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Cinema Ticket Booking System Sample

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    1. IntroductionCinema Ticket Booking System besides can be called as Movie Ticket Booking System or even named as Ticket Reserving System. This is a system that enable consumer to reserve or book film ticket online with the aid of cyberspace. It is besides known as online web site where user will register the inside informations and utilize the site to acquire updated films in theater and hunt for suited film location every bit good as reserving film ticket. Besides that. TGV film has been quickly expanded in the major metropolis in Malaysia. TGV will invariably upgrade and keep all the system in order to maintain the reserve procedure perform in good status. All sales representative hire are giving preparation in handle the system. so that clients can bask an efficient service. Furthermore. the system enables clients to see or look into the latest intelligence. publicities and proclamation of TGV. With this system. film direction have the authorization to look into by ticket figure for valid user. Now consumer able to watch film without physically line uping up at the film counter to purchase film ticket. Background of Tanjong Golden Village Cinema

    TGV Cinemas Sdn Bhd owns and operates the largest multiplex circuit in the state. TGV has 115 screens in 15 multiplexes. In line with its vision to supply the “ultimate cinema-going experience” to the spoting public TGV offers legion installations and comfortss. such as generous siting gradients. sophisticated digital sound and projection systems. cardinal computerized ticketing system with incorporate tele-reservation hotlines. and installations for the disabled including particular wheelchair lifts. TGV is the market leader in film design and engineering. and continues to convey the latest in movie-going to the Malayan populace. TGV Cinemas Sdn Bhd ( TGV ) is a entirely owned subordinate of Tanjong PLC. TGV Cinema Sdn Bhd believe the exhilaration an each movie-going experience can be achieved by supplying assortment of picks. comfy environment. convenience services which make them the first to present these entire construct to astute Malaysian.

    Their vision is to keep several multiplexes under one roof where large screens. latest projection and digital sound engineering. bowl seating. grant stands to let consumer to hold the perfect movie-going experience. This perceptual experience is build in consumer head to believe of TGV Cineplex whenever they wanted to see memorable and high quality services. they could ever take TGV Cineplex as their first pick. Enhancing the consumer with latest digital sound’s ( THX- Tomlinson Holman eXperiment – a set of proficient criterions created by Lucasfilm to guarantee optimal sound and ocular public presentation. Had become the most critical of film sound and projection criterions that are in being today ) .

    2. Feasibility Study – Proposed SystemsThis survey is to see whether the current systems or undertaking worthiness on predating program or non. From the current film ticket booking systems. there are some alterations in demand to be investigated and better to do the systems work more efficaciously and expeditiously. Under this feasibleness survey. a few types of feasibleness such as operational. economical. proficient and schedule feasibleness survey is tested to guarantee the farther determinations doing on the current engagement systems we have.

    2. 1Operational FeasibilityThis feasibleness traveling to prove whether the current system or undertaking can work out job that is found or can the current systems able to acquire advantage from little chance in order to accomplish company aims. Operational feasibleness is dependent on human resources available for the undertaking and involves projecting whether the system will run and be used once it is installed. Operational feasibleness depends on several critical issues. This undertaking is done based on our pupil ain premises. Therefore we assume the direction support the undertaking. Some users support and some did non. The current system well is liked and efficaciously used by some users. Some users see the demand for alteration. New system won’t consequence in a work force decrease. New systems do necessitate preparation for users. The company is prepared to supply the necessary resources from developing current employees. The users will be involved in be aftering the new system right from the start. The new system places no new demands on users or requires any operating alterations. For illustration. no information be less accessible or produced less often. Performance won’t diminution in any manner.

    If so. an overall addition to the organisation outweighs single losingss. Customers experience temporarily inauspicious effects in some manner. Will non put on the line any to the company image or goodwill consequence. The development agenda is non conflicting with other company precedences. No legal or ethical issues need to be considered. The present system our company wanted to better the use of the online ticket booking systems or besides known as e-ticketing replacing the telephone booking systems. Many facets still need to be followed since we are non the first film company that is utilizing this type of systems. Previously. we merely sell ticket via counter and telephone. Since the telephone method is non popular and it needs more workers to manage the calls. It may increase the cost of our company. when we need to engage more employees. And it will take to our company’s net income decreased. Because of the telephone line booking system. clients need to name in to book for film ticket. If there have many people purchasing tickets during that clip. customer’s need to wait for a long clip to be served. Furthermore. we have the same job occurred to the ticket merchandising at our film counter.

