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In The Princess and the Pea, a Prince seeks to marry a real Princess but has not found one until a stormy night when a tattered Princess arrives at his door. The Prince’s Mother puts a pea under twenty mattresses that the Princess sleeps on, and in the morning, the Prince’s Mother asks her how she slept. The emotional tension reaches its peak as the conflict will be solved by whether the Princess felt the pea or not. The Princess confesses that she had a terrible night because she felt something bruising her entire body, and the Prince and his Mother decide that she is a real Princess and fit for his hand in marriage. They get married and Live happily ever after, reaching the denouement where all conflicts have been resolved, and the story has its final resolution.

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The Prince in the fairy tale “The Princess and the Pea” by Hans Christian Anderson is looking for a genuine Princess to marry among many contenders.

The Prince has traveled extensively in search of a genuine Princess to marry, but unfortunately, none of the Princesses he has encountered meet his criteria. One stormy night, a worn-out Princess appears at his door, which becomes the inciting incident that drives the plot forward. This leads to the rising action where the Prince realizes that this Princess is yet another impostor. As part of the rising action, the Prince’s Mother places a solitary pea beneath a stack of twenty mattresses, on which the Princess sleeps later that night.

The climax of the story occurs when the Princess wakes up in the morning and the Prince’s Mother inquires about her sleep. The emotional tension reaches its peak as the outcome determines whether or not she felt the pea under her bed, thus signifying her true royal status. The resolution of the conflict transpires as the Princess reveals her discomfort throughout the night due to something bruising her body. This marks the falling action and ultimately resolves the conflict.

The Prince and his Mother agree that the Princess is truly a genuine Princess and suitable to be his wife. The denouement is achieved when the Prince decides to marry the Princess. They eventually tie the knot and live a blissful life forever. This marks the denouement because all conflicts are resolved and the story reaches its ultimate resolution.

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