Proposal for a Research paper on Transformational Learning Theory Essay

Proposal for a Research paper on Transformational Learning Theory

Title of Project: Applications of Adult Learning theory: Transformational learning theory as a case study.
Aim: The primary aim of this paper is to make an overview into the nature of the Transformative Learning theory. At the end of this essay, I intend to have shed light on the nature of transformative Learning – the meaning of tranformative learning, its importance, the methods used and its effect on education at large.

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Proposal for a Research paper on Transformational Learning Theory
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Background to study: One of the major things that qualify us to be humans is our ability to discern the meaning of all our experiences.

It is not enough to digest what others tell us without proper scrutiny. We are in a world where we should be able to make a meaning of tings on our own and not rely on any outside source(s). This is the core of adult education. Transformational theory aids independent judgment.

Significance: It is essential that humans think on their own and make decisions without relying on the other man.

I think this makes any study done on this subject of utmost importance.

Methodology: I intend to consult the library for journals and articles on the subject matter. Also, I make some interviews to vary the opinions of people on the subject matter.

References to be Used: The primary source will be from Dr. Jack Mezirow, author of  “Transformative Dimensions of Adult Learning and Fostering Critical Reflection in Adulthood: A Guide to Transformative and Emancipatory Learning.” Other materials will be from Lecture notes, Internet articles and my Personal knowledge of the subject matter.

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