    Furthermore. client demand to travel to the counter by themselves to look into whether there is still film tickets to sell or non. It’s truly blowing customer’s clip to buy the film tickets. And it’s besides non convenience for clients to look into the film agenda. publicity. or reserve film tickets. And if client did non come to take the film tickets. 45 proceedingss earlier from the counter. we will automatically call off the modesty tickets particularly during the peak hr.

    From what we seeking to suggest for work outing the jobs that occur in the company. we have planned some betterment on the bing systems. First. we need the support from the top direction in order to hold the authorization over procedure involved in the alterations. The top director should believe purposes that need to cut down the jobs that the company faced with the bing systems. And believe about what scheme that will be needed to back up the alterations made. The top direction determination are unstructured. so top directors besides need to happen some information from outside the company to turn to the issues to work outing the jobs. The planning unit must be really clear and do certain that the all programs are consistent. and the scheme is same to accomplish the altering aims.

    For the in-between direction. the job’s entitle are include General director. Plant director. Divisional director and etc. They are responsible to transporting out determination brand by top direction. And so they besides need to put a end for their sections. They need to make a planning and analysis about the altering from booking through telephone to online booking systems. They have to believe about how to set up the employee harmonizing to their occupation responsibility such as antecedently is replying phone janitor alteration to staff that will look up for the alterations and flow of the system when user utilizing the system to reserve ticket. The professional staff members such as system analyst. they need to state the workers which computing machines and package to utilize and put in. and make up one’s mind how to make utilize the systems good with the tools. Programmer will develop faculties in a web application. to assist supervisor coaching and appraisals of employees. employee preparation. and utilize informations to give a presentment of a possible issue. Accountants. aid to cipher the disbursement and earning of the company. Financial section can assist to analyst how many money that the company can supply for altering from telephone booking system to online engagement system.

    For the lower direction. the job’s entitle are office director. supervisor. section director and etc. For the lower direction. the job’s entitle are office director. supervisor. section director and etc. For illustration supervisors need to pull off the operational employees and carry out a daily program. They need to give a way to the operational employee about the alterations done in the bing system. promote the employee go to go to the preparation classs. and larn how to work with the new alterations. Because the employee may non cognize about how to utilize to the flow of the film booking systems good. because the present system are utilizing telephone system. And besides have to do certain that the stuffs. tools and preparation are available. and so do a better determination and take right actions. For the operational forces. the job’s entitle are production-line workers. clerks. gross revenues representatives and etc. For illustration. they may giving some preparation that related to the new system. about how to utilize the system package. pull off the online coach ticket booking system. tickets reserve and services. E-payment for the bus tickets. make a coach agenda. and besides allow the client know the advertisement and publicity that the company have provide to them.

    2. 2 Economic FeasibilityThis feasibleness is to prove whether fiscal benefits and costs associated with the undertaking is relevant or lower than the current systems cost and benefits that involved. Is besides consider are our clip and that of the systems analysis squad. the cost of making a full systems survey ( including the clip of employee you will be working with ) . the cost of the concern employee clip. the estimated cost of hardware. and the estimated cost of package and package development. If short term costs are non overshadowed by long term squad and bring forth no immediate decrease in operating costs. the system is non economically executable. Projected benefits of the proposed system outweigh the estimated costs normally considered the entire cost of ownership ( TCO ) . which includes on-going support and care costs. every bit good as acquisition costs. To find ( TCO ) . cost of these country is estimated: – a ) people. including IT staff and users

    B ) hardware and equipmentdegree Celsius ) package. including in-house development every bit good as purchases from sellersvitamin D ) formal and informal preparationvitamin E ) licenses and feesdegree Fahrenheit ) consulting disbursalsg ) installation costsH ) the estimated cost of non developing the system or proroguing the undertaking

    2. 3 Technical FeasibilityTherefore this type of feasibleness is to place whether there are necessary proficient resources and people available for the undertaking to accomplish the organisation ends. With TGV current non popular on-line systems. the current proficient resources can be upgraded or added to in a mode that fulfils the petition under consideration. The “add-ons” to bing systems are dearly-won and non worthwhile therefore it may run into demands inefficiently. After cognizing the above. the following issue to be known is to cognize whether there is engineering in being that meets the specifications. If there is for the old statement. so it becomes an economic feasibleness issue to be considered already. Technical resources needed to develop. purchase. put in or run the system.

