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Project Report on Big Bazaar, Hubli

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    [pic] EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Big Bazaar is a future group company. In India first it was started in Mumbai in the year of 1987 and the main branch of Big Bazaar is in Mumbai. In Hubli it was started in the year of 2007 on 28th July. The Management system – Big Bazaar 1. 80 well-qualified employees 2. The Security system includes 15 securities regular [Day-12, Night-3] & 18 at the weekend. 3. 25 Back staff. 4. 21 House keeping and 5. 15 Part times. This project is on Marketing Department of the Big Bazaar Multinational Company. This project briefly covers the study of marketing in the organization.

    CHAPTER-2 INTRODUCTION OF THE STUDIES As a part of BBA II year III semester students Archana & Shilpa of Karnataka arts College Dharwad, Department of Management Studies, has visited a Big Bazaar it’s a Multinational Company. It is placed in many cities but we did our project in Hubli. We are placed here by our trainee to acquire practical knowledge. We as students of Management Studies are very grateful to the co-ordinator Mr. CHACHADI & placement officer HIREMATH. So we are glad for having considered and assigned this project works which will help to sharpen & perk up our intellectual abilities.

    This helps us to apply the concepts & fundamentals which we have learnt in our course & to know their scope & practical application in reality. This practical revelation enables us to take a coherent decision & also helps us to implement appropriately the other management functions. It also helps us to run business efficiently & effectively when we become or appointed as a business man or as a manager OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY: ? The main objective is to study about the “Marketing Department” by analyzing its process, strategy, & so on. To know the company profile includes introduction, brief history, nature of the company, mission statement of the company. ? To develop knowledge and understanding the nature and scope of Big Bazaar. ? To observe the working conditions. METHEDOLOGY OF THE STUDY: As we all know that every report has to follow the systematic collection & presentation of information. So here two methods used to collect the information these are as fallows. PRIMARY DATA: The most of the information presented in report has been collected by survey method & discussions with Head & other responsible employees of the ompany. SECONDARY DATA: The following books & websites used to collect the information. ? Text books on marketing ? Company Magazines. ? www. pantaloons. com ? www. futuregroup. com ? Questionnaire. LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY: ? The present study is not extensive due to lack of time & resources constraints. ? This study is confirmed to study of only one department. ? As the study was made in year ending all workers busy in production activity. CHAPTER-3 BIG BAZAAR [pic] BIG BAZAAR Big Bazaar is a chain of shopping malls in India currently with 31 outlet wned by Kishore Biyani’s Pantaloon group. Big Bazaar provides the best products at the best price. It reflects the look & feel of Indian bazaars at their modem outlets. All over India, Big Bazaar attracts a few 1000 customers on any regular day. Big Bazaar is not just another hypermarket. It caters to every need of your family. Where Big Bazaar scores over other stores is its value for money proposition for the Indian customers. At Big Bazaar, you will definitely get the best products at the best prices – that’s what we guarantee.

    With the ever increasing array of private labels, it has opened the doors into the world of fashion and general merchandise including home furnishings, utensils, crockery, cutlery, sports goods and much more at prices that will surprise you. And this is just the beginning. Big Bazaar plans to add much more to complete your shopping experience. Big Bazaar is a chain of department stores in India, currently with 75 outlets. It is owned by the Pantaloon Retail India Ltd, Future Group. It works on the same economy model as Wal-Mart and has considerable success in many Indian cities and small towns.

    The idea was pioneered by entrepreneur Kishore Biyani, the CEO of Future Group. Currently Big Bazaar stores are located only in India. It is the biggest and the fastest growing chain of department store and aims at being 350 stores by the end of year 2010. MANAGING DIRECTOR & OWNER OF BIG BAZAAR KISHORE BIYANI [pic] COMPANY PROFILE HISTORY OF FUTURE GROUP MULTI NATIONAL COMPANY’S FUTURE GROUP: Future Group is one of the country’s leading business groups present in retail, asset management, consumer finance, insurance, retail media, retail spaces and logistics.

    The group’s flagship company, Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited operates over 6 million square feet through 450 stores in 45 cities. Some of its leading retail formats include, Pantaloons, Big Bazaar, Central, Food Bazaar, Home Town, eZone, Depot, Future Money and online retail format, futurebazaar. com. Future Group companies includes, Future Capital Holdings, Future Generali India Indus League Clothing and Galaxy Entertainment that manages Sports Bar, Brew Bar and Bowling Co. Future Capital Holdings, the group’s financial arm, focuses on asset management and consumer credit.

    It manages assets worth over $1 billion that are being invested in developing retail real estate and consumer-related brands and hotels. The group’s joint venture partners include Italian insurance major, Generali, French retailer ETAM group, US-based stationary products retailer, Staples Inc and UK-based Lee Cooper and India- based Talwalkar’s, Blue Foods and Liberty Shoes. Future Group’s vision is to, “deliver Everything, Everywhere, Everytime to Every Indian Consumer in the most profitable manner. ” The group considers ‘Indian-ness’ as a core value and its corporate credo is – Rewrite rules, Retain values.

