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Psychology Experiments Students in PSY 2012 courses are required to participate in scientific research being conducted in the Psychology Department. This experience will expose students to research in a variety of psychological sub-disciplines, many of which will be discussed in class. Announcements and sign-ups will be posted on FIU’s Sona Systems website located at http://fiu. sona-systems. com. Students are required to participate in 4 hours (or “credits”) of research throughout the semester.

Important Things to Know: * The deadline for participation is Monday, November 28, 2011. * You must first create an account. To create an account on the Sona website go to the website (http://fiu. sona-systems. com) and click on the “Request a New Account” link under “New Participant? ”. When prompted, enter your first and last name, and put your 7-digit Panther ID as your “User ID”. Enter a valid email address (twice) and select the course(s) in which you are enrolled in the pull-down menu at the bottom.

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If you do not see a course listed, don’t worry–it may be added at a later time. IMPORTANT: If, by the end of the semester, you do not select the course you are enrolled in, then the credits that you accumulate for the semester will NOT be sent to your instructor and you will not receive credit for participating!!! Be sure to select the CORRECT section of the course (you are in PSY 2012, professor Yasmin LaRocca, section U01). When you click the “Request Account” button, you will be (usually immediately) emailed a password to access the system.

If you do not receive an email from “FIU Psychology Research Participation System” within 24 hours, it is highly likely that either (1) you did not provide a valid email address or (2) the registration email was blocked by your email system’s Junk Mail Filter. Check your email filters and make sure that you can receive emails from dvillalb@fiu. edu . It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that your account is set up correctly. It is also YOUR responsibility to register for and complete the studies. If you are logging in to the website for the first time, you will be required to provide some basic demographic information in the online “Pretest. ” * Once the initial survey is completed, you may change your password and/or your course selections by clicking on the “My Profile” link. On the initial screen, you should also see links to sign up for studies and to view your schedule and credits. * To sign up for an experiment go to the website (http://fiu. sona-systems. com) and log in using your User ID (your Panther ID number) and your password.

Click on the “Study Sign-Up” link to see all available experiments. You will see a list of studies. A brief description of each study will be listed, as well as any special requirements that may restrict your eligibility to participate in the study. Studies that currently have available participation times (timeslots) will have “TIMESLOTS AVAILABLE” listed next to the name of the study. You may also select a specific date to view studies with available timeslots on that date.

To view more information about a study, click on the name of the study. To see the specific times when the experiment is scheduled, click on “View Time Slots for This Study. ” To schedule an appointment, click on the “Sign Up” button and you will be instantaneously signed up for the experiment. Be sure to write down the date, time, and location of the study. IMPORTANT: Please note the campus of the experiment you are signing-up for — some studies are conducted at Modesto Maidique, while others are conducted at Biscayne Bay!!!!! If you have signed up for an experiment, you have an obligation to be present at the time you agreed upon. If you do not arrive at the time and location specified in the appointment, you will lose 1 credit. By not attending a session, you penalize yourself, the experimenter, and other students who would have signed-up for that study. *IMPORTANT: If you MISS any TWO scheduled experiments (on-campus or online), you will LOSE access to Sona Systems for the remainder of the semester.

You will NOT be able to log into your Sona account and you will NOT be able to participate in any more experiments. * You can only participate in each experiment one time. Furthermore, some experiments are identical to one another (but are conducted at different campuses or locations), so the system may prohibit you from signing up because you have already participated in the study under a different Experiment #. * Some experiments are Web-based studies, which you may complete online through your browser.

The study description will indicate a Web-based study. The “timeslot” that you will choose when you sign up for these studies is the date by which you must complete the study. It is strongly recommended that you complete Web-based studies immediately after signing up. * You may cancel an appointment through the “My Schedule” link within MORE than 24 hours of the scheduled time. You may not cancel an appointment 24 hours or less before the scheduled time. Remember: you MUST specify the correct section of PSY 2012 when registering on Sona Systems.

If you do not, your credits will NOT be sent to your professor and that will significantly lower your final grade. If you have ANY issues or questions, e-mail Daniella Villalba at dvillalb@fiu. edu or e-mail the experimenter in charge of a particular study. Do NOT e-mail your professor and/or teaching assistant – they have NOTHING to do with Sona Systems and will not be able to help you with any Sona-relevant concerns. The deadline for research participation is Monday, November 28th, 2011. All participation must be completed by that date.

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