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Political Carryes

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STATE LEVEL POLICE RECRUITMENT BOARD ANDHRA PRADESH, HYDERABAD Application form for the posts of Stipendiary Cadet Trainee Police Constables (APSP) (Men) in 15th Bn., APSP NOTE: 1. Please fill the application form after carefully reading the “INSTRUCTIONS FOR FILLING THE APPLICATION FORM” 2. Suppression or concealment of facts will result in disqualification 3. The candidate should not submit more than one application for this recruitment 1. Name of the candidate (in capital letters):

Registration No. (to be filled by office only)

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Political Carryes
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Paste here firmly a signed recent passport size colour photograph

2. Father’s name (in capital letters):

Date 3. Date of birth: 4. Community (Refer para 5(a) of the instructions for codes) 5. a) Do you belong to Aboriginal Tribes in the scheduled area ? (Write ‘1’ for Yes, ‘2’ for No) b) If yes, have you submitted relevant Certificate ? (Write ‘1’ for Yes, ‘2’ for No) c) Details of scheduled area at which candidate domiciled ? House No.: _________________________



Street: _____________________________

Village: ____________________________ Mandal: ___________________________ District: ____________________________ Pincode: 6. Educational qualification
PC Rect.2011 in 15th Bn., APSP – 929/R&T/Rect.1/2011 dt 19-10-2011

(Refer para 5(b) of the instructions for codes) 7. Age relaxation: a) Indicate the code if you belong to any of the categories referred to in para 5(c) of the instructions c) If so, have you submitted relevant certificates ? (Write ‘1’ for Yes, ‘2’ for No) 8. Furnish the details if you are an employee of the A.P. Govt. (for age relaxation): Date a) Date of joining service Years b) Length of service as on 01-07-2011 c) Are you still in service (Write ‘1’ for Yes, ‘2’ for No) 9. Furnish the details if you served as an employee in the Army, Naval or Air Force of the Union (for age relaxation): Date Month Year a) Date of entry Date b) Date of discharge Years c) Total service rendered 10..

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