    PANTALOON GROUP Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited, is India’s leading retailer that operates multiple retail formats in both the value and lifestyle segment of the Indian consumer marker. Headquartered in Mumbai (Bombay), the company operates over 5 million square feet of retail space, has over 450 stores across 40 cities in India and employs over 18,000 people. The company’s leading formats include Pantaloons, a chain of fashion outlets,  Big Bazaar, a uniquely Indian hypermarket chain, Food Bazaar, a supermarket chain, blends the look, touch and feel of Indian bazaars with spects of modern retail like choice, convenience and quality and Central, a chain of seamless destination malls. Some of its other formats include, Depot, Shoe Factory, Brand Factory, Blue Sky, Fashion Station, all, Top 10, mBazaar and Star and Sitara. The company also operates an online portal, futurebazaar. com. A subsidiary company, Home Solutions Retail (India) Limited, operates Home Town, a large-format home solutions store, Collection, selling home furniture products and E-Zone focused on catering to the consumer electronics segment.

    Pantaloon Retail was recently awarded the International Retailer of the Year 2007 by the US-based National Retail Federation (NRF) and the Emerging Market Retailer of the Year 2007 at the World Retail Congress held in Barcelona. Pantaloon Retail is the flagship company of Future Group, a business group catering to the entire Indian consumption space. FUTURE GROUP MANIFESTO: “Future” – the word which signifies optimism, growth, achievement, strength, beauty, rewards and perfection.

    Future encourages us to explore areas yet unexplored, write rules yet unwritten; create new opportunities and new successes. To strive for a glorious future brings to us our strength, our ability to learn, unlearn and re-learn our ability to evolve. We, in Future Group, will not wait for the Future to unfold itself but create future scenarios in the consumer space and facilitate consumption because consumption is development. Thereby, we will effect socio-economic development for our customers, employees, shareholders, associates and partners

    Our customers will not just get what they need, but also get them where, how and when they need. We will not just post satisfactory results, we will write success stories. We will not just operate efficiently in the Indian economy, we will evolve it. We will not just spot trends; we will set trends by marrying our understanding of the Indian consumer to their needs of tomorrow. It is this understanding that has helped us succeed. And it is this that will help us succeed in the Future. We shall keep relearning. And in this process, do just one thing. Rewrite Rules.

    Retain Values. WHY PANTALOON? Pantaloon is a not just an organization, it is an institution, a center of learning & development. The Pantaloon family believes that knowledge is the only weapon at their disposal & their quest for it is focused, systematic & unwavering. At Pantaloon, they take pride in challenging conventions & thinking out of the box, in traveling on the road less traveled. Their corporate doctrine ‘Rewrite Rules, Retain values’ is derived from this spirit. Over the years, the company has accelerated growth through its ability to lead change.

    A number of its pioneering concepts have now emerged as industry standards. For instance, the company integrated backwards into garment manufacturing even as it expanded its retail presence at the front end, well before any other Indian retail company attempted this. It was the first to introduce the concept of the retail departmental store for the entire family through Pantaloons in 1997. The company was the first to launch a hypermarket in India with Big Bazaar, a large discount store that it commissioned at Kolkata in October 2001.

    And then the company introduced the country to the Food Bazaar, a unique ‘bazaar’ within a hypermarket, which was launched in July 2002 in Mumbai. Embracing our leadership value, the company launched all in July 2005 in Mumbai, making us the first retailer in India to open a fashion store for plus size men & women. Today this family is the fastest growing retail company in India. The numbers of stores are going to increase many folds year on year along with the new formats coming up. The way they work is distinctly “Pantaloon”.

    Their courage to dream and to turn their dreams into reality-that change people’s lives, is their biggest advantage. Pantaloon is an invitation to join a place where there are no boundaries to what you can achieve. It earns never having to stop asking questions; it means never having to stop raising the bar. It is an opportunity to take risks, & it is his passion that makes our dreams a reality. HISTORY OF BIG BAZAAR In 2006-2007, more Indians discovered the value of shopping in Big Bazaar. And with the launch of each store, we discovered more value in terms of operational efficiency.

    Big Bazaar launched 27 new stores in 22 cities, covering over 1. 40 million square feet. As of June 2007, there were 56 Big Bazaar stores across 43 cities. While Big Bazaar continued to expand in the large cities, it also tapped consumption potential in smaller cities like Agra, Allahabad, Coimbatore, Surat, Panipat, Palakkad, Kanpur and Kolhapur. The year under review also witnessed realigning of business teams with shared experience in category management, sourcing, front-end operations and business planning.

    In addition, separate teams have been formed to look into all aspects of new store launches and to manage mature stores. This provides more flexibility and focus in expansion plans. The increase in SKUs in existing categories and the introduction of new categories encouraged the opening of larger stores or Super Centers, measuring 100,000 square feet or more. There are now 5 Big Bazaar Super Centers. Considering this scale of expansion, technology plays a significant facilitating role.

