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1. Supplying good client services is indispensablePresents consumers have high demand non merely on the product’s quality. but besides on the quality of a company’s client service. A company’s repute is every bit good as the client service provided and it would enormously impact a company’s repute and standing on a specific field and hence companies should non pretermit the necessity of supplying universe category client services particularly like ASUS company which is an emerging leader in the Asia’s personal computer and laptop states. Cases were seen in Malaysia like client complain to ASUS Taiwan when confronting jobs with defective screen and being charged for the fix. He requested for a free charging as defective screen is believed to be the manufacture’s defect. more he besides encountered jobs since the twenty-four hours he bought that merchandise. Asus Taiwan Service Center had reassign his instance to KL Service Center. Malaysia. Calls and emails to directors were made. but none answer for more than 2 hebdomads. Is this the manner ASUS should manage their clients? Consumers encounter experiences with company and what people hear from the words of oral cavity will act upon their perceptual experience and likeliness to buy that specific company’s merchandises. Such as Apple. still ranked No. 1 in the Tech Support Showdown and top in the Best and Worst Brand Reports. it’s difficult to crush Apple’s client service.

2. Bettering sensitiveness of Zenbook TrackpadThe ASUS Zenbook version of UX32VD still have jobs of raging trackpad doing it seems like holding a hushed sensitiveness and failure multitouch gestures. Users commented to experience jumpy when utilizing and sometimes under-responsive. This job was foremost encountered in the old theoretical account of Zenbook UX31 and still ASUS have non do sensible betterments on the ulterior theoretical account. However. ASUS supply an updated touch-pad driver bundle via ASUS Live Update which is believed to assist alleviate this frustrating job encountered by the Zenbook users. The quality of the touchpad’s sensitiveness. smoothness. multi-touch gesture fucntion. retarding force and bead map should be technically upgraded to delight users’ demands.

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3. Upgrading the Zenbook amusement characteristicsThe ASUS Zenbook series uses talkers with the Bang and Olufsen’s ICEPower engineering which produces softer but still accurate audio sounds. if they were to compare to Apple’s Macbook Air series talkers which produces accurate and yet loud sounds. Both at their top volume. Apple still wins every bit much as twice louder and richer than the ASUS Zenbook series.

4. Reducing the sum of heatASUS UX32VD runs hotter than it’s old version – UX31A due to the adding of distinct Nvidia 620M GPU which is besides known as the in writing processing unit. It function expeditiously in pull stringsing computing machine artworks display therefore heightening bet oning experiences. The end product heat from the fan is non a job when we are merely executing basic undertakings such as web browse. However. bet oning resulted in more heat end products and hence higher temperature felt. The lower right corner of the underside of the zenbook range every bit high as 105 grade and 102 grade on the G and H key while executing gambling intents. We consider anything above 90 grade to be uncomfortable to users. Besides. the fan become loud while bet oning were to travel on. ASUS should work on this deeply to heighten users’ experiences and comfortability.

5. Enhancing going convenienceASUS Zenbook is a type of ultrabook. as compared to normal laptops. ultrabook is designed to provide light-weighed traveling and longer standby clip while user are on the route. Hence. the weight of Zenbook and it’s battery public presentation is critical. Reviews shown that the UX32VD weighs a 3. 3 lbs comparing to that of Apple Macbook Air which weighs merely a 2. 96 lbs though the ASUS have aluminum tapered designs like Air-like ultrabooks. During the LAPTOP Battery Test. the UX32VD features merely a 48-watt hr battery and lasted about merely 5 hours comparing to the older version UX31A’s 50watt-hour battery which can last more than a hr longer than the UX32VD. If were to compare with Apple Macbook Air. the Air can last for approximate of 8 hours and 10 proceedingss. It’s a less convincing point to users sing to go while holding their notebook to last long if it comes to ASUS UX32VD. Hence. ASUS should see bring forthing a lighter version of ultrabook yet still maintaining it’s universe category full HD declaration and screen show. and besides it’s powerful public presentations and protracting it’s standby clip.

6. Upgrading the accoutrements and packageAsus zenbook UX32VD is a new merchandise in planetary market. so some accoutrements of computing machine that suited asus zenbook UX32VD are difficult to happen in market. One of the illustration of accoutrements is the SSD cache of asus zenbook UX32VD. The maximal height thrust infinite to puting SSD in UX32VD is merely 7mm but most of the SSD in market are 9mm in tallness. If the users of UX32VD program to upgrade their ultrabook. . they are recommend to purchase the Crucial M4 because it is merely 7mm. beside that. users besides can take the top home base of the SSD lodging and utilizing the dual side tape. lodge the thrust to the back home base but this will invalidate the warrenty. Besides that. asus zenbook UX32VD still utilizing a double nucleus processor which are rather out dated in this epoch even though smart phone like Samsung Galaxy 3 already utilizing quad nucleus processor.

Asus company should seek utilizing quad nucleus processor in their merchandise so that the zenbook can treat faster and smooth. In add-on. asus besides loaded the thing up with its ain choice of bloatware and although we have adjust the scene to our penchants but it have tendency to alter the computer’s scenes automatically. It is non traveling to drag down public presentation. but will decelerate down the starting times. They should supply the scene or processor user’s manual so that their clients can cognize the map good and find whether they have utilizing the procedure or non. Asus company besides must give freedom to their clients to take the scene they prefer.

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