Recommendation of a Management Information System to a Company Sample

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Matrix Institute of Information Technology is a private limited company established in the first one-fourth of 2006. Its chief concern is supplying higher educational services in Information and Communicational Technology sector. At the origin of the company there were four employees but now it has more than 30 employees working in two subdivisions in Colombo & A ; Matara.

Structure of the organisation

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Matrix Institute has a relatively level organisation construction.

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Merchandise portfolio• BIT ( Bachelor of information engineering )• BCS ( British Computer Society )• ACS ( Australian computing machine society )• SCJP ( Sun Certified Java Programmer )• FIT ( foundation of Information Technology )• GIT A/L

Target market sections

• School Children• School departers ( after A/L. O/L )• University Students• Working professionals


• IDM – Market Leader• ESoft – Market Challenger

Current procedures:

As the nucleus activity of Matrix is supplying higher educational services. the chief procedure is carry oning talks. Even though the talks play the top most functions in the organisation the selling squad. the front office and pupil counselors play a critical function to acquire new pupils enrolled in the organisation. Presently all other procedures of the organisation. are carried out efficaciously and expeditiously. but it was found that procedure of enquiry handling. has some issues due to the inefficiency of procedure.

All the client enquiries are foremost handled by the receptionist and those are farther followed by the pupil counselors. After managing an enquiry receptionist takes down the contact and other inside informations of the chance manually. and those inside informations are given to the pupil counselors to follow them up. Student counselors are responsible to maintain manual records of their work clearly. Their public presentation is measured by the figure of enquiries handled and registered pupils.

Besides these records are been used by the selling squad in order to mensurate the effectivity of their selling activities and to expect and be after their future selling activities.

Specifications the required information system:

Since Matrix is at a turning phase the sum of pupil inquires they receive per twenty-four hours is being increased bit by bit. They don’t maintain a proper Data direction system in order to back up the determination devising at the bottom degree. in-between degree every bit good as the top degree. All the Customer enquiries are being taken down manually. There by it consumes certain sum of clip and since matrix has merely three pupil counselors and the sum of inquires are at a higher degree most of the critical information tend to be losing and the inefficiency degree of inquiry direction additions twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. When pupil counselors follow up the client inquires they sometimes speak to the same client taking to client dissatisfaction.

No person would desire an educational institute naming them over & As ; over to advance their merchandises. Since Matrix is be aftering on spread outing the concern they have focused on selling facets recently. They have hired twosome of marketing executives in order to manage publicities. advertisement and other selling activities and they have allocated a considerable sum of money on them. Since the selling activities incur higher cost matrix has the demand of measurement and the rating of the effectivity of selling activates. Therefore they need a proper information system in order to mensurate the effectivity and to measure the attempts of pupil counselors.

Ex- Matrix is been publicizing on wireless about their merchandises and entire response of this advertisement run is been measured by the figure of inquires that are been received. Therefore without a proper information direction system it is hard to mensurate the effectivity of such runs and it will do an inauspicious affect when doing selling determinations. Each month a considerable sum of money is being spent on E-mail runs and by holding a proper information direction system Matrix will non hold to pay for E-mail information bases since they have their ain informations base. Soon there is no proper manner in order to measure the effectivity of pupil counselors when managing inquires. There should be a proper system in order to mensurate ; out of entire inquires how many of the pupils are being registered for classs.

Therefore human resource executive can measure the each counsellor’s effectivity utilizing the EIS and take disciplinary actions if the public presentation is non up to the degree. For top direction it is required to hold proper information in order to back up their determinations. Basically to capture the large image and to analyse the efficiency degrees and effectivity of assorted selling schemes and overall concern program. At the minute Matrix doesn’t have a proper direction information system in order to manage pupil inquires and other activities. Top direction can non do determinations such as:

? What are the most effectual selling runs and the entire response and following clip how are we traveling to be after the run?

? How efficaciously the entire pupil inquires are being handled alterations that should be made ( whether to increase staff or supplying them with preparation )

? Market sections that matrix has to concentrate on ( Executives. School levers. College pupils etc. )

? When to transport out the advertisement runs ( depending on the clip periods that the highest figure of inquires occurred in the past twelvemonth ) .

? How should recourses to be allocated ( depending on the effectivity of old runs )

With proper information system in order to pull off the pupil inquires Matrix can increase the efficiency degree of overall operations every bit good as the effectivity of the determinations made by the top direction and the in-between direction. In order to ticket tune the entire operations and to accomplish competitory advantage. installing of a proper direction information system is a must. In the context of altering external environment Matrix should aline their internal procedures in order to turn and boom in the higher instruction industry.

Features of the Decision Support System ( DSS ) and Executive Information System ( EIS ) necessary for Matrix Institute:

Decision Support System• Decision Support system largely contains theoretical account bases. database and critical resources that help to do determinations in different operational degrees of the institute.

• Software components that consist of theoretical accounts used in computational and analytical modus operandis that mathematically express relationship among variables to much more complex relationships. This is particularly utile for the top direction of different sections such as HR. Finance and Selling.