    The introduction of SAP in 2005-06 and its roll out during the year positively impacted the business. Big Bazaar has initiated the process of Auto Replenishments Systems, thus improving operational efficiencies and productivity. The company has also rationalized nearly 250 vendors through better vendor management in terms of potential to expand, and for inclusion and upgradation to the online B2B platform. The company plans to open over 60 stores across India in FY 2008, and the opening of the 100th Big Bazaar store will mark the fastest ever expansion by a hypermarket format.

    Cities where Big Bazaar stores are located • Agra • Ahmednagar • Ahmedabad • Allahabad • Alwar • Ambala • Asansol • Aurangabad • Bangalore • Belgaum • Bhubaneswar • Chennai • Coimbatore • Darjeeling • Palakkad • Kolkata • Delhi • Durgapur • Ghaziabad • Gurgaon • Hubli • Hyderabad • Indore • Lucknow • Kanpur • Mangalore • Meerut • Mumbai • Navi Mumbai • Nagpur • Nasik • Panipat • Pune • Raipur • Rajkot • Surat • Sangli • Thane • Thiruvananthapuram • Thrissur • Udupi • Vishakhapatnam • Haldia [pic] | |Type |Subsidiary of Pantaloon Group | |Founded |2001 | |Headquarters |[pic]Jogeshwari, Mumbai, India | |Industry |Retail | |Products |Department store,

    Grocery store | |Owner |Kishore Biyani | |Parent |Pantaloon Group | |Slogan |Is se sasta aur accha kahin nahin | |Website |http://www. pantaloon. com/bigbazaar. htm |

    AWARDS AND RECOGNITION Awards & Recognition of 2007 Images Retail Awards Most Admired Retail Face of the Year: Kishore Biyani Most admired retailer of the year: Large format, multi product store: Big Bazaar Most admired retailer of the year: Food and Grocery: Food Bazaar Most admired retailer of the year: Home & office improvement: Hometown Most admired Retail Company of the year: Pantaloon Retail (India) Ltd. • Images Retail Forum followed strict international benchmarks in deciding the top honours for Images Retail Awards ’07, with IRIS as knowledge partner and global consulting firm AT Kearney as the Process Approver. National Retail Federation Awards

    International Retailer for the Year 2007 – Pantaloon Retail (India) Ltd • The National Retail Federation is the world’s largest retail trade association with over 1. 4 million members in the US and across the world. Some of the past winners of the award include Metro AG (Germany), Carrefour (France), Zara (Spain), Boticario (Brazil) and Ito Yokado (Japan). The award was presented at the Retail’s Big Show held in January 2007 in New York. World Retail Congress Awards Emerging Market Retailer of the Year 2007 – Pantaloon Retail (India) Ltd • The inaugural World Retail Congress held in Barcelona, Spain in March 2007 attracted over one thousand retail professionals from over sixty countries.

    The awards were decided by a multinational Grand Jury. Winners in other categories included Inditex, Mall of Emirates, Marks & Spencer and IKEA. Hewitt Best Employers 2007 Best Employers in India (Rank 14th) – Pantaloon Retail (India) Ltd • Leading human resources consultancy, Hewitt Associates conducts an annual survey of the best employers in India, as part of its global initiative. It is based on CEO interview, People Practices Inventory and Employee Opinion Surveys. Pantaloon Retail became the only retailer to feature among the twenty-five best employers in India. PC World Indian Website Awards Best Indian Website in the Shopping Category – Futurebazaar. om • PC World, a leading consumer technology magazine selected the best Indian websites in various categories based on use of technology for delivering solutions, information being presented in an intuitive and concise manner and overall experience aided by design. Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands Platinum Awards Trusted Brands Platinum Award (Supermarket Category) – Big Bazaar The Reader’s Digest awards are based on surveys done among consumers by independent research agency, Nielsen Media Research. This is the second consecutive time Big Bazaar has won this award. Awards & Recognition of 2006 Retail Asia Pacific Top 500 Awards Asia Pacific Best of the Best Retailers – Pantaloon Retail (India) Ltd Best Retailer in India – Pantaloon Retail (India) Ltd • The Retail Asia publication in association with Euro Monitor and KPMG honors the best retailers in 14 countries across the Asia Pacific region.

    The awards were presented in Singapore in October, 2006. Asia money Awards Best Managed Company in India (Mid-cap) – Pantaloon retail (India) Ltd. • The Asia money publication conducts a poll among fund manages and investors and does a quantitative analysis of financial performance to select best managed companies in Asian countries. Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year (Services) – Kishore Biyani • Considered to be one of the most prestigious business awards in India, a jury comprising leading names in Indian business selected the winners based on courage, creativity, passion, endurance and vision. CNBC Indian Business Leaders Awards