    TGV Cineplex do hold the necessary hardware. package and web resources. Company do hold the needed proficient expertness. Proposed platform have insufficient capacity for future demands but can be expanded base on engineering promotion. Hardware and package environment is dependable. It will incorporate with other company information system for future but non now. It will interface decently with external systems operated by clients and providers. The combination of hardware and package supply equal public presentation. Clear outlooks and public presentation specifications do be. The system is able to manage future dealing volume and company growing.

    2. 4 Schedule FeasibilityLast. this type of feasibleness is to place whether the proposal can be accomplished within an acceptable clip frame or non. TGV Cineplex has their ain IT squad that can command the factors such as the new environment on the altering from booking through telephone to online booking systems that affect agenda feasibleness. Yes. the direction has established a house timetable for the undertaking. Under the status where all dealing is able to react consequently must be satisfied during the development of the systems. The accelerated agenda poses no hazard. The undertaking direction technique is available to organize and command the undertaking. A undertaking director will non be appointed since is merely a minor betterment is added into the company systems.

    3. Fact happening techniqueFact happening technique divides into synergistic method and unnoticeable method. There are three key in synergistic method which are questioning. joint application design ( JAD ) and appraising people through questionnaires. Besides that. there besides have three key in unnoticeable methods which are trying. probe. and observation. In our undertaking we merely use JAD. questionnaire. trying. observation and prototyping. 3. 1 Joint Application Design ( JAD )

    Joint Application Design ( JAD ) is a technique that allows the analyst to carry through demands analysis and design the user interface with the users in a group puting. JAD can be substituted for personal interviews at any appropriate occasion because personal interview such as one-on-one interview are clip devouring and capable mistake so we use JAD such as discuss in group to cut down the clip and salvage the cost of personal interview. Besides that. we use this technique besides can development the system quickly. because user interviews are non accomplished serially over a period of hebdomad. so the development can continue much more rapidly. Because JAD squad and the users normally meet in a room so we can roll up more create thought from different participants in the meeting. 3. 2 Questionnaire

    Questionnaire is an information assemblage technique that allows systems analysts to cognize the attitudes. beliefs. and characteristic of respondent. The questionnaire technique demands to utilize to roll up the information and sentiments about the new online fining system from clients. We are appraising people via electronic mail or web because this method can salvage the clip and cheaper to utilize. When we want clients help us to make full up the questionnaire. we merely email the questionnaire to clients or the clients can make full up the questionnaire as response after visit our web site which provides the new online fining system. Use web questionnaire technique can cut down clip because we are non required to publish out the questionnaire so we can salvage the clip to waiting the clients to make full up the questionnaire. Besides that. this technique besides cheaper to utilize because we merely need to pay the web fees for web questionnaire.

    3. 3 SamplingSampling is a procedure of consistently choosing representative elements of a population. Sampling attack involved two key determinations which are the cardinal paperss and Web sites should be sampled and the people should be interviewed or sent questionnaire. We use this technique because it can assist to cut down the cost. rushing up the informations assemblage. better effectivity and cut downing informations prejudice. Too dearly-won if we do the research once more because we need to analyzing every bit of paper. speaking with everyone and reading every web page from the organisation to derive the information for new online fining system. To cut down the cost. we can seek to roll up the summarized studies. fiscal statements and the screen end and public presentation studies from other company which besides using the new online fining system to rushing up data-gathering procedure in order to make and better the online fining more effectivity. 3. 4Observation

    Observation is a fact happening techniques which a system analyst either participates in or watches a individual perform activities to larn about the system. This technique let analyst to derive insight about what organisational really do. and besides efforts to see at first hand the relationship that exist determination shaper and other organisational members. In our undertaking. we will cognize how satisfactions of the clients toward the new online fining system. Because usage observation technique we would non lose up any inside informations between determination shaper and other organisational members. 3. 5 Prototyping

    Prototyping is a fact happening techniques which reactions are gathered through observation. interview. and questionnaires and etc. There are four types of prototyping which are patched-up paradigm. inactive paradigm. first-of-a- series paradigm and selected characteristics prototype. First-of-a-series paradigm is a 3rd construct of prototyping involves making a first all-out theoretical account of a system. In our undertaking is to develop new online fining system. so we chose the first-of-a-series paradigm. A all-out prototyping is we installed the new online fining system in one or two locations foremost which are Kuala Lumpur and Johor. The new online fining system becomes successful if clients in Kuala Lumpur and Johor provide the good feedback of the system. So we would seeking to extras are installed at more locations such as Melaka. Ipoh and Muar based on client use forms and other cardinal factors.

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