Procurement And Contract Heriot Watt Construction

Unfortunately, a recent period of bad conditionss and terrible storms significantly destroyed three Cinnamon Grand Hotels. The hotel direction board decided to retrace the destroyed edifices.

The client has decided to obtain finance from a commercial bank for this undertaking. All sites will necessitate the destruction of a figure of bing constructions that are non structurally sound plenty to retain. Dawn advisers house had been appointed as the chief adviser for this undertaking which would be carried out in two stages.

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In stage one, the focal point would be on the Reconstruction of the hotel ‘s cardinal country. However, the completion day of the month is critical as the edifices require handover latest by 28th February 2015 and a few deadlines to run into.

In stage two, the purpose is to heighten chances for wellness and wellbeing of the visitants through the freshly constructed installations.

The aims and precedences of a client demand to be matched to a procurance system. To make this efficaciously, it is indispensable that the features of assorted procurement systems and choice methods available are understood by clients and their advisers before a procurance method is selected.

Scenario Analysis ( Client, Project/Final Product )


A in private owned big hotel concatenation in UK, Cinnamon Grand, specialized in heritage hotels offers high category adjustment ; therefore they are really passionate on mentality of their hotel edifices. Although the client is experienced at redevelopment of edifices, but they do non hold in-house executive who is either experient or able to give sufficient clip to rede the Reconstruction of their belongingss and they outsourced to diminish hazard.

The client is in the hotel concern ; therefore they are extremely concerned about undertaking holds. Cost control and monetary value certainty is most of import as their budget comes from a bank loan which the loan is estimated to be at ?120 million and if the capital cost overproduction, it will impact the room rates which will in bend affect the client ‘s repute. Value for money given the current economic clime is besides another cardinal consideration. They besides have certain architectural policy which they will be able to advice on the design such as facade, architecture, coatings and inside.


All 3 destroyed hotel edifices that needs to be demolished and rebuild are located in premier locations in town scenes where handiness during the building would be an issue and it would be of a certain quality and hence high cost.

Phase one, the completion day of the month is critical as the edifices require handover latest by 28th February 2015. The planned start day of the month on site is 1st March 2014 and reopening is scheduled on 1st April 2015. Therefore precedence to be given to rapid Reconstruction of keys countries of the hotels such as roofs, invitee suites, eating house and swimming pools within this short period of clip.

Phase 2 building is non critical for the gap of the hotel. Facilities such as dance studios, wellness and fittingness Centre and besides conference and meeting suites would necessitate to be constructed in this stage. In add-on, the conference and meeting suites would necessitate high engineering multimedia installations. The client would besides wish to make a vibrant and attractive environment better than earlier in footings of frontage or design. During the Reconstruction, must supply good service to their hotel invitees while the building is traveling on which will impact the clip taken and cost addition.

Procurement Paths

For the success of any building undertaking, the right pick of procurance path is of import. There are a figure of different procurance paths but taking the appropriate path would be based on the inside informations of each and what are their advantages and disadvantages.

As such I have shortlisted General Contracting, Design and Build, Partnering Contract, Construction Management and Management Contract as the possible procurance options.

General catching is the traditional procurance path where the contractor agrees to construct the design provided by the client. The contractor has no duty in the design and is entirely responsible for bring forthing the edifice ( s ) as per the design and specification. As the client has a budget, this path would offer some monetary value certainty when the design has been to the full scoped out before building which gives the client greater control of the design as the client controls the design squad.

Design and Build comes in assorted types but is exemplified by the contractor taking the duties of both design and building. This procurance method is suited for any undertaking of any size where a fixed cost and fixed clip are required.

Partnering Contract is suited to big undertakings, peculiarly where there is a possibility of repetition work over a figure of undertakings. This enables squad edifice and measuring and betterment of squad public presentation on a undertaking to project footing. It besides ensures that contractors and advisers to the full buy in to the partnering procedure.

Construction Management is a reasonably proficient procurance procedure and suitable for big undertakings due to the proficient nature of the procedure and the cost to implement. It involves the client organisation naming a direction contractor whose function is strictly a direction map. The client organisation employs the design squad, with the client or contract director using sub-contractors.

Management Contract is a concern format dividing ownership from operation. The operator of a hotel is moving as an agent of and for the proprietor every bit good as assumes full duty for operations and direction of the hotel. In the hotel industry it would give chances for much-needed capital to fund the demand for new building in this market.



Procurement Route





General Evaluation

General Contracting




Time would be an issue as this path can be a timely procedure due to the scheme is consecutive.

Design & A ; Build



On Contractors

Single point duty, fast path and cost certainty,

communicating, allotment of hazards.

all clients, including inexperient clients

Partnering Contract




Typically hotel proprietors do n’t construct ; alternatively they will travel for licence. They will acquire a developer to construct and have the edifice and will pay a certain amount of money for the following 20 old ages for illustration. 2 methods: Build, Own and Operate / Rent and Operate.

Construction Management



The contractor is the consultant/coordinator, merely pull off the building. Therefore the client must be a batch more involved, which they ca n’t as they do non hold executive.

Management Catching




More on Client

Less suited:

cost certainty before get downing building

clients desiring to go through hazard to the contractor

In my study, I would urge partnering contact as the procurance path. This based on the client ‘s demands where clip is critical for the reopening of the hotels for concern, cost certainty would non be a factor as it would be reduced. It is supported by Masterman ( 2001 ) which identified the benefits of partnering in the followers:

The client ‘s undertaking costs are reduced, although these are hard to quantify accurately as there is a really broad scope of per centum nest eggs reported worldwide.

Construction periods are reduced and design periods are sometimes shortened.

Quality of the concluding merchandise is improved as a consequence of partnering and safety criterions are heightened.

Conflicts among all of the members of the undertaking squad, and peculiarly between client and contractor and between contractor and subcontractor/supplier, is reduced, as are the figure of differences and claims.

Communication between all the members of the undertaking squad is improved, and the constitution of common aims ensures that the client ‘s demands and aims are known and understood by all of those involved.

It is besides supported by Bresnen & A ; Marshall ( 2000 ) who suggested that application of partnering in building could convey direct benefits to both clients and contractors that will take to betterment of building public presentation.

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