    The First Generation Entrepreneur of the Year – Kishore Biyani • Organized by CNBC-TV18, the twelve awardees in various categories are decided by a high profile jury, along with research partners – The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, Development Dimensions International (DDI) and AC Neilson ORG MARG. • Lakshmipat Singhania – IIM Lucknow National Leadership Awards Young Business Leader – Kishore Biyani The award recognizes and honors individuals who have contributed consistently to the betterment of our country through their pursuit of excellence. The awards were presented in New Delhi by the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh in December, 2006. Images Retail Awards Best Value Retail Store – Big Bazaar Best Retail Destination – Big Bazaar Best Food & Grocery Store – Food Bazaar Retail Face of the Year – Kishore Biyani The Images Retail Awards are decided through a nationwide consumer & industry poll and nominations followed by performance assessment by team of analysts and jury. Readers’ Digest Awards Platinum Trusted Brand Award – Big Bazaar • The Reader’s Digest awards are based on surveys done among consumers by independent research agency, Nielsen Media Research. CNBC Awaaz Consumer Awards Most Preferred Large Food & Grocery Supermarket – Big Bazaar • Conducted in association with AC Nielsen-ORG Marg across 21 major cities, nearly 10,000 consumers were asked to choose their most preferred brands. Reid & Taylor Awards for Retail Excellence Retail Entrepreneur of the Year – Kishore Biyani

    COMPANY INFORMATION LOCATION: Akshay Centre, Gokul Road, Hubli- 580 030 AREA COVERED: 60 lakhs square root area VISION: Future Group shall deliver Everything, Everywhere, Everytime for Every Indian Consumer in the most profitable manner. To emerge as the best & the most profitable retailer in India. MISSION: We share the vision and belief that our customers and stakeholders shall be served only by creating and executing future scenarios in the consumption space leading to economic development. We will be the trendsetters in evolving delivery formats, creating retail realty, making consumption affordable for all customer segments – for classes and for masses.

    We shall infuse Indian brands with confidence and renewed ambition. We shall be efficient, cost- conscious and committed to quality in whatever we do. We shall ensure that our positive attitude, sincerity, humility and united determination shall be the driving force to make us successful. CORE VALUES: • Indian-ness: confidence in ourselves. • Leadership: to be a leader, both in thought and business. • Respect & Humility: to respect every individual and be humble in our conduct. • Introspection: leading to purposeful thinking. • Openness: to be open and receptive to new ideas, knowledge and information. • Valuing and Nurturing Relationships: to build long term relationships. Simplicity & Positivity: Simplicity and positivity in our thought, business and action. • Adaptability: to be flexible and adaptable, to meet challenges. • Flow: to respect and understand the universal laws of nature. CORE IDEOLOGY: To provide to the ordinary only what the rich man afford. DO’S & DON’TS OF BIG BAZAAR • Be forward! Don’t be shy, be approachable & friendly smile! • Walk right up to people, shake hands & ask them what they do. • Always have pen so you can write notes to remind you about each person you met. • Make your workplace fun & enjoyable. • Never be offensive, under any circumstances. • Smoking inside the store is not allowed strictly. Ensure that any workplace relationships do not have a negative effect on your colleagues or public. • Make your workplace clean & tidy. • Sort according to the priorities. • Not use mobiles phones while on duty. • Use office equipments properly & give utmost care while handling such equipments. • Only business information can be stored on computer systems. You are not permitted to store any personal data on the computer system including documents, spreadsheets, databases, games is jokes. • Do not access, or attempt to access, machines or networks by unauthorized means- ex unauthorized use of telephones, computer etc. , • Do not use the abusive, absence or threatening language or behavior to colleague or public Let us Create Better Environment to Work” STAFF ENTRY & EXIT RULES & REGULATION OF BIG BAZAAR ? Only PRIL staffs, Brand staffs, house keeping & security persons are allowed to store through the staff entrance. ? As the time of entry proper details should be entered in the register (signature & time in & time out in the respective register). ? Ensure that the staff is in complete uniform, ID & as per grooming standards (No staffs are allowed without ID irrespective register). ? No mobiles, ornaments jewelries are allowed into the store/ floor. ? Company authorities are not responsible for loss of any valuables. ? Maintain the timings for Tea Breaks & launch break [Time out & in]. All staffs should be frisked before going out from the staff exit without fail (Mandatory). ? At the time of exit (frisking) contents from the pockets & bags to be displayed on the security table irrespective of their post & positions. ? Any staff purchase should be entered & signed in the registered with details and the baggage should be checked with bill & product bar code without fail. ? Any personal belongings like Hard disk, Laptops, etc. , bringing inside the store (for official purpose only) should be entered in the staff material entry registered. ? The staff going outside during working hours other than break timing or for official / personal work should follow the OUTPASS procedure. The materials belonging to the company is taken out for official work should follow GATEPASS procedure. ? Any deviations in above rules & regulations should be brought to the notice of higher authorities / concerned person, failing to do so, strict action will be taken. ? Smoking / chewing Tobacco / Alcohol consumption is prohibited in the staff room at the staff entry. ? Keep the surrounding neat & clean. ? Do-co-operate with securities during checking / frisking. ? Your kind co-operations will be highly appreciated. “The real leadership starts here …… Let us be an example to others……” CHAPTER- 4 MARKETING DEPARTMENT The Big Bazaar consists 3 different types of segment APPAREL SEGMENTS:

