Project Procurement And Pre Tender Method Statement Construction

Contract procurance has an impact on undertaking public presentation in footings of costs, clip and quality. During one of the briefing meetings at the pre-tender phase of a building undertaking, your Director has involvement in collaborative procurance method and necessitate your advice. In add-on, your Director has multiple sites traveling on at the same clip and hence many site offices. Critically explain why collaborative procurance would be good between the site offices to your Director.

Masterman, ( 2002 ) defined a procurance system as, ‘the organisational construction adopted by the client for the execution, and at times eventual operation, of a undertaking. ‘

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While Love ( 1998 ) adopted the definition such that,

‘It is an organisational system that assigns specific duties and governments to people and organisations, and defines the relationships of the assorted elements in the building of a undertaking ‘ .

There has been an increasing acknowledgment that the conventional ( traditional ) attack to contract procurance is unequal ( Rowlinson, S. 1999 ) . However, it has been noted that there are still comparatively few procurement systems for clients to take from. Each procurance system that is available delivers project success to a variable grade ( Bowen, 1997 ) .

In today ‘s context, it can be seen that client ‘s satisfaction is seen to be mostly dependent on the choice of the most appropriate procurance methodological analysis, and failure to choose an appropriate procurance attack is recognized as a primary cause of a undertaking failure ( Masterman, 1996 ) . However, which procurement path to set about for a peculiar undertaking be it constructing or substructure works depends on the aim and demands in footings of its functionality, cost, clip and quality set by the client. While the choice of an appropriate procurance system in an indispensable portion of the edifice procedure, it is improbable that an “ ideal ‘ procurance system that satisfies is all standards will be available to guarantee success ( Winter, 2005 ) .

There are many factors that influence the undertaking public presentation and contract procurance surely has an impact on costs, clip and quality. However the procurance system will act upon whether the undertaking will be a separated procurance system ( traditional ) , integrated procurance system ( design & A ; build and its discrepancy ) , direction orientated system ( direction catching, building direction ) , or collaborative agreement ( partnering, Early contractor Involvement, ECI, e-tender ) . Figure 1 below shows the assorted signifiers of procurement systems.




In-house/external/in-house & A ; external


Separated/ ( 2 ) integrated/ ( 3 ) direction oriented/ ( 4 ) collaborative




( 2 ) Integrated

Direct design & A ; Build

Competitive design & A ; construct

Develop & A ; concept

Prison guard


( 3 ) Management Oreinted

Management catching

Construction direction

Deep & A ; Marine

( 4 ) Collaborative




The assorted procurance options available reflect the cardinal differences in the allotment of hazard and duty to fit the features of different undertakings and client demands ( Winter, 2005 ) . When client choose the type of procurance system to be usage, strategic consideration must be considered particularly at the phase on make up one’s minding whether to name a interior decorator ( architect/engineer ) , planimeter ( contractor ) , director ( undertaking director ) or a group of all 3 working collaboratively.

Under this attack the client can utilize any of the systems from any of the other classs either singly or in combination, or even a bespoke system of his/her ain devising but with the choosen systems ( s ) being implemented within a specific scene controlled by the client.

Collaborative agreement ( Partnering ) as required by the manager has some benefits particularly for multiple sites and with many site offices running at the same clip. The benefits of clip, cost and quality is explained below.

Benefits of clip: several surveies have indicated that by utilizing the partnering attack the largest benefit is from the design and direction procedures were the flow of information between all parties helps to cut down the design times as interior decorators and contractor understand and are more efficient in working together. It allows for faster undertaking times as the choice procedure is eliminated which can be dearly-won and clip consuming. The undertaking can hold an early start on site, shorter building times and lower hazard of clip overproductions. However, utilizing strategic partnering is more good as it can accomplish a 50 % clip salvaging it houses use the right direction processs.

Benefit to Costss. As partnering assures surely in the undertakings in footings of design and building consequences in fewer cost overproductions, cut down claims and judicial proceedings and the undertaking cost besides reduced. This is one of the of import portion of the undertaking where salvaging some of the cost can add value to other of import plants that may be required at the terminal of the undertaking.

