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What Is The Purpose Of Their Journeys

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What Is The Purpose Of Their Journeys
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Mary Espedal

English IV


The Victorian period lasted from 1830 to 1880. This epoch marks the flood tide of England? s rise to economic and military domination. The Victorians brought increasing attempts to accomplish political, societal, and economic pursuits to run into alterations made by industrialisation. For illustration, characters in the verse form Ulysses, Prospice, and Beowulf go on journeys to seek a intent.

In Ulysses, a verse form written by Alfred Tennyson, the chief character is on a pursuit to seek fulfilment in his life.

Ulysses had before been on journeys contending monsters and sailing unknown seas. He now sits at place being bored and wants some exhilaration. For illustration, Ulysses feels old and yearns for desire.

And this grey spirit longing in desire

To follow cognition like a sinking star,

Beyond the extreme edge of human idea. ( ? Ulysses? , 30-32 )

He feels that it is non excessively late to seek a newer universe.

He wants to be happy and venture on to happen new things until he dies. In decision, Ulysses seeks fulfilment and felicity in life until his deceasing twenty-four hours.

Another character on a journey is one in the verse form, Prospice. This verse form is written by Robert Browning. The Latin word Prospice means? Look Forward! ? and suggests Browning? s attitude towards decease. The character? s pursuit in this verse form is towards his decease. He says he does non fear decease, alternatively, he looks on to decease proudly.

For illustration he says,

Fear decease? – to experience the fog in my pharynx,

The mist in my face,

When the snows begin, and the blasts denote

The station of the enemy ;

Where he stands, the Arch Fear in a seeable signifier,

Yet the strong adult male must travel: ( ? Prospice? , 1-9 )

Unlike Ulysses, this character is seeking decease alternatively of life, but he besides wants to be happy.

One character known throughout English literature on a long journey would be Beowulf. The verse form Beowulf comes from narratives told during the Anglo-Saxon period. Beowulf was a superhuman hero seeking for retaliation on a monster named Grendel. Grendel had attacked people during the dark. Beowulf was a strong, pitiless adult male full of choler. For illustration, he gets one last blow in to Grendel as written in the verse form:

And there before him bereft of life

He saw the broken organic structure of Grendel

Stilled in conflict, and stretched in decease,

As the battle in Heorot smote him down.

The cadaver sprang broad as he struck the blow.

The difficult sword-stroke that severed the caput. ( ? Beowulf? , 1065-1071 )

Beowulf? s pursuit was successful and fulfilling.

All these characters went on some kind of journey or escapade to carry through themselveds but all in different ways. Ulysses searched for life, the character in Prospice searched for decease, Beowulf searched for retaliation, and all three carried on their single pursuits with pride, bravery, and finding.

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