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The Current Catastrophe

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The Current Catastrophe
The waves crashed against the rigid rocks as the sun began to set that cool summer afternoon when my family and I were at the beach. My mother and father were sitting to the side watching my sister play in the ocean. “Don’t go too far!” mother would yell every time my sister would go past the fifth post holding the boardwalk.I was, however, taking a walk feeling the cold crisp water on my feet as I had one foot in the ocean and one foot on the warm sand.

Everything was quite peaceful until it happened the indescribable the horrible event that changed the world forever. I heard a scream. It was my sister screaming in terror as she was drowning! I thought she was going to die. My parents were panicking and yelling for a lifeguard. Everyone attention went to us and my drowning sister. It was scary everyone was yelling for the lifeguard and e wasn’t there he must have been doing something else in the hotel.

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The Current Catastrophe
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Like a lightning bolt, I zoomed in the hotel yelled to the top of my lungs we need a lifeguard where is the lifeguard. The hotel manager said, “ Young lady stop yelling!”. I explained to him that we needed the lifeguard immediately. So the hotel manager ran to this weird room that read “employees only”. Out came a man with red shorts and no shirt on. He was wondering what happened, but I yelled, “Follow me!”. He followed me back to the beach where my sister was trying to keep herself afloat. The lifeguard sprang into action and started running to my sister. With quickness, he swam and pulled my sister out of the water. My sister was unconscious the lifeguard did mouth to mouth resuscitation. Suddenly my sister spat out water and started coughing. Mother and father were so grateful that my sister was alive they gave my sister a hug and asked was she alright; She was. The whole beach cheered when they found out that that my sister was alive and okay.My mother thanked the lifeguard and my father gave him a $50 tip. I was…

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