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Princess Mononoke Question

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Which theory of the seven origins of life on earth similar to the one in the movie? Father raven/creationism 2. List the boomers in the movie that were shown and the scenes in which they appear. Deciduous-throughout the spirit of the forest area grasslands-close to the river in the end of the movie 3. If the “leeches” were a character, what kind of symbiotic relationship do the “leeches” and the Boar have? Parasitic 4. If the “leeches” were to attack a human, what would be the first line of immune defense? Skin and mucus membrane 5.

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Princess Mononoke Question
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Give an example of diseases that humans have contracted from altering ecosystems. Malaria/yellow fever/ 6. What kinds of pollution did the iron smelting create? Air/smog/water(toxic dumping into the water) 7. What might that pollution result in? Smog 8. What level on the biomass pyramid are the wolves and boars? Wolves and boars are secondary consumers 9. Name a type of parasite that is infectious and contagious, but the disease itself is not contagious or infectious.

Waistline virus, malaria, encephalitis 10. The emperor wishes to live forever, why is that genetically/biologically impossible? Cause the cell production of new cells in ratio to the old cells begin to decrease 11. What are the benefits to burning a forest? Spread germination; puts nutrients back into the soil 12. What are the disadvantages? Destruction of secondary succession; habitats are destroyed 13. Why is it beneficial to isolate the people with leprosy? The disease is contagious. 14. What microorganism causes leprosy and how is leprosy contracted? Mycobacterium leaper (contact with infected untreated people) 15. In the movie, the trees are being cut down, what kind of cycles are affected by this action and how? E cycles are affected because the trees and soil are depleted and increased 16. What are the roles of the tress in the geochemical cycle? Carbon cycle-CO is converted to 02 (photosynthesis) water cycle-photoengraving’s nitrogen cycle-absorb the nitrates primary succession 18. When the boars were migrating, the effect took place. Fonder 19. In the movie, the apes wished to eat Prince Swastika. If the apes began eating humans, how would this affect the ecosystem/food chain? Different niche; they would become secondary consumers then competition with other species of same character 20.

In the movie, there were a lot of tribes, what is the ecological advantage of that? Helps protect among tribal members (increased) collect food easily; higher chance of niches 21. What are some of the things students could do to save the forest? Not use as much paper/materials. Be caution when camping (as forest fires) 22. Who was Lady Absorb against? (List two) forest spirit/ the samurai’s 23. What theory would emphasize that if Princess Nonsmoker had offspring, her offspring would acquire wolf-like instincts? Lamar theory 24. What were the errors of Lady Baobab’s plans? Sans Plans? A. E didn’t think of the environment B. It was vengeance to kill the lady but it wouldn’t fix the forest 25. When the boar was infected with the “curse”, why doesn’t the parasite kill the boar? because it needs a host 26. When the man was describing the war against the boars, what could “we didn’t see the mines under our feet” symbolize? How is this significant to real life? It meaner that “the tragedy of commons” could be that they use resources without considering the harm 27. What is this movie attempting to foreshadow? That depleting our environment for pure greed will FAA us eventually 28.

Is there NY significance to Swastika and San being the peacemakers? People must be the ones to set it straight 29. What would happen to the surrounding muscles if you were to get shot by the iron ball (in the time of the movie)? What is the scientific term called? Gangrene; caused by necrosis of the muscle and tissues 30. In the scene with all the trees and moss, (the point where the prince finds the tracks and sees the Spirit god) what stage of succession is the forest at? Secondary succession 31. Name two disadvantages of using fossil fuels. Resources is limited and destroys the ecosystem ;promote pollution

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