    An apparel segment includes <> Clothing: [pic] Clothing is an apparel segments, it consists of men’s, women’s & kids sections, & this mainly includes formal pants, jeans pants, shirts, T-shirts, sarees, chudi materials, jackets, skirts, blazers & suits, & so on. Some of the different brand names of these clothes are: • MISCHIEF. • BLACK ZONE. • PEPETTY. • KINGSBURY. • LEVI STRAUS SIGNATURE. • DJ & C. • KUSUM. • KOHINOOR. • KNIGHT HOOD. Foot wear Bazaar: The punch line of foot wear bazaar is Sundar. Sasta. Tikau! Here it covers all types of shoes, slippers & sandals. Some of the brand names of these foot wears are • LIBERTY FOOTWEAR • REEBOK • TEEN ERIC JORDAN • HUNKS COSMETICS: Here cosmetics includes creams, powder, lipstick, nail polish, etc. , some of the names of this are • REVLON • ELL18 • MAYUR KUMKUM etc. , JEWELRY BAZAAR: Here it has only of Navaras it has gold ear rings, necklace, finger ring, etc. , NON APPAREL SEGMENTS: A Non Apparel Segments includes the following <> <> <> LUGGAGE Luggage includes the suitcase, luggage bags, and college bags, some of the brands some of them are: • ALFA • AMERICAN TOURISTS • VIP • MILESTORE • SAFARI • ARISTOCRAT ELECTRONIC BAZAAR The punch line of the electronic bazaar is “Best Electronics. Best Bargains” the electronic bazaar includes all types of T.

    V’s, washing machine, refrigerator, oven, iron box, electronic fans etc. some of them are: • WHIRLPHOOL • GODREJ • VIDEOCON • SWIFT • BAJAJ MAJESTY • PHILIPS • BPL • PANASONIC • ONIDA • LG • KORYO • SAMSUNG • KENSTAR • IFB etc. , FURNITURE BAZAAR The punch line of furniture bazaar is “Fits every home. Fits every budget. Some of the furniture provided here are • Cot. • Sofa. • Dinning set. • Computer table. • T. V stand. • Telephone stand • Sofa cum bed. • Kids Wardrobe. • FIFFY Diwan. • Oval Coffee table. • Bean Bag Small. • Rocker Relax chair Mbazaar: Mbazaar means mobile bazaar some of the mobiles and sim card available here are Nokia, Sony Ericson, Samsung, Motorola, Spice, Airtel, Hutch, Idea, and Fly.

    DEPOT: Depot includes book, music, and stationery. [pic] FOOD BAZAAR: Many Big Bazaar stores have a grocery department and vegetable section called the Food Bazaar. Big Bazaar stores in Metros have a gaming area and kids play area for entertainment Food Bazaar includes 2 sections namely: This section includes the following sections: • Head to toe • Spic n span • PUC • Chef Zone HEAD TO TOE Head to toe means from head to toes all things are available here in this sections. It includes toothpaste, toothpowder, tooth brush, toilet bath soaps, shampoo’s, conditioner, varnishing creams, talcum powder , deo’s, perfumes, hair oil, face wash and etc. SPIC N SPAN

    It includes toilet cleaner, washing powder, tissue papers, mosquito destroyer, detergent cake, home fragrance spray, scrub pad, dish wash, and etc. PUC: PUC means Plastic, Utensils, Crockery. Here in this section all types of plastics, utensils & crockery are available some of them are Plastic items like plastic Tiffin box, water bottle, mug, bucket, etc. , Utensils items like Spoons, Plates, Vessels, Cooker, & so on. Crockery means dinner set, cups & saucer & so on. CHEF ZONE Chef Zone means a food which is ready to eat. It includes tasty treat, maggi, top ramen, gits (idli, gulab jamun) macaroni, Hakka noodles, vermicelli, puliogere rice, biscuits ,snacks, cake, etc. , This section includes the following sections Golden Harvest: Here in this section we come across the actual food what we eat like all kinds of dals, sugar, jaggery, wheat, jawar, rice, cashew nut, ghee, oil, fruits and vegetables in combi offer , dry fruits, till , and etc • Confectioneries: Here we get only chocolates; here we get all types of Chocolates. • Hungry kya: Here we get all types biscuits. • Sweet & Farsan: Here we get the snacks like Lays, Kurkure, cheetos, sonpapdi, etc. • Beverages: here are only the cold drinks some of them are Pepsi, Appy, 7up, Thumps up, Slice etc. • Tulsi Medicine Bazaar: here we come across only about the health care i. e. , Medicines we get all types of medicines like zandu balm, amruthanjan, calcium tablets, and all types of tablets moov, etc. , • Pickle Bar: here we get all types of pickles like mango, lemon, etc. , <>

    FMCG – Fast Moving Consumer Goods it includes electronic equipments the details of electronic equipments are briefly mentioned in the electronic bazaar. MARKETTING PROCESS [pic] MARKETING PROCESS: There are 3 types of marketing activities: 1. Head Office Level: All ideas, new things, discounts on products, offers come from head office. Hubli head office is in Bengaluru all the stocks come from Bengaluru. The brief explanation about the stores is mentioned in Logistics. 2. Zonal Office Level: The company had a zonal office here the managers will listen only to the manager of zonal they will not take their own decision the changes will be done by the zonal office. Zonal office is in Hubli itself. 3.

