount of space in that particular magazine would have cost six thousand dollars and it wouldn’t have worked nearly as well because it would have been an ad. When I left my post as a corporate employee, one magazine editor, who works at one of the oldest and largest technical trade journals, sent me the following note: Perry, it’s been a pleasure working with you.

I know you’ll be a success at whatever you turn your hand to (although I’ll admit to a certain sinking feeling at the thought of one of the few, the proud, the savvy PR people I know leaving me at the tender mercies of people who write bad press releases and then call me up and whine at me…) Anyway, the best of luck to you and don’t be a stranger. In my system I teach you the art of writing highly effective press releases, and how to integrate free publicity into all the other things you do, so that synergy exists between all of your marketing systems. Another important skill the system teaches is exactly what kind of relationship you should eek to develop with magazine editors, how they see you and how you should see them. A Real Marketing System is Multi-Faceted By the way, it’s important to mention that a marketing system is never just one thing. It’s not just advertising, or direct mail, or publicity, or referrals. It’s the combination of all those things working together. I have a friend who helps dentists bring more patients into their practices. He always tells them, “I don’t know one way to get you thirty new patients a month, but I do know thirty ways to bring you one new patient a month. And that’s the best way I know to describe how a really good system works. Testimonials are extremely powerful, and a collection of great testimonials is one of the most powerful things you can possibly have. The problem is, especially in Business-to-Business sales, they’re very hard to get. That’s because nobody wants their competitors to know that your product is part of their success formula. Well I’ve learned a trick to getting testimonials that works almost every time, and you’ll find it in my system. There are four roles of advertising: Marketing role Communication role Economic role Societal role

The marketing role of advertising focuses on satisfying the general consumers by addressing their needs through goods and services. It is not directed at the entire public but a set of customers that is called the target market. As for the communication role, this refers to the mass communication objective that advertising is capable to fulfil. It is a spectacular means to inform the customers and communicate to them about the goods and services they desire to buy. Next in line is the economic role, which directly deals with the advertiser’s objectives. Normally an advertiser’s objectives behind making an advertisement are to generate sales.

Also it helps the consumers to appraise the value and benefits of the products that are being advertised against the price that they are offered at in order to make the most efficient and economic choice. Lastly, the societal role of advertising is quite a fascinating one. On one hand, advertising helps in generating the trends in a particular society while on the other hand it is becoming the cause of breaking norms that had been part of the society for so long in order to create a unique impact. It has a somewhat ambivalent nature, something that some people like while others resent it. Great Answer Not Helpful Report Mehreen83 3 years ago

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