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Rapa Generics Pharmacy

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Mr. Ferdie and Marisa Sinensewas established rapa generics pharmacy on September 23, 2011. Mr. Ferdie is a Gods servant, he is a pastor and his wife Mrs. Marisa is an Auditor. The rapa generics pharmacy was located in Zapote-Alabang Road it was the main branch ofrapa generics pharmacy, the pharmacy was takeover to Anthony Rudil a license pharmacist and Jennifer Robela the assistant pharmacist to take care and manage their pharmacy business. Their pharmacy has 3 branches it was located in PulangLupa and Marikina there are 2 branches in Marikina.

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Rapa Generics Pharmacy
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The first branch theirhave is in PulangLupa it was franchise on November 2011 and the other 2 branches in Marikina was franchised on January and June 2012. Our proposed system will enable their one personal computer to be used not just P. O. S but also as inventory. Statement of the Problem We would like to develop the point of sales and inventory system to address the following problems of rapa generics pharmacy: 1. Complications on sales and Inventory due to human errors.

2. Time consuming when it comes to generating sales and inventory reports for obvious reasons that it is done manually.

Objectives of the study General Objectives The purpose of this system is aims to create and design a Point of Sale and Inventory System that is efficient and reliable by increasing information reporting accuracy , that will monitor the transaction of the rapa generics pharmacy more easily and fast. Specific Objectives 1. To make every transaction easier and secured. 2. To design the user interface and identify all the necessary inputs, outputs and processes for the new Point of Sale and Inventory System. . To concentrate automated inventory and sales reports. 4. To develop the new Point of Sale and Inventory System coding. 5. To assess the Point of Sale and Inventory System in order to determine whether Point of Sale and Inventory System operates properly and deliver outputs. 6. To maintain and enhance the system. Limitations 1. The system will not accept credit card as payment 2. The company is not online or web base transactions. 3. The POS display is not touch screen.

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