Processes of Communication through Music Essay

Communicating through music is very powerful - Processes of Communication through Music Essay introduction. Most people take their music very seriously, and the lyrics that it contains. By listening to a song over and over it is hard for the message to be misunderstood. When a musician delivers a message it can be heard worldwide. Music is a subject that can bring people who have never seen each other before together, and form a bond that is hard to break. People’s interest in music, and the message it delivers, creates discussions and changes attitudes. The communication process consists of a message being sent and received.

The message may be verbal or non-verbal. Effective communication involves a message being sent and received. “The ecological model of communication through music attempts to provide a platform on which these issues can be explored. It asserts that communication occurs in the intersection of four fundamental constructs: communication between people (creators and consumers) is mediated by messages which are created using language within media; consumed from media and interpreted using language” (Models par. 5). “What about communication through music?

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Processes of Communication through Music
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Communication through music is a verbal communication. Since songs are made up of well-chosen words or lyrics. The intensity of the message depends on the appropriate melody, and on the way the singer/artist performed the song. In other words, the message of the song depends on how the singer/artist has given life to the song, and at the same time justice to the one who composed it. And every song has its message. The appeal and effectivity of the song to the listener is dependent on the lyrics, melody and the ability of the singer/artist” (The Triangle par. ). The main idea is clear, music is a communication process. “Humans are social beings who thrive in communication with one another. For effective communication to exist, a common code between the transmitter and the receiver is required.

However, people are frequently unaware of the messages they send to others. Listeners automatically and unconsciously process nonverbal cues, and nonverbal communication often takes place whether the sender believes the message is important or not” (Kang 46). Music can serve as a bridge across communicative restrictions and may function as a powerful treatment modality in treating clients with communication deficits. Music can transmit information, emotional messages, needs, and values” (Gfeller 103). In fact, Revesz hypothesized that music originated because early humans needed to more effectively communicate over long distances (29). “Historically, music has been so influential in communication that it has been compared to speech and language” (Gfeller 103).

Hodges and Haack supported this theory, writing, “Perhaps the greatest power of music as a healing agent comes from the fact that it is a form of nonverbal communication” (542). People select different music at different time concordance with listening time’s mood and objectives. Anyone can observe that music can have the power to changes one’s emotions. Certain types of music can bring the listener to a happy state of mind, which in turn drives away depression and stress.

Spiritual songs gives them the thought about others and the afterlife; considering it a best way to reduce sins and to repeal darkness from peoples’ minds. Hip Hop works numerous ways with people, it can make them dance or it can be a way to communicate with people by understanding the artist’s point of view. Country music motivates people to love their country and its people. For example, after the attack of 9/11 Tobey Keith’s inspirational song “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue” had given the message to Americans to be patriotic and encouraged to fight back against terrorism. Of course music is now part of the commercial world, we place great importance on today’s musical stars, so much so that they can reflect or attempt to change public opinion; music is often used as a way of expressing protest, it played a huge role in the anti Vietnam war movement, and nowadays there is not a disaster in the world that does not get its own song to raise money or awareness.

Let’s face it, we are all at it; whenever we send a friend or loved one a song link through the internet, or make a compilation CD for someone we like, we are using music as a form of communication” (Music and Communication par. ). Listening, as opposed to simply hearing, takes practice. Listening powerfully is one of the essentials of both personal and professional growth. And it is a skill that should not be taken for granted. “You spend about 9 percent of your communication time writing; 16 percent reading; 30 percent talking and 45 percent listening” (Meiss par. 1). Communication through music is very apparent; whether it is intrapersonal or interpersonal, verbal or nonverbal. People use music to communicate regardless of the process.

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