Questions About Self Satisfaction And Goals In Life

Almost everyone, at one point or another, might have asked themselves about the purpose of their life and their goals in life. If left unanswered, these questions keep presenting, continuously, troubles to the person and can even lead to unresolved displeasure at life. These simple questions keep encountering the person regardless of their wealth, their success, and their goals achieved. This unsettling, troubling questions will continue until the success of one’s life, even a slight event, leads to self-satisfaction. The solution to these questions can be found with self-satisfaction. Feeling self-satisfied and content with an outcome or the turn on an event at the end can attribute immensely to a person’s life.

It will keep them away from the unresolved questions, giving them peace of their minds and the feeling that they were successful and happy with how everything worked out. Thus, no matter what a person encounters or achieves in life, self-satisfaction should be the ultimate goal of life for a human being. Self-satisfaction can be defined as a feeling of absolute fulfillment with oneself and one’s accomplishments. While it may sound simple, achieving self-satisfaction is not easy nor will ever be. However, there are multiple ways through which one can attempt to reach the ultimate goal of sense of self-satisfaction. Over the course of an individual’s life, we go through multiple obstacles, questioning ourselves whether we are happy the way things are going or not. Does one have a meaning for their existence? What are we here on Earth for?

These are the types of questions we frequently ask ourselves. If we do not have a meaning in life, how are we happy? Having some meaningfulness in life, if not all, becomes a driving force, helping an individual move forward and work for even greater things. If one has a meaning in life, then they can encounter any problem and come out with a result. With a meaning in life, an individual is open to many personal choices for growth and development, leading to eventual victory and sense of self-satisfaction. With the course of time, the hopes and dreams of a young individual takes turns and changes. There may be times where he/she is not happy with the way something turned out. For example, maybe during student body voting time, a student was not elected as the Vice President. They could be pretty upset and blame everything thing around them. But, did they think maybe it happened for a reason and go one with their lives, finding something to be satisfied with.

Maybe that job was not meant for them, and they find something better. One must learn to let bygones be bygones and be content with the end result. That will give one the self-satisfaction of life, knowing that they tried. The society is often known to relate happiness with success. However, what is success? Success is half about accomplishing the goals of one’s life and half about being satisfied after the achievement. But, one cannot simply be half or partially successful; thus, the importance of self-satisfaction and success ultimately relies on the individual and their perspective. Throughout a lifetime, a person makes multiple decisions which presents them with a test of their values. As life is not as smooth as one would hope, the outcome of the decisions taken may lead an individual to an uncomfortable position.

Along with that, there is always the sense of self-satisfaction placed alongside. One can always find a way out of the situation, but there is no guarantee that it is pleasant and, if not, can be avoidable. Therefore, one needs to be self-satisfied with any outcome as a result in order to avoid a bitter present and have a better future. As a result of this, the self-satisfied one will move forward as an unstoppable person, ready for much more that life throws at them. When taking the future into account, one must be mindful that self-satisfaction is not long-term, and we must continuously find a way to accomplish it, whether it may be through completing simple task as a homework or something big such a semester long project. One must find an end result that meets the hundred percent they have put into it, accepting the outcomes. Life cannot be predicted. Throughout one’s lifetime, ups and downs occur, with moments of happiness and sadness.

Shahenshah Hafeez Khan once said, “Self-satisfaction is something which relaxes the mind before preparing it to think more; praise yourself after successfully finishing the work, but always be open to improvisation for keeping the satisfaction level in check. Do not stop at that point because by doing that you are robbing yourself a chance to become the best.” Seeking continuous self-satisfaction keeps one’s life in check, providing new motivation along the way, as well as guiding the person through the conflicts of life. Ultimate achievement of self-satisfaction should be main focus of every decision one makes. 

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