Benefits to quality: Partnering can surely better the quality criterions in edifice and there are indicants that as a consequence, there are decreased figure of defects, therefore less rework is required. This is once more another of import facet of the undertaking where quality criterion non merely keep but improved. Effective partnering relationships will besides benefits from the R & A ; D and advanced thought which aid to better productiveness and quality.

Undertaking 2:

As portion of the pre-tender procedure for a contract command papers, for multi-storey edifice undertakings for assorted sites, you are required to compose a pre-tender method statement. Fix a pre-tender method statement that you will subject with your command papers.

Pre-tender method statement is one of the of import parts in the pre-tender procedure. Method statement is a papers detailing how a peculiar undertaking or activity will be carried out. Its item the peculiar hazard or danger associated with the peculiar parts of the undertaking. However an appraisal of building methods to be considered during the tendering is required. The aims of fixing a method statement are as follows:

To enable managerial experience to be called upon during estimating, a demand is created for information relation to public presentation. Directors find it is necessary to enter resources, measures and clip in order to lend.

To enable informations refering new building techniques and methods of managing stuffs to be included in an estimation. The method statement may be developed from work survey informations and planning rhythms prepared for an alternate works and labour state of affairs.

To allow the works demands for a undertaking to be summarized for inclusion in the contract preliminaries or works agenda.

To guarantee the end product and continuance of different methods and machines is realistically matched.

To give counsel to the calculator on particular on specific measure of points associating to works and labour demand in order that realistic rates may be built up.

In this instance survey, a pre-tender method statement is to be prepared as portion of the pre-tender procedure for a contract command papers for multi-storey edifice undertakings for assorted sites. Assorted formats for method statement can be used ; like a pre-printed criterion format that has been designed for insistent plants for familiar design such as in this case-study.

Information that is required on method statement includes the operation or work phase. Each operation necessitating analysis of works or method should be listed in the method statement, for illustration digging work, formwork, concrete handling and placing, pick of works for raising precast floors or raising steelwork.

Quality of work is besides required where this is straight affect methods of building, figure of man-powers and machineries. Realistic methods of building together with constructive option and sequencing of operations should be outlined clearly.

The sum-up of works will help in the readying of the preliminaries works component where an illustration is tabulated in the tabular array below.





Sequence of operations

Plant and labour

end product



Excavate over-site to cut down degrees and take to tip

70 ten 100 ten ( ave. ) 450mm = 3150 M2

Excavate utilizing hydraulic power shovels. Load excavated material direct into 8 three-dimensional meter capacity lorries cart off to exceed


Excavate utilizing hydraulic backactor, path mounted 360 deg swerving machine laoading direct into lorries hymac 580 or similar

Site strip to commence after taking initial grid of degrees

Ditto mark

1 banksman

Cat. 951 sycophant tractor

4 lorries

1 banksman

40 m3/hr

35 m3/hr

3150/40 = 79 man-hr

90 man-hr


Excavate tablet and strip foundations

300 millimeter of strip foundation bases say 200m3

Excavate shallow foundations utilizing Rymac 580 as earlier and load direct into lorries

On depriving mill countries the digging work to the mill country commence

1 banksman

1 Hymac

2 lorries


Concrete strip and tablet foundations

100m3 ready assorted concrete

Ready assorted concrete to be discharged direct into foundations. Site entree via hardcored formation

On repair of bolt boxes to 6 tablet foundations, concrete work may get down

3 laborers

1 day/

4 to 6 bases


Erect steelwork and roof facing


Contractor to fix cardinal country of floor smack with oversite hardcore for Crane during erecation

Bases to be checked by steel-work contractor, prior to hard-on and grading of bases to have steelwork bases on one bay of portal to be complete prior to hard-on of steelwork.


10 yearss

The content and description of the pre-tender method statement for the proposed building of multi-storey edifice is outlined below.


This method statement is prepared for the building of propose multi-storey edifice undertaking located at the site location indicated in site map. Before any work is commenced, the contractor shall corroborate in composing to the applied scientists that the relevant site and study plants is true and accurate record of the status of all belongingss, lands and harvests inspected. The contractor shall unclutter the whole country with the boundary lines as shown in the drawing and shall exert attention and attending to guarantee all the glade activities and operation is confined with the boundaries and no harm is caused to any belongings or flora outside the boundary.

