Reflection Is the Most Important Tool in Education

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I will use this tool to review the learning curve I am currently experiencing, concentrating on the learning outcomes that are significant to e in Personal Development Journal. As I am relatively new to teaching I have found that I am faced with new challenges and obstacles in both the teaching and being a student in the classroom each day. I believe that Reflection is the most one of the most important tools in education. Since covering reflective practice in Cert. Deed class found that I have become more aware of being critical towards my practice. Experience is valuable in helping us to reflect on how we learn – particularly on how, as learners, we experience the interplay between cognition and metrification. This is crucially important in shaping the effectiveness of learning and in influencing students’ motivations to learn. ” (Julian Webb 2006) Since starting the course in September my general perception of teaching has altered on a large scale. Thinking back to our first few lessons, was eager and enthusiastic to get started with Roles and Responsibilities of a teacher.

We talked about safeguarding, equality and diversity, differentiation and inclusion, all of which I hadn’t even considered, and some had never even heard of. Completing the assignment on the topic forced me to analyses these arms and expand on them, which has provided me with a more realistic understanding of the skills required to become a teacher. The next real ‘lesson learner’ was the mini teach. I worried about it from the start, believing didn’t have anything interesting to talk about and worrying what my peers would think.

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As we started the task, although everyone else’s possessions where very interesting was completely distracted thinking about what was going to say, and how to prolong it. After my turn I realized that I had nothing to worry about and if anything, once started talking I almost ran out of time. The most overwhelming topic so far in my opinion was Aims and Objectives alongside ‘Blooms Taxonomy. Defining Aims and Objectives, learning that they are required for every lesson plan and knowing which words to use where and why was very confusing.

I frequently use my notes on this topic whilst planning my own lessons. On My journey to becoming the successful teacher I aspire to be, the most influential topic has been Learning Styles “Perception is an active process of locating and extracting information from the environment and learning is the process of acquiring information through experience and storing information. Thinking is the manipulation of information to solve problems. The easier it is to extract information (perceive) the easier our thinking process becomes. Again I had no idea these even existed. Since I have started to develop my own teaching practice, I have realized that they are a major factor in creating a Positive Learning Environment and ensuring learning will take place. I have a diverse range of students from level 1 to level 3. This topic taught me how to differentiate between learners and how to discover each students preferred learning style. Knowing how to communicate with my students, hind has really helped me to gain positive feedback from my mentor.

Three things I need to develop judging on feedback, tutorials and reflection are: Timing The mini and micro teach sessions both proved I have time keeping issues. Lessons will over run and lesson content may suffer as a result of this. This is one of my most common action points, I will revise SMART objectives when I am lesson planning in the future. Confidence Although was confident in my subject area and the knowledge I was hoping to pass on, being stood in front of my peers really unnerved me.

My mouth as dry, I forgot what I was saying and was very jittery for the first five minutes of the session. I have found this during my teaching practice also. Feedback from my peers and mentors have confirmed this. My action point from my LIP will be to work on confidence building exercises. Minimum Core Although am satisfied with my recent assessment results for Innumeracy, Literacy and CIT I am fully aware that need to keep my knowledge in these subjects up to date to ensure they are successfully embedded into all of my lessons. ‘It is important to note that this is a minimum core.

Teacher education programmers are encouraged to include further elements of literacy, language, innumeracy and CIT, in addition to those specified, to meet the particular needs of trainee teachers and the learning programmers they teach’. Will complete regular assessments on each of the subjects and record my results. Reflection will always play an important part in my career. I can use it to set goals and determine whether I have achieved them or not. It will give me the opportunity to review and if necessary, change my strategies and approaches.

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