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Reality Tv Shows vs Real Life

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Out of many TV shows, there is a considerable number of reality TV shows, for example, Sirasa Super Star, Shakthi Grandmaster, Sirasa Lakshapathi, etc. All these reality shows influence real life both positively and negatively. Reality TV shows have become an essential part of entertainments, too. Reality TV shows create opportunities to innocent and talented people to compete against others, but they are sometimes time-wasting and can be addictive. Reality TV shows give an opportunity to many hidden stars to shine in the public.

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Reality Tv Shows vs Real Life
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Nowadays it has become so hard for the innocent to win their lives, but in reality TV shows, if one loses, he gets an opportunity, at the same time, winning results to win the opportunity. The impact is that reality TV shows help society by helping the economy, teaching different lessons, and showing the world the lives of hidden talent of people. Addiction is also a thing to be considered involving with reality TV shows. Yet these addiction reality shows are more problematic than helpful.

Once addicted, people loose the ability to make rational decisions.

For an example, a child can try to experiment the extreme actions take place in reality TV shows, which might lead the child to a hazardous situation. Contemporary, readily TV shows have become merely a time waste for many youngster and teenagers. As the TV shows attempt to keep on their programs at times very important, it grabs the students studying time. Reality TV shows have resulted for people not to have a family time as well. Therefore, we should try to ban many useless reality TV shows except a few useful programs.

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Reality Tv Shows vs Real Life. (2016, Dec 24). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/reality-tv-shows-vs-real-life/

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