Philosophical Discussion

     The topic of our philosophical discussion is whether the existence or non-existence of God has any impact on human beings in general, i.e. their character, moral values and daily life. Since the topic covers several aspects, our major focus will be on the influence of God on our moral values.

      Moral values are standards or beliefs regarding what is correct and what is incorrect. An important thing to consider here is the impact on our morals when they are accredited to the existence of God.

       According to few, moral standards are a person’s own individuality, but if this is our perception, then it will make no difference if God exists or not. No doubt, a person is capable of doing the right thing, but have you ever thought that why does he not follow the wrong path?

This is because he knows that there exists a Supreme Authority who has already specified a path to follow. So keeping in mind that he has to answer him on One day, his morals don’t allow him to go astray. This means that the existence of God does influence our moral standards, but then again a question arises, that haven’t we seen infidels having those moral standards?

       According to Aristotle, Nature just prepares the grounds of reception for moral virtues, but its complete development is the result of habit.

       To sum up, moral values come from within and are affected by a person’s religion, his perspective, family background and the society in which he lives. Although these are not only restricted to the belief in God, but are no doubt strengthened by having a faith in His existence.

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