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Problems with Affermative Action

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When asked about his view on affirmative action and the quota system used within,

Senator Daniel P. Moynihan responded, “This was just the sort of thing we assumed we

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Problems with Affermative Action
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Senator Moynihan was one of the first political figures to help in the fight against

discrimination in the workplace. He helped in the writing of the executive order of equal

employment opportunity. If a person who felt strongly about Civil Rights stated that

quotas were something that shouldn’t be, why are they being implemented in big business

Many people believe that sexual and racial quotas in business are interfering with

the amount of qualified or to be more specific, the most qualified personnel being hired.

For instance if a white male with a masters degree in sales applied for a managerial job in

an upper-class clothing store whiten the same time zone as a black female with a

bachelors degree in sales, it is very possible that the black female would receive the

position. In this case the company may have already hired two white males in the

previous months and the quota established by the company called for the hiring of a

person in a minority group. I don’t believe it is fair for the company to have the right to

disqualify a person because of his or her sex or race. This brings us back to the issue of

equality, If all races and sexes are equal then their opportunity in the job market should

The supreme court originally stated that rigid numerical quotas were illegal,

however the court changed the ruling and left the decision up to the business owners.

Since that supreme court ruling was made, many business chose to implement the

numerical quota system. The reason many businesses are using these quotas is because

they are required by law to follow the laws proceding the 1964 civil rights act. These

laws state that employers cannot refuse to hire anyone due to their race, color, religion,

sex, or national origin. The civil rights act also states that it is illegal for employers to

limit, segregate, or classify his or her employees or applicants for employment in any

way which would deprive or tend to deprive any individual of employment opportunities

or otherwise adversely affect his status as an employee, because of such individual’s race,

color, religion, sex, or national origin.1 Numerical quotas seem to contradict the idea of

the civil rights act by limiting the number of certain races, sexes, and religions hired by

Although numerical quotas do not seem to be in agreement with the civil rights

act, it is still necessary to enforce the laws pertaining to civil rights. The only defence I

can possibly find to support a numerical quota system it that of the business itself.

Numerous businesses have difficulty following the laws of the equal rights act without

the help of a numerical quota system. If discrimination by the personnel hiring for these

businesses were eliminated, the need for a numeric quota would be eliminated with it.

In closing I believe it is important to cease all discrimination in the workplace.

However it is not necessary to impede upon the rights of qualified personnel by

implementing numerical quotas that retard the possibilities of these people receiving the

1: The book: Jobs, Dollars, and EEO copyright 1983 by McGraw-Hill Book Company
by Richard A. Fear and James F. Ross

2: The Magazine: Harper’s December, 1980

3: The WebPage: http://www.eeoc.gov/

4: The WebPages: http://www.eeoc.gov/laws/vii.html

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