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Polygamy has become one of the most source instability and conflicts in most societies. This issue does not only affect the victims themselves but everyone surrounding it. Sometimes even the whole nation suffers because of this problem which has led to deteriorated societies for decades. Although there are many people who are still arguing for this practice, I chose to oppose it because the consequences outweigh the positive effects of this practice. It’s also the fierce urgency and need to safe the life’s of families, women and children who still greatly suffer from the outcomes of polygamy.

A number of writers have expressed their views on polygamy by writing about a fictional world in which it is the most common type of relationship. Its objective is to reach the general public and the people who are involved in this practice. It’s also aims to reach the government to enforce the law on polygamy and ensure that the rights of each individual are not violated.

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The articles that a talk about polygamy article has appeared in many places, this includes the libraries, websites, academic journals, newspapers and books. Some of the arguments were written long time ago and others are recent. What I know is that most of the recent books argue against polygamy and it’s at this time when the practice is fading out with education. The reasons why these articles are written are mostly to support or oppose polygamy. Its creation is prompted by the need to improve the healthy living, poverty eradication schemes and education for all.
Polygamy often leads to many verbal disagreements between mother and father in the home. And although children may appear unaware of the happenings in the home, they are very much aware of the heightened tensions between Mommy and Daddy. When children constantly hear their parents argue, their self-esteem can be affected.They lack confidence on.

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