Pharmacy Path in Life

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Pharmacy in our modern society is both intriguing and constantly evolving. It offers a wide range of possibilities that make it particularly fascinating. As I consider my future with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, the potential outcomes are thrilling. However, before embarking on this career path, it is important to reflect on one’s motivations.

My personal passion for the pharmaceutical profession stems from my desire to enhance the well-being of others, gain expertise in various healthcare domains, and fulfill my greatest potential through a purposeful calling.

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My decision to pursue a career in pharmacy was initially driven by my strong empathy for others. A significant part of my character revolves around caring for and helping others in maintaining their well-being. Although I may not have professional experience in this field, I have witnessed and personally experienced the unwavering dedication of healthcare professionals who share the same objective. Whenever I go to the pharmacy and receive guidance on medication from the pharmacist, I feel supported and genuinely assisted.

Pharmacists play a crucial role in providing reassurance and building trust with patients, ensuring they receive personalized treatment. I aim to actively engage in patient care, offering them the utmost attention. Throughout my two years of higher education, I have encountered both captivating and demanding experiences. Through three pre-pharmacy courses, I have acquired diverse knowledge on life and health. Notably, the biology classes have stimulated my curiosity in comprehending the intricacies of body systems and their functionalities.

Exploring the biological and chemical composition of the human body, as well as its processes, is an exciting endeavor. Enrolling in the professional program will provide me with ample opportunities to delve into studying various medications and their interactions with our body systems. What excites me most is applying the knowledge gained from my education in both my everyday life and future career.

With my current knowledge and a willingness to continue learning as technology advances and new discoveries are made, I see myself being able to apply my skills effectively as a pharmacist. Choosing a career that offers both significance and fulfillment in my life is essential, which is why I have decided to pursue this path. Throughout my academic journey, I have consistently shown exceptional potential and have continuously pushed myself to excel. To further challenge myself and enhance my abilities in the demanding field of pharmacy, I plan on joining Palm Beach Atlantic University’s rigorous Doctor of Pharmacy program.

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