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The contraceptive pill is prescribed and taken once a day to suppress ovulation. Many birth control pills contain the two hormones of estrogen and protesting. The hormones work together in the body to keep eggs from leaving the ovaries. This prevents pregnancy effectively because the process cannot take place if there is no egg present to join with the sperm (“Birth Control Overview”). Other ways to prevent unwanted pregnancy is by the use of condoms, female condoms, birth control shot, birth control rings, and simply abstinence.

Some birth control methods can be purchased over the counter, but for teens distributing the proper types of contraceptives and other methods in schools is the best choice for the future. With every method of prevention there is always the small chance that birth control may not be effective for a person during a specific time and due to certain situations. Situations that may occur can still cause unwanted pregnancies- but the benefits of using birth control to prevent pregnancy has benefits that outweigh the slim chances (“Reducing Teen Pregnancy’).

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For example, the pill can help regulate menstrual cycles while preventing pregnancy safely and effectively. Condoms not only prevent pregnancy but also can prevent Studs. Studs are sexually transmitted diseases that can affect those who do not use any protection while being sexually active. Providing information to students about sexual education Will allow them to think more carefully before making life-altering decisions. Although abstinence, a completely 100% guarantee one will not become pregnant, and a choice all teens should consider and decide upon, as unfortunately been proven to not be an effective form of sexual education for teens. Because of all this United States needs a plan to reduce its teenage pregnancy rate and the negative outcomes that come along. These ideas should include responsible, medically accurate sex education and information in the schools and in the media, improvements in funding for and access to family planning services and actual distribution of birth control methods in schools across America Crediting Teen Pregnancy” 1 Abortion is a major problem with teens that do not use any types of ethos of birth control.

Abortion is a decision in the first 28 weeks of pregnancy to purposely terminate the pregnancy, usually by medical surgery, before the fetus is able to withstand life independently. Many teens feel as if abortion is the only logical choice (“Birth Control” 378). Teens feel this way because way for many different reasons such as not wanting to tell partners or guardians, inability to provide for themselves or the child, and possibly not being ready for the responsibility.

This can cause emotional problems for the other because they had to make the decision to take an innocent life due to their mistakes that could have been prevented with help (“Birth Control Methods”). Providing birth control can help lessen or even solve this problem. Allowing the distribution of birth control to teens without consent can help save lives and unnecessary heartache. Many teachers and parents use the argument that providing teens with contraceptives will increase the rate of sexual activity with those teens. One may believe that providing methods of prevention will only give students an excuse to be sexually active.

However, in studies done at a school in Massachusetts, results demonstrate the students given these methods were reported less likely to be sexually active than the students in other schools who had not been provided contraceptives (“Reducing Teen Pregnancy’). Providing sex education and making birth control available to students will reduce the rate of high school drop outs. Reducing unwanted pregnancies keeps the would-be parents of the child in school who usually would have to stop going to school and not graduate in order to work to provide for the hill.

This puts a halt to their future and makes it very difficult to provide for the child. This will make it hard for the child to be successful and can lead to a repeating pattern of bad quality of life for generations. Birth control in schools can stop this from the beginning so that there is no problem or risk in the first place. Sex should be taught as a personal choice that should only take place for the right reasons- whatever they may be. Changing the way sex is looked at by teens can help students to analyze a situation or other actions hat may lead to something they are not comfortable with.

If students are afraid to talk to an adult at home they would be able to confide in a faculty member they can trust at their own school. Instead of approaching the situation by telling teens to not be sexually active, letting them know and understand the effects and possible consequences of being sexually active can allow students to think more accurately upon the subject before making a decision. Some teens may not even know why they are being sexually active except that they are only doing it because it seems like everyone else is.

Changing the way teens think about sex and the effects can help solve this problem. Opening up new ideas and things students may have never thought Of before can allow them to be more responsible. Students in high school typically only think about what is going on in their life right now instead of thinking how their actions can affect their future and the people around them. If all the information is provided for them, a teen boy may decide that their future is more important so that they can support a family later in life rather than struggling to support a family while they are still in their youth.

Teaching the effects of one’s actions can lead to higher performance rates in academics and more involvement in school activities. Schools who take on this responsibility can provide peace of mind for teachers, parents, and students. Parents having an open mind to birth control distribution in schools are crucial for the future. If a parent is completely against letting their child be taught and given methods of prevention then classes and information can be provided to those parents to help them further understand the importance of allowing our teens to be educated.

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