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Recommendation Letter For Miss Zhu Zeng

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Zhu zeng has been my student in high school and I must express my heartfelt pleasure in recommending her to join your institution as a student. Indeed it is an honor. She was an exemplary student with unique talents and involved herself in numerous activities.

Her candid contributions and active participation in my class attracted my attention leaving an impression that was bound for greater heights in her academic pursuits. Zhu was outstanding in creative thinking. While my student, she often acted as a leader.

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Recommendation Letter For Miss Zhu Zeng
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In the tasks given to the students that required them to work in groups, she always took the initiative to be the group leader. She offered her opinion to the groups and in most cases her group’s performance was exemplary. Her leadership skill was also shown when she was elected class monitor. She handled the position well and under her leadership, her class improved in both academics and in the extra curricular activities.

It is also worth noting that her character is also outstanding.

Zhu was independent in her thoughts and showed as a great deal of individuality. Her relationship with others was also outstanding. She always got along with not only her classmates but with the rest of the school in general because of her honesty and devotion as a friend.

Miss zeng’s English proficiency is excellent. This comes in handy considering that she wants to further her studies abroad. Normally when the school would be hosting foreign students from the student exchange programme, she would be assigned the task guiding them. Her proficiency was also shown in the essay translation assignments where she often did a perfect job bringing out her outstanding skill in advanced English.

Miss zeng is sociable and principled individual of unquestionable integrity. She is an all round student who combined her outstanding intellectual capacity and sound moral standings. I am highly convinced beyond any doubt that she is a student with a high capability of handling both academic workloads and other responsibilities at any University.

Zhu has my strongest recommendation.


Miss zeng has been my mathematics student in high school since she joined the institution. It is an honor to write this recommendation letter. In mathematics, she displayed a great versatility of mind taking up the challenges of the subject with relish. She exhibited great grasp of the subject matter. Her analytical skill was of a high standard and could not be compared to that of her peers. She always ranked top of her class when it came to mathematics.

Zhu is a focused girl and, who will not let anyone down. As I took her through my mathematics class, she displayed great leadership qualities and high moral standards in general. She was the class monitor and it was during this time that her ability to make her own decisions and share her opinion with other students and teachers was shown. She never backed down in airing out her view and showed a great deed of fairness and open mindedness. She always welcomed other people’s views.

Apart from being the class monitor, Zhu was also the school’s television station screen writer-director and anchorperson, class female basketball team captain and also the class pianist. In all these, she did a fantastic job and was full of energy.

If given a chance in your institution, she would and will continue to be an exemplary student.


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Recommendation Letter For Miss Zhu Zeng. (2016, Nov 15). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/recommendation-letter-for-miss-zhu-zeng/

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