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The story is narrated by a person who knew the Gessler brothers, particularly Mr. Gessler, who made boots for his father. The narrator was a loyal customer of the Gessler’s boots since he was young and found them mysterious and wonderful. The younger Gessler, who was the main boot maker, was described as disciplined and focused on making high-quality boots for his clients. The elder Gessler, who was paler than his brother, was also a co-owner of the shoe store. Overall, the Gessler brothers were known for their dedication to their craft and the quality of their boots.

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Narrator – The Narrator starts the narrative about how he knew the Gessler brothers. The first introducing is raised up by the storyteller as the first individual. refers to first line. “I knew HIM from the yearss of my utmost young person. because he made my father’s boot” character I refers to the storyteller and HIM refers to the individual that is instantly told. Mr. Gessler. This means that the Narrator knew Mr. Gessler because his male parent is a client of the boot shaper. In this line “I remember good my diffident comment. one twenty-four hours. while stretching out to him my youthful foot” shows that the Narrator. besides. has been a client of the boot brand since he was immature. The Narrator is a curios individual. peculiarly to the boots that Mr. Gessler makes. It says in the narrative that he finds it “Mysterious and Wonderful. ” I besides notice that the Narrator is a really loyal client for he had patronized of the Gessler’s boots of all time since.

Though it was mentioned in the narrative that one time he went to Mr. Gessler’s store. absent-mindedly have oning boots bought by exigency at some big house. which made Mr. Gessler notice and state “Dose are nod my boods. ” The Narrator described the tone as ‘not one of choler. nor of sorrow. non even of disdain. but there was in it something quiet that froze the blood. ’ In the following minute that made him ordered many braces that are more lasting than the last 1 he bought. Younger Gessler – The Younger Gessler is a boot shaper from German. He is the youngest of the Gessler brothers. He owns a shoe store together with his brother. The Younger Gessler makes most of the boot devising.

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The writer described him as an old adult male with crinkled ruddy hair and cricnkly xanthous face. The Narrator compared his face to a leather “stiff and slow of purpose” . except for his grey-blue eyes. As for his character. Mr. Gessler was really disciplined. one time he heard the petition from his clients. he would complete the boots every bit shortly as he could. He would do the boots with the reliable stuffs. It means that he wanted to give precedence to the quality of the boots he made. He did non care how much the monetary value of stuffs. If the clients felt satisfied with his made. he would be satisfied excessively. That’s why some reader would state that he has a really rare character. Elder Gessler- The older brother. who besides the co-owner of the shoe store. He looks merely like his brother but a batch paler. They would cognize that it was him one time he said “I will inquire my brudder. ”

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