Site constitution

Where appropriate, the applied scientist shall set up studies to be carried out, in concurrence with the contractor and proprietor of the land, of all the status of all belongingss, lands and harvests which may be affected by the plants. The sites includes the “ work countries ” and “ borrows countries ” , if any, indicated on the drawings and includes such other countries of roads, pathwaies and lands which, in the sentiment of the applied scientist, are necessary for the executing of the plants. The contractors shall restrict his constructional operations within the site, or such other countries of land as may be negotiated, and shall teach his employees non to tre-pass.

Site adjustment

The contractor is to supply offices for the sole usage of the Resident applied scientist. The location shall be determined by the contractor within the contract country and agreed by the oversing officer. Provide and maintain H2O, illuming and power supply and pay all the charges in connexion therewith. The contractor besides shall supply and keep all necessary sheds and shops and take the same from the site on completion of the plants.

Site entree

The contractor shall follow in all respects with all local route traffic ordinances refering the route site entree, the warning visible radiation and guarding of the route works. The contractor shall build and keep recreation ways wherever the plants will interfere with the bing roads, footways or other ways over which there is a public or private right of manner. Before any work in or impacting the usage of site entree and chief route is commenced, the contractor ‘s proposal method of working shall be agreed with, and confirmed in authorship to, the applied scientist and the main road and constabulary governments.

Materials and distribution

Unless specified to the contrary, all material shall be in conformity with the relevant British Standard ( BS ) and Code of Practices ( CP ) . Should alternative demand be provided by a BS and no one option be specified elsewhere in the contract, so before continuing to put to death the plants or to order stuffs, the contractor shall give notice bespeaking farther specification of such affair. The contractor shall subject list of providers from whom he propose to buy the stuff for the executing of the work. If required by the applied scientist, the contractor shall subject to the applied scientist trial certifications and samples furnished by the provider or maker of any stuff or article bespeaking conformity with the demand of the contract. Materials shall hive away in the mode as to continue their quality and status to the criterions required by the contract.

Sub-structure plants

The contractor shall carried out all sub-structure plants including Earth work in such mode as to forestall eroding or faux pass, and bound working faces to safe inclines and tallness, and shall guarantee that all surfaces have at all times sufficient gradient to enable them to cast H2O without doing eroding and to forestall ponding. The contractor shall supply and keep all necessary impermanent entree roads and impermanent drainage and shall deviate and reinstate lasting drainage system. The purposed alliances and degrees of impermanent entree roads shall be submitted to the applied scientist for blessing prior to their building.

Super construction

All ace construction works such as land beams, flooring and roof trusses shall be constructed in conformity to the design given by the applied scientist. The contractor shall provide and put in all unfastened mesh and steel home base flooring and structural members necessary for the support of flooring, paseos, stairwaies, manus railing, ladders etc. shown in the pulling unless otherwise stated.

External envelope

Before interfering with entree to any belongings, the contractor shall supply satisfactory alternate agreements. The contractor shall take necessary safeguards to avoid doing any harm to roads, lands belongingss, trees and other characteristics and during the currency of the contract, shall cover quickly with any ailments by proprietors or residents.

Mechanical and electrical services

The tenderer shall let in his stamp for supplying a appropriately qualified applied scientist with at least ten old ages working experience on similar installing to organize the civil, mechanical and electrical inside informations and to rede the applied scientist of any alterations. The specification covers, but is non necessary restricted to, the proviso of an electrical supply, instrumentality, illuming and power for the complete plant. This include building, public presentations, installing and testing of electrical equipment such as electrical ducting, opening pockets, overseas telegram wiring, transformer overseas telegrams, and expiration etc. for both plants on the site of the proposed new power supply to the edifice.

Overall working plan

The contractor shall supply the overall on the job plan of the building activities and to maintain updating and reexamining for clip to clip the advancement of the plants, including the fiscal position, the stuff, manpower and other related plants. Where required by the contract, the contractor shall supply record advancement photographs taken every bit and what directed by the applied scientist.

Health, safety and public assistance of work people

The contractor shall be responsible for the safety of all individuals engaged in the executing of the work and shall take such safety safeguards as are by and large accepted as good civil technology pattern, including the proviso of first assistance equipment and personal trained in its usage. The contractor shall name a “ safety officer ” who is responsible for safety review at the building site.

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