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Performance Evaluation Of Procurement Activities Construction

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The direction program provides a model for the undertakings procurement Award. It will steer the direction of the full life rhythm of the procurance undertaking, the alterations in the acquisition needs to be updated. The program identifies and determines the points purchased will be used to back up the undertakings of the type of contract, the contract blessing procedure and determination standards. Coordination of procurance activities, the constitution of the company ‘s contracts, bringing and parametric quantities to mensurate the importance of procurance activities.

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Performance Evaluation Of Procurement Activities Construction
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Procurement Management

The undertaking director will supply inadvertence and direction of all procurement activities of the undertaking. The undertaking director and the undertaking squad can purchase the undertaking ‘s successful completion of all undertakings. Project Management Office ( PMO ) will be reviewed before the contract to purchase and service on the shopping list. Procurement of contracts and buying section will reexamine to find whether it is favourable or purchase points, and get down procurance, buying and procurance.

Purchase list

The undermentioned articles procurance is the completion of the undertaking and the key to success.

Following is a list of plans and agendas, to be submitted with the purchase and service contract PMO:



Needed By


Needed for automaton testing and executing the undertaking.

1st September 2012

Automatons fiction

Needed for fabricating the automatons mechanism.

1st December 2012


Needed for multithreading applications

10th December 2012


Needed for programming automatons

3rd January 2013


Needed for multiple quadrature ‘s

3rdJanuary 2013


Needed for driving the automaton ‘s

15thJanuary 2013


Needed for Navigation intent

3rdJanuary 2013

Crisp IR Detectors

Needed for obstructions sensing

3rdJanuary 2013

In add-on to the supply point list, the undermentioned individuals have the right to O.K. the procurance undertaking squad:

Name Role

Mr.Mhequb Hayat Project Manager

M.Mudasar Ahmed Programmer

Zafeer-ul-Hasan Hardware Technician

Rameez Siddiqui Hardware Technician

Jehanzeb Gul Programmer/Team Leader

Type of contract

The undertaking will seek all undertakings and services, must be provided at a fixed monetary value contract and the company. The undertaking squad will work with procurement contracts and services to specify the elements of the type, measure, and bringing day of the month. Once selected seller contracts and purchase shops from different providers offering to obtain timely undertaking, based on a fixed-price contract is fixed at a sensible cost.


In the procedure of blessing of the contract, the first measure is to find what sort of merchandises or services purchased from external providers. This will find the merchandises or services, cost analysis from the purchase monetary value of the provider can supply internal dealingss. Once the cost analysis is complete, the list of goods and services purchased from outside finalized procurance and contract contributions sent to an external provider. Once the petition is complete and recommendations have been received for all Sellerss to get down the blessing procedure. The following measure in this procedure is to be reviewed to find which run into all the recommendations of the criterions established by the undertaking squad and the section ‘s procurance and contract providers. Purchase of less than Rs 2 Lac needs the blessing of the undertaking director, at the same clip, the purchase of more than Rs 2 Lac, must be approved by the Contract Review. The contract for the Procurement Review Committee will keep a meeting to make up one’s mind on the contract will be accepted. Contract Review Committee, composed of representatives of the undertaking squad, procurance and contracts section, finance, CPM.

Choice Standards

Choose the procurance criterions and inducements for the undertaking will be determined harmonizing to the undermentioned criterions:

– The ability of providers to supply all the elements of the expected bringing day of the month

– Quality

– Cost

– The expected day of the month of

– Subcontracting project the cost comparing

– Past public presentation

These criterions will be assessed Review Committee of the contract and / or undertaking director. The concluding determination will be based on these criterions, and available resources.

Supplier Management

The undertaking director is responsible for the direction of providers. In order to guarantee the timely bringing of quality merchandises from the seller ‘s undertaking director or his / her representative contracts and buying section and each provider will run into hebdomadal to discourse the advancement of each undertaking to purchase. The meeting can be in individual or by phone. The intent of these meetings is to reexamine all records for each merchandise specifications and quality proving consequences. The forum will analyze the development of each undertaking or services provided, in order to guarantee conformity with the specifications set out in the undertaking. It besides can be used as an chance to inquire inquiries, or modify the contract or petition bringing and clip in progress to avoid holds. The undertaking director will be responsible for be aftering the meeting one time a hebdomad, until all the points have been delivered, is acceptable.

Performance indexs

Although the procurance and contract its ain the internal parametric quantities procurance, take the undermentioned steps to set up the public presentation of the providers for the procurement activities of the undertaking. Each index is rated on a graduated table of 1-3 as shown below:


Product Quality

On Time Delivery

Documentation Quality

Development Costss

Development Time

Cost per Unit of measurement

Transactional Efficiency

Vendor # 1

Vendor # 2

1 – Not satisfied

2 – Acceptable

3 – Outstanding

In add-on, each seller ‘s mark, the existent value will be pointed out, in order to set up a database, past public presentation, future procurance seller choice.

Completion and Credence

Approved by the Undertaking Sponsor:


& A ; lt ; Project Sponsor & A ; gt ;

& A ; lt ; Project Sponsor Title & A ; gt ;

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