    Store Level: Here the company manager himself thinks about how to do the marketing means how the people can attracted, where the people will be attracted more & so on all this will planned by the manager of the company. Offers depends upon the 3 types namely 1. Seasonal Offer: Seasonal offer means for example a) The festival like Diwali everyone will purchase clothes so more reference is given to the clothes so the people can buy the clothes in different varieties which they want. Here in this company they bring all types of clothes that the customer can get attracted. b) Another example of New Year every one thinks to buy a electronics so the more reference is given to the buyers thinking. 2.

    Off Seasonal Offer: Rather than festival they will give extra discounts again they get more offers on that. So the people can buy the product with cheaper rate and with the better quality also. 3. Big Days: Big Days means it includes the days like August 15th January 26th. These 2 days are very important because they’ll sale entire products & so on with more & more discounts and with some offers like buy 2 get 1 free. ZONES: There are 4 Zones in Big Bazaar they are 1. North Zone. In North Zone the big bazaars are in Delhi, Agra, Luknow, Kanpur, Jaipur, Ambala, Panipat, Meerut, Allahabad and so on. 2. South Zone. In South Zone the big bazaar is in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hubli, Belgaum, Surat, Nagpur, Pune, Kochi, Thiruvanthapuram, Mysore, 3. East Zone.

    Guahatti, haldia, Durgapur, Kolkata 4. West Zone. Rajkot, Ahmadabad, Indore. Types of budgets / Funds for Marketing; There are 2 types of budgets they are 1. One is of Zonal level where the ideas or planning are given by the zonal marketing team to all the zonal teams. 2. Another one is of Store level where the planning is done only by the marketing manager of the company for example advertisement, banners, pamphlets, & so on. MARKETING PHILOSOPHY: Marketing philosophy means company will do 360 degree. 360 degree means the company will not loose even 1 degree they will cover all types of products. In Big Bazaar they will follow only 2 concepts viz… ? Product concept:

    The product concept holds that consumers will favor products that offer the most in quality, performance & innovative features. The Koryo & sensei are the private labels which they do the marketing very high. The company had their own statement saying that Is se sasta aur achha kahin nahin! A manager in this company focuses on making superior products, improving them over time & also Great fashion at affordable prices. ? Selling concept: The selling concept holds that the consumers & business will left alone will ordinarily buy enough of the company product. Therefore, they give guarantee on quality, product, price, exchange offer. Quality guarantee: All products sold at big bazaar are guaranteed to be at a good price and of good quality.

    Price guarantee: If within 2 days of purchase, you find a product of the same brand or quality available at lesser prices, please bring it back to us within 2 days along with the cash memo & we will DOUBLE the value of the price difference. Exchange guarantee: We guarantee the exchange of any product that you have bought from Big Bazaar & are not satisfied with. Please return it with the cash memo within 7 days of purchase (condition apply). MARKETING MYOPIA Many sellers make the mistake of paying more attention to the physical product they offer then to the benefits produced by this products they see themselves as a selling product rather than providing solution to a problem or need. In this company they suffer from a marketing myopia and the solutions to the problem are • They will give extra discounts on products. Along with the company bill they will give gifts. • They will provide the offers like Buy 1 get 2 free, etc. , This is also known as LOYALTY. MARKETING PLAN In this company the plan is prepared by the Zonal office only through mail not by oral communication. The Big Bazaar marketing plan depends upon the following factors: ? What to sell? ? When to sell? ? How to sell? BUILDING CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP WITH BIG BAZAAR In big bazaar the customer value & customer satisfaction is very important they take care of a customer’s value & satisfaction they follow the following 4 types of customer relationship. ICICI CREDIT FACILITIES SHOP-N-SAVE! LIFE TIME FREE! Free ICICI Bank

    Big Bazaar Credit Card + Gift Vouchers Worth Rs 250/- (Certified by over 1. 5lakh cardholders) SHARE WITH US! Have something to say? Thank you for shopping with us ANMOL: Anmol means the people can deposit their 10,000 rupees in Big Bazaar and they can purchase the products for one year. After one year the customer will get a big gift from the big bazaar, if they have not purchased anything in the time period of one year, they can continue the same deposit money for the next year or else they can withdraw their money back. CUSTOMER SERVICE DESK: Service and value for customer • We consider it our duty to keep our customer in mind at every step. We go that extra mile & buy directly from the source and in bulk so that we get the best rates • We keep our margins low, so that we can offer you the lowest prices on the product that are the outstanding quality. • This we believe is the true value & service that you, our customers, will appreciate. With your support, it shall be our effort further to reduce prices, once our volumes increase. Thank You For You Support CHANGING NATURE OF CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP Dramatic changes are occurring in the ways in which company is relating to their customers. The company is building more direct and lasting relationships with more carefully selected customers. Here are some important trends in the way company are relating to their customers.

