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Profession in Heathcare for Helping Others



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    From a young age, I have dreamed of working in healthcare. Having always enjoyed helping others, I believed this field would be the most fulfilling career path. For that reason, I enrolled in dental school; however, when I began seeing patients in the clinic, I soon realized that I did not like working in mouths. Courses like pharmacology fostered my interest in pharmacy; I was intrigued as I learned about medications, mechanisms of drug actions, and how they affected my patients. Moreover, I enjoyed communicating with patients and using critical thinking, as well as problem-solving skills to treat patients. As such, I came to realize that a career in pharmacy would be a better fit.

    As my foray into the profession of pharmacy, I observed preparation of total parenteral nutrition solutions, IV fluids, and compound medications, as well as dosing of medicine. Also, I saw that pharmacists alert the physicians if there are any drug-interactions and drug allergies. Their compassion and skillfulness greatly inspired me, and I hope to carry on their tradition of helping others. Experiences such as this have been valuable, and have piqued my interest in pharmaceutical sciences.

    In the dental clinic, I took medical histories, including patients’ medication lists and interactions, performing clinical exams, taking x-rays. In addition, I created treatment plans focused on optimizing patient outcomes. My experiences in clinic will be beneficial in future interactions with patients.

    The aim of our research was to investigate why fluoride restorative materials, such as glass-ionomer cements, do not prevent secondary caries in clinical trials like in-vitro trials have suggested. By testing various materials, I examined their efficacy in treating caries, and why some materials are not as effective as others. I would like to continue to participate in research projects such as this because it greatly improves patient outcomes.

    I served as the president of University of Kentucky pre-dental club which enabled me to give back to the community. I had several responsibilities including inviting guest speakers to club meetings as well as initiating several volunteer opportunities and projects. One of the projects I coordinated was to teach disadvantaged rural children the importance of dental hygiene, nutrition, and overall health. Helping these children, even slightly, was a very rewarding experience because I was able to educate them about various healthcare topics. All in all, my experiences in the pre-dental club helped me improve my leadership skills, which will help me to effectively help others.

    I immigrated from Bangladesh when I was six years old and lived in several states in the U.S. Overcoming language barriers and cultural differences has taught me adaptability. Along the way, I have learned how to interact and communicate with people from diverse backgrounds. As such, I can say with confidence that I will be able to adapt to the challenges that I will face in pharmacy.

    I discovered that there are so many opportunities for pharmacy exploration. My previous experiences as a dental student will help me in my new journey in the profession of pharmacy.

    What is more, I am excited about pharmacy, as it is a constantly evolving field that will be challenging, as well as enjoyable. Through determination and hard work, I know I have what it takes to become a pharmacist who will not only help patients, but also contribute to the profession. With much alacrity, I wait to see what a career in pharmacy has in store for me.

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