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Physical Journeys

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Physical journeys can impact upon the traveler in many ways. They can be faced with obstacles which can impact on the traveler and will need to overcome. Physical journeys can impact upon the traveler in various ways. This is shown in Dawes poem “last seen at 12. 10am” where a mother is on a journey to find her missing daughter. This is also evident in Michael James Rowland 2007 film “Lucky Miles”, where a group of men’s inner journey of friendship despite differences goes through obstacles which they overcome.

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Another impact upon a traveler is also shown in Bruce Dawe poem “Drifters” which a frustrated mother’s journey of disappointment, which has impacted her when suddenly faced with picking up her belongings and being, forced to move. A visual text which shows journeys can impact upon the traveler is the front cover of Victor Khellers book “The Ivory Trail”. “Last seen 12. 10 AM” shows how the mothers views of the world change when she is out looking for her daughter.

Repetition is used to emphasize the impact and experience through the description of how she ‘sinks’ out of sight from broadsheet and from tabloid and sinks also from the screen that bore her sorrow. This repetition of ‘sinks’ emphasizes the mothers story sinking from the public and suggesting her hope of finding her daughter again is also sinking. As the mother realizes she is living in a cruel world of pranksters and people who don’t care on helping her find her daughter shows,” This mighty mother has contrived a poster image of her daughter lately torn”.

The impact of this journey is not being able to find her daughter right away, the public make it difficult for her to find her daughter due to them ripping down the posters and prank calling her giving her false locations to where her daughter may be. Alliteration has been used in the poem to emphasis the mother’s role “might mother”. Michael James Rowland film “Lucky Miles” shows how the refugees are faced with an obstacle which impacts them all in various ways which they then they have overcome obstacle. As the travelers spend time together, they learn new things about them selves and their friends.

Even though they go through rough times they learn that what ever the issue is they are still friends and they can’t leave each other behind even though Youssif does get really mad at his two friends and doesn’t not want to see them anymore he realizes that he cant leave his friends behind even if they are in trouble. “My friend has escaped, he ran that way, that man threatened him, you must help us find him” while Yousiff was saying this a close up shot of his face was used to show the sadness and frustration in his facial expressions.

At this point Youssif thinks they are being rescued not knowing they were captured by the Australian police. Dawe uses symbolism in his poem “Drifters” to depict the mother’s disappointment on having to move houses constantly. This disappointment has impacted the mother which is evident in the image “green/tomatoes from the vines” which symbolizes the frustration of hope not being fulfilled which contrast to the ripe berries when they arrive. This has the impact of allowing the reader to understand the disappointment and hardship the mother faces mental because of having to drift from house to another. Not all journeys have an ending” implies that the journey is continuous and unpredictable, hence leaving the viewer uncertain and interested in what is going to happen in the story. The quote links back to the image of the man in the bottom left hand corner as his eyes look as though they cannot reach what they are searching for and they seeking for answers to the questions, this can impact the traveler in various ways because the answers they are seeking they may not be able to find the answers to.

Symbolism is also creatively used by victor Kelleher in this image as the ripples in the sand represent the many paths the traveler can take on the journey and how the paths have no end, they could also represent the hardship experienced by the traveler on his journey and how they have learnt from the obstacles faced. In Conclusion “Drifters” “Lucky Miles” “Last seen at 12. 10AM” and “The Ivory trail” all have impacts which affect each traveler in different ways.

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