    Relating with More Carefully Selected Customers: Customers who have credit cards of ICICI bank & who are the members of Anmol are the special customers to the Big Bazaar. Relating for the Long- Term: If the customers are holding a credit card they can purchase for one year, by this the customer relationship will be strong. Relating directly: If the customers are member of the big bazaar the company will wish them either from doing phone or sms or they will send a card. CAPTURING VALUE FROM CUSTOMERS By creating superior customer value, the firm creates highly satisfied customers who stay loyal and buy more. Company realizes that losing a customer means losing more than a single scale.

    It means losing the entire stream of purchases that the customer would make over a lifetime of patronage i. e. , called as Customer lifetime value. The company will sell a product at a cheap rate to capture a value from customer. MARKETING STRATEGIC The marketing logic by which the company hopes to achieve these profitable relationship. Through market segmentation, targeting & positioning, the company decides which customers it will serve and how. The company identifies total market, then divides it into smaller segments, selects the most promising segments and focuses on serving & satisfying customers in these segments. MANAGING THE MARKETING EFFORT

    The company first develops companywide strategic plan, and then translates them into marketing & other plans for each divisions, products & brand. Through implementation the company turns the plans into actions. Finally marketing analysis provides information & evaluation needed for all of the other marketing activities. MANAGING & MEASURING RETURN ON MARKETING Return On Marketing is a net return from a marketing investment divided by the costs of the marketing investment. It measures the profits generated by investments in marketing activity RETURN ON MARKETING OF BIG BAZAAR COMPANY’S MICRO ENVIRONMENT & MACRO ENVIRONMENT Company reacts to marketing environment on policies framed by the government.

    MICRO ENVIRONMENT: It consists of the factors close to the company that affects its ability to serve the customer & competitor environment. It is within the company. FACTORS FFECTING THE COMPANY’S MICRO ENVIRONMENT ? The company: In designing marketing plans, marketing management takes other company department into account-groups such as top management, finance, R&D etc. All these interrelated groups form the internal environment. Top management sets the company’s mission, objectives, broad strategies & plans made by top management. Marketing managers must also work closely with other company departments. Finance is concerned with finding and using funds to carry out the marketing plan. The R&D department focuses on designing safe & attractive products.

    Purchasing worries about getting supplies and materials, where as operations is responsible for producing and distributing the desired quality & quantity of products. Together, all of these departments have an impact on the marketing departments plan and actions. ? Suppliers: Suppliers form an important link in the company’s overall customer value delivery system. They provide the resources needed by the company to produce its goods and services. Supplier’s problems can seriously affect marketing. Marketing managers must watch supply availability-supply shortages or delays, labor strikes & other events can cost sales in the short run & damage customer satisfaction in the long run. Marketing Intermediaries: Marketing Intermediaries are the firms that help the company in promoting, selling, and distributing its goods & services to the final buyers. They include resellers, physical distribution firms, marketing service agencies & financial intermediaries. ? Customers: The company needs to study 5 types of customer markets closely [pic] ? Competitors: The marketing concept states that to be successful, a company must provide greater customer value & satisfaction than its competitors do. Thus, marketers must do more than simply adapt to the needs of target consumers. They also must gain strategic advantage by positioning their offering strongly against competitors offerings in the minds of consumers. ? Publics: The Company’s marketing environment also includes various publics.

    A public is any group that has an actual or potential interest in or impact on an organization’s ability to achieve its objectives. There are 7 types of publics ? Financial publics. ? Media publics. ? Government publics. ? Citizen-action publics. ? Local publics. ? General publics. ? Internal publics. MACRO ENVIRONMENT: It consists of the larger societal forces that affect the macro environment. It is the outside the company. FACTORS FFECTING THE COMPANY’S MACRO ENVIRONMENT ? We had protest from APMC. ? We had protest from marketing association of Hubli. ? We had protest from local retailers. ? We had protest from government policy. ? We had protest from industry trends. ? Sudden decrease in price. Marketing Information System [MIS] in Big Bazaar

    MIS consists of people, equipments & procedures to gather, sort, analyze, evaluate & distribute needed, timely & accurate information to marketing decision makers. In this company there are 2 types of MIS MIS Internal External Internal: the company itself will change the marketing mix-product, price, place & promotion. External: Here if there is any changes in prices for example T. V, etc. , the company will inform to vendors to change the price of the product. STEPS IN MARKETING RESEARCH PROCESS The The first step in the marketing research process involves Defining the problem & setting the research objectives, which may be exploratory, descriptive or casual research. The second step consists of developing a research plan for collecting data from primary & secondary sources.

    The third step calls for implementing the marketing research plan by gathering, processing, & analyzing the information. The forth step consists of Interpreting & reporting the findings. Additional information analysis helps the marketing managers apply the information & provides them with sophisticated statistical procedures & models from which to develop more rigorous findings. ANALYSING & DISTRIBUTING THE COMPANY’S MARKETING INFORMATION Information gathered in internal databases & through marketing intelligence & marketing research usually requires more analysis. This may include advanced statistical analysis or the application of analytical models that will help marketers make better decisions.

