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Popcorn and Faith : The “ticket” towards success!

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Life is never way too easy to Lily Yu to start with. She came from a Chinese family and born in Manila, Her father is a copra magnate and her mother is a house wife, she had 12 sibling and they were all provided with their needs.

They also have a place of their own to call “home” that shelters them which Psychologist Abraham Maslow theorized the basic human needs by suggesting that individuals are motivated to fulfill basic physiological and psychological needs The earliest memory that she had that struck her childhood years was during World War-II where she experienced what it was like not have anything to eat day after day, not to have any food is the worst feeling she had as her stomach churns.

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Popcorn and Faith : The “ticket” towards success!
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During those days she was very scared because she can’t predict what will happen to them.

Even their parents cannot respond to her question on when the war will end or will it ever end.

Some of siblings are having a hard time and became sick, there were no one to give medicines to them because it is a time of war and no one seems to care, no one leaves the house for safety. Days were tough and at last the war ended. It was a tough call yet they were able to attain their safety and security when the battle between countries and neighboring territories ended. When the war was over and the country was recovering from the ravages of it, she discovered the joy of watching movies. She was 10 years old then.

In an effort to tame an adventurous lady like Lily her father had to put her in a convents at St. Scholastica’s and Mary knoll when she was twelve where she spent eight years in all but never finished her college course because she admitted to herself that she doesn’t put much effort in studying even though she is naturally good at science, math and history, in search for the feeling of belongingness and being loved even away from home, she found her own ways to attain that feeling because she thinks she only receives small drop of love and the feeling of having company with her family.

She sneaks during the day or even night from the convent either to go to Sampaguita or LVN Studios to see her favorite movie stars with her friends, or to meet her suitors at nearby Ateneo de Manila University. In the journey to satisfy her social needs, differing from psychological or physiological needs, are acquired through experience, development and socialization that later on had an effect on her well-being.

Maslow’s third stage, love and belongingness is particularly relevant to Lily, as she identify her need for belonging, love and affection through strong relationships she had such as friendship, romantic attachment and close family ties is the reason why she got out from the convent and soon met Leonardo “Remy” Monteverde a popular basketball player of San Beda during his time. They decided to get married, her father doesn’t want Lily to be married to Remy because he was half-Chinese and was even more belittled Mother Lily in the eyes of her father so he did not give her a dowry when she got married.

She developed a very low sense of self-esteem. In 1961, she worked for her father-in-law for P200 a month she said when she was able to save enough, she bought two popcorn machines which she installed at Cherry Foodarama in Mandaluyong and at Podmon Theater in Sta. Cruz, Manila. Soon she was able to save P7,000 and with that she bought the rights to re-issue a Hollywood movie grossed her half a million pesos. With that money, she and her husband flew to the US and Europe to scout for other movies to show in Manila.

Her budget was just for one person, but her husband thought she was just dieting. SheI filled my stomach with water, and when her husband wasn’t looking, she would ate his left-overs to tide her over for the day. She used the remaining money to produce “Kayod sa Araw, Kayod sa Gabi. ” It was a box-office hit in 1976, it made P4 million. And with that, Regal Films was born ans she was labeled as Mother Lily Monteverde that gave rise to many of the popular stars that we have in the Philippines and produced almost 1,000 films in the movie industry.

It’s not always that she is written about in a flattering light, and one thing is certain – in the history of Philippine cinema, Mother Lily is a legend in her own right! Her reputation precedes her and no matter what, many people would think they owe their lives to her. Today, she is among the very few who has continued to produce movies even if sometimes her films fail to break even at the box-office, because according to her, filmmaking is her passion and mission in life.

The things that she achieved without the help of anybody aside from her husband gave rise to the development of her self-esteem. Now she is ready to reach self-actualization after surpassing all the stages of the hierarchy of needs presented by Abraham Maslow. Acceptance of self, others, is the nature of Mother Lily Monteverde that helped her reached self-actualization. She is not ashamed or guilty about her human nature, with the short comings of her life, imperfections, frailties, and weaknesses.

As of today is a successful producer, mother of Roselle and Meme, and her only son Dondon and a loving wife to Remy Monteverde, being a mother, love and devotion important. “Husbands and wives, they have differences but the most important is the family, the children,” Monteverde said. She succeeded as a movie producer because she is very focused in anything she does. As a self-actualized person she learned to live life simply. This is something I’ve taken to heart in the years since the Asian financial crisis.

People are surprised to see her riding in the economy class in the airplane when she used to ride first-class in the 80s. There is nothing shameful about cost-cutting. She said that she was able to sleep well at night knowing that what she had is hard-earned and like they say, there is no pillow softer than a clean conscience when you sleep at night. Many of her friends often visit her and asks about her condition after being diagnosed with Lung Cancer. She said that even she will not surpass this God given test in her life, she is now happy and contented on what life she had and living with no regrets.

Much has been written about Mother Lily Monteverde, how she started out , how she succeeded and failed too along the way, her outbursts, her shrewdness, her sometimes unorthodox ways, and even her personal life. I realized she is one person who deserves the accolades and respect, warmth and love from all the hundreds of showbiz personalities she helped through the years. Writing me this paper has given me an experience that I would be thankful of at the end of this Theories of Personality class that went beyond the writing tasks but is more on the understanding, application of our learning’s.

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