Problems with Affermative Action

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Senator Daniel P. Moynihan, a strong advocate for Civil Rights, previously believed that affirmative action and quotas would not be necessary. As a key figure in the battle against workplace discrimination, he had an influential role in creating an executive order to advance equal employment opportunity. It is perplexing that major corporations are now adopting quotas, a practice that Senator Moynihan opposed.

Many people believe that quotas based on sex and race impede the selection of the most qualified candidates in the business sector. For instance, if a white male with a masters degree in sales and a black female with a bachelors degree in sales both apply for a managerial position at an upscale clothing store in the same area, it is probable that the black female would be selected for the role.

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Despite hiring two white males recently, the company’s quota mandates the inclusion of individuals from minority groups. I find it unjust for the company to reject candidates solely based on their sex or race. This brings up concerns about equality – if all races and sexes are considered equal, then everyone should be provided with equal employment opportunities.

The Supreme Court initially prohibited firm numerical quotas, but later allowed business owners to have the authority to decide. Consequently, many businesses have chosen to implement numerical quotas due to legal obligations imposed by laws passed subsequent to the 1964 civil rights act. These laws prohibit employers from engaging in discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

The civil rights act safeguards against any employer actions that would discriminate or hinder employees or job applicants, impeding their employment opportunities or negatively impacting their status based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

Although numerical quotas for hiring based on race, gender, and religion may seem contradictory to civil rights principles, it is crucial to uphold civil rights laws. The only justification for these quotas is that they align with business needs.

Many businesses struggle to comply with the equal rights act and rely on a numerical quota system for assistance. If discrimination in personnel hiring is eradicated, the need for a numeric quota would also disappear. In conclusion, it is crucial to end all workplace discrimination. However, there is no need to hinder the rights of qualified individuals by imposing numerical quotas that limit their opportunities.


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