    To analyze individual customer data, Big Bazaar have now acquired or developed special software & analysis techniques called customer relationship management [CRM]- that integrate, analyze & apply the mountains of individual customer data contained in their databases. Marketing information has no value until it is used to make better marketing decisions. Thus, the marketing information system must make the information available to the managers & others who make marketing decisions or deal with customers. Many firms use company intranets & extranets to facilitate this process. STEPS OF TARGET MARKETING IN BIG BAZAAR Targeting marketing involves designing strategies to build the right relationship with the right customers.

    Market segmentation is the act of dividing a market into distinct groups of buyers with different needs, characteristics, or behaviors who might require separate products or marketing mixes. Once the groups have been identified, targeting marketing evaluates each market segment’s attractiveness & selecting one or more segments to serve. Market positioning consists of deciding how to best serve target customer-setting the competitive positioning for the product & creating a detailed marketing plan. NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT There are 2 types new product development in Big Bazaar ? Innovation: Innovation is a specific instrument in developing a new product.

    They are not content simply to improve on what already exists or to modify it. They try to create new & different values & new & different satisfaction to convert a “material” into “resources”, or to combine existing resources in a new & more productive configuration. ? Customer Demand: Demand for a commodity refers to quantity of commodity which an individual customer is willing & able to purchase at a particular time period at a particular price, in a particular market area. PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE In this company they will follow product life cycle. They use SAP [System Administration Process] system to implementation of one system is expensive.

    The SAP system uses a device that alerts the concerned members about the expiry of a particular product before the last 60 days of its expiration then, that particular product will be put under sale with increased discount rate. Following are the benefits of using SAP in an organization: • Flexible and easy to incorporate changes in business processes. • Reduces cost. • Cut down in cycle time. • Enhance customer satisfaction. • Improve efficiency. CLASSIFICATION OF MARKET IN BIG BAZAAR The classification of market is based under the customer needs, wants & prices as the following ? Poor. ? Upper middle. ? Middle. ELEMENTS OF MODERN MARKET SYSTEM IN BIG BAZAAR ? Core elements: Core elements are those which are most important to the company to accomplish the customer’s satisfaction. ? Hard core elements. BUYING ROLE OF BIG BAZAAR

    The company is having only one buying role i. e. , Centralized Purchasing buying behavior. They have category manager who is in Bangalore as well as Mumbai. They don’t purchase products directly from the category manager the purchase from a vendor. LOGISTICS A consumer products led Logistics Company catering to all group company’s logistics requirements will soon offer services to companies outside the group. It is the art & science of managing & controlling the flow of goods, energy, information & other resources like products, services & people from the source of production to the market place. It’s important to have professional logistical support.

    The operating responsibility of logistics is the geographical repositioning of raw materials, work in process & finished inventories where required at the lowest cost possible. Logistics has two types of receivers ? Vendors. ? Center Distributor Center [CDC]. Logistics contain 3 steps they are ? The first step is about the cross checking, here they will receive the stock with 2 bills and with 1 purchase order. ? The second step is to entry in the book & that book is called as Inward Register Book, for audit purpose they maintain this book. ? The third step is to feed in the system i. e. , SAP. Below picture shows how the stocks come to the company’s logistics CHAPTER-5 CONCLUSION To conclude, we can say that we had a wonderful experience in the marketing department of the company. ? The level at which the company stands now is only because of the hard slog, forthrightness & enthusiasm of all the people connected to the company. ? Big Bazaar a multi national company also started an Anmol, which build the regular customers to deposit their 10000 rupees to buy a product that makes a company more profitable & the customer will also get a gift hampers on every visit. ? Customers are very happy with the brilliant process in the Big Bazaar & the employee behavior towards them, but however the billing process should be still improved to handle more customers in week ends. Therefore I am very sure the company is going to achieve more & more profit everyday. Day by day the customers are increasing more in the company. ? Looking at a glance about the company’s future expansion & development programmers it generates more employment opportunities. Thereby, it paves way for the countries development by civilizing the standard of living of the people. CHAPTER-6 BIBLIOGRAPHY Books Referred Websites <> <> ———————– CHAPTER – 1 We welcome your feedback about our products & services. This will help us offer you complete shopping experience The feedback book & forms are available at our customer service desk You can also Write to us at Share with us [email protected] com

    Biet tin gi chua, vao day coi di http://gaigoibaucat. xlphp. net Biet tin gi chua, vao day coi di http://gaigoibaucat. xlphp. net ANALYSIS Trend set Week on week Month on month Implementation Carry out the plans Planning Questionnaire Outdoor activity Marketing investments Marketing returns Improved customer value & satisfaction Increased customer relation Increased customer attraction Increased customer’s lifetime values to customer equity Return on marketing [ROM] Developing the research plan for collecting information Implementing the research plan-collecting & analyzing the data Interpreting & reporting the findings Defining the problem and research objectives

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