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In The Room by Ray Russell, the author uses hyperbole to create a dystopian society that psychologically destroys its citizens through excessive advertisement and technology dependence. The protagonist, Bob Crane, tries to escape his bleak life but ends up caught in a government conspiracy. The story uses situational irony to convey the exaggerated presence of technology and advertisement that stems from the government. The tone of the story shows the protagonist’s despair to escape society, and his vocabulary reflects the influence of over-advertisement on an individual’s thoughts. Ultimately, the story is a critique on the future of society and the effects of technology and advertisement on personal skills.

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The short narrative “The Room. ” by Ray Russell. focal points on facets developing in our society and creates hyperboles to demo a future universe that psychologically destroys the people. It explores the extra advertizement and dependence to engineering nowadays in the West today. While the supporter tries to get away his atrocious life. where he seeks safety turns out to be a confederacy of the authorities. Through the sarcasm and the tone Russel uses in his narrative. he implies that the planetary population’s bulk doesn’t recognize where technological development leads them and deteriorates their personal accomplishments.

The inside informations that Russell uses to depict the overdone facets included in a fictional society convey the satirical sarcasm in our epoch. Ironically. Bob Crane ignores all advertizement around him. “As his pess touched the floor. the Television set went on. It would travel off. automatically. at 10 p. m. Crane was absolutely free to exchange the channels. but he saw no point in that” ( Russell 1 ) . The government’s intent in the exaggerated advertizement leads to act uponing the people but Crane turns his dorsum to it and convinces himself of the non-usefulness in his milieus. Besides. when the chief character goes to run into Mrs. Ferman to acquire a new flat. he is content about its antique manner. “He entered a instead creaky frame edifice. found the right door. and pressed the buzzer. He could hear inside the level. the sound of an antique doorbell. non a bell playing the Eetmeet or Jetfly or Krispy Kola jangles. Hope filled him” ( 2 ) . Ironically. hope fills him when off from his modus operandi. perversely to the feeling of acquaintance the corrupt system tries to make. Therefore. through the situational sarcasm. the writer intimations at the hyperbolic presence of engineering and advertizement that stems from the authorities.

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The tone that the writer uses through Bob Crane in the narrative shows the protagonist’s despair to get away the society. The sentences are short and straight-forward. “Then he stared at the ceiling: it was still clean. Must be reasonably early. he told himself” ( 1 ) . This technique shows the readers that his life style does non promote farther analysis. Furthermore. the vocabulary used is either really simple and basic or rough and flooring. When Bob tries to concentrate on a governmental intelligence narrative. he describes the deflecting ads as “sadistic. masochistic. incestuous and autoerotic” ( 2 ) . This tone shows how much the over-advertisement has an influence on a person’s vocabulary and ideas. Therefore. the tone the writer incorporates in the narrative illustrates the mental province of the chief character for the readers’ farther comprehension.

Ray Russell displays the troubles that arise in one’s head when they are in struggle with the whole of society. Ironically. the desire of get awaying his destiny leads Crane to acquire caught in illegal act at the terminal. Bob Crane goes excessively far to carry through his desire for him to walk back on his stairss. “The Room” is therefore more than a short narrative about a adult male looking for a new topographic point to populate: it is a dystopia that examines the hereafter of society. The sarcasm and the tone in the narrative betray the societal unfavorable judgment of Western society. demoing that advertizement and engineering has taken over our lives.

Work Cited

Russell. Ray. “The Room. ” 1961. Print.

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