The medical profession Essay

The medical profession is a noble profession, ever since Hypocrates popularized his oath doctors the world over have done their utter most to heal the hurts of the world.

If given the opportunity I would also like to join their ranks some day,. I believe I have the qualifications and I certainly have the will to do it.Ever since I was a child, I have always been fascinated by the medical world. Shows like E.

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The medical profession
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R., Scrubs and Doctor House have been inspirations to me. Dare I hope that someday I too will take the Oath and become a healer as well?  Another reason I would like to be a doctor is that I see so many people getting injured or suffering illnesses. Many of these people do not have access to adequate health care in part because there are so few doctors that their medical fees have spiralled up.

In preparation for this, I have spent a lot of time reading up on biology and other medicine related topics. Complex medical journals are still beyond me but my efforts have resulted in a working understanding of how the body works. It is my hope that this modest background will grow into a wide-holistic understanding of the medical science or baring this sufficient understanding to be an effective doctor.I have a strong work ethic that conquers the sloth and indolence normally associated with the youth.

While others squander their time with senseless, hedonistic amusements, I have taken the opportunity to better myself by studying and being active in sports. Because of my efforts, I have become a youth leader in our community. Due to my efforts, I was able to start several local community projects. These projects aim to bring the youth in our community together and wean them away from Drugs, Gangs and other temptations that will lead them astray.

Naturally I can only claim so much of the credit, most it goes to helpful adults whose support has been critical to getting these projects off the ground.Finally, I am a born leader who understands the needs of those around me. Understanding that different people have different perspectives and moods its is my pleasure to assure that the goals of the group are accomplished without overly stressing any members of the group. My favourite people are those who initially disagree only to eventually see my point of view and at very least gain some respect for it.

I believe in equality and a sharing of burden. After all if anyone in the group has to suffer difficulties for the group then all should share in the difficulty.To conclude, I would be more than honoured to receive the opportunity to study medicine in your prestigious institution. I have the study habits and perseverance to survive in this strenuous field.

My natural leadership skills and empathy assure that I will get along well with the university community and make valuable contributions to its well-being. 

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