• Will assist to unite theoretical account constituents to make incorporate theoretical accounts that support specific types of determinations.

• Use of analytical theoretical accounts such as what if analysis. sensitive analysis. goal-seeking analysis and optimisation analysis

• Use for informations excavation which is another manner of assisting to do determinations rapidly and accurately.

Executive Support System• System is design for the executive to do top degree direction determination that straight influence to the low degree operations.

• Include exclusion coverage and tendency analysis to give more accurate information for the demand of internal and external parties.

• Enabling use/growth of cyberspace and intranet engineerings to back up Executive Decision Making.

• System is unable to do determination for any scope or any rank people. ( People in under force per unit area that needed to hold speedy determination )

• Easy to construct a system in any on the job environment and could go on it without any misalignment.

Considerations Taken In Choosing Decision Support System and Executive Supporting System: • Sum uping all inside informations

Matrix is a higher instruction institute with a really big database of its ain. Each twelvemonth the database increases as employees. to advance their concern. Initially the organisation had its employees manually take down all relevant inside informations in different locations. Due to this. there were higher figure of informations duplicate and informations loss. Using a DSS or EIS we can hold one database flexible for all employees minimising or extinguishing the duplicate.

• Minimizing client attention jobs

Once we have a summarized but elaborate database. employees of the organisation can travel away advancing concern without erroneously reaching the same client more than one time. Since persons would non wish organisations repeatedly advancing the same merchandise. usage of this package will minimise client dealingss job.

• Geting the best return from the run

Use of DSS and EIS will advance analysing the database. Through this. an organisation such as matrix can easy place cardinal factors set uping the organisation. Which run works best. what type of run should be avoided. what are the mark markets and which sectors we should concentrate more on ; could be easy recognized.

• Making future determinations of the organisation

Since DSS and EIS focuses on analysing all informations. organisations will hold diagrams and graphs of their database. Using these. determination shapers of the organisation can easy place what needs to be done for the hereafter. They can understand which variables need to be changed in order to accomplish desired result.

Matrix could hold a great chance of spread outing in close hereafter. It means to hold a engineering that would enable them to advance the concern. The above discussed are some of the grounds why we believe that a determination support system and executive support system in needed within matrix. For sample screen refer Appendix.

The typical users ( intended users ) of the system:

To win. companies need information systems that can back up the diverse information and decision-making demands of their directors and concern professionals. The type of information required by determination shapers is straight related to the degree of direction and the sum of construction in the determination state of affairss. As the organisation we chose is a new but a fast turning participant in the industry the determination support system it needs will assist the operational staff every bit good as the top direction. It will be double intent package used for client relationship direction and cognition direction. When a client calls or walks in to the office to acquire information about a peculiar class. while waiting to speak to a pupil counselor. the receptionist can acquire them to make full a signifier to garner information to feed into the database. Example: NameAgeAddressAcademic makings

OccupationCoarse interested inEmail Language medium of survey preferred TelephoneHow did you hear about us?

Student Counselors: when a possible pupil calls over more than one time. pupil counselors can recover the information they have collected antecedently sing the client. This makes client feel of import and it eases pupil advisor’s work. Equally shortly as the customer’s name is typed in the system. it will give out all past meetings he/ she has had with the institute. Marketing section: when the institute is to present a new class. the seller can filtrate the possible pupils who will happen this class interesting. The seller can easy update the client sing the class through en e circular or a phone call. The seller can besides pick which advertisement media is most effectual for the assorted classs available through the information gathered through “How did you hear about us? ” Accounts section: the comptroller can calculate the expected figure of pupils for the coming twelvemonth by analysing the figure of enquiries and the figure of enrollments.

They can besides hold an apprehension as to which publicizing media is non effectual and which country sucks up finance without bring forthing any benefits. Top direction: the top direction can utilize the system to analyze the current tendencies in the market to do determinations on which classs have more and less demand. They can utilize the demand trends to make up one’s mind on which classs should be introduced to difference markets and which should be removed. If will besides assist them understand which linguistic communication of survey is preferred for different classs.

The possible user communities of the system:HR section: as the system bit by bit develops and add-ons are made. more users can take advantage of its information and determination support procedure. The HR section may besides be able to track market tendencies and with the support of the top direction they can calculate the class of lectors they will necessitate in the close hereafter. They can besides acquire an thought of the enlargement rate of the institute to calculate the demand of disposal staff. Current pupils: limited entree can be given to current pupils of the institute to reach each other. have on-line treatment Sessionss with and fellow pupils and upload inquiries and replies. etc. Students can besides be enabled happen out what payments the/ she has already made and the due day of the months for staying payments. Examination consequences. clip tabular arraies and inside informations of the classs due to get down shortly can besides be fed into the system for pupils to look into.


Sample screen of the information system-


hypertext transfer protocol: //www. brothersoft. com/downloads/decision-support-sytem. hypertext markup language

hypertext transfer protocol: //www. vanguardsw. com/solutions/application/decision-support/

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