Religion Is Very Important in My Life Because It Motivates Me

Every individual’s meaning of religion is extraordinary. Every person’s faith is different. This is a question that has been asked for centuries, and regardless of the answer given there is no right or wrong answer. Religion can be defined as a group of people who have shared beliefs and feel their life has purpose or meaning. This feeling or belief that their life has meaning can come from outside of themselves, as well as within. We were given five questions to answer and I would like to share my opinion on two of the questions. One of the questions asked was what is the most important function of religion in human society? I said that the most important function of religion in human society is building a community.

Another question was has the function of religion changed over human history? I said yes history has changed over human history because everything was centered around the function of religion now it’s looked to when you need it. But religion will never vanish away it will always be here. Religion relates to me in many ways it makes me happy, I put my trust in a higher being, it humbles me. It also makes me thankful for everything in my life that I have. I would consider myself very religious, I pray daily and always thank god for making ways for me and my family, I was raised in the church all my life. The only religion I’ve had experience with is the baptist faith, I watch members of my church run around the church, shout, lay hands on people and worship god!

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I would help my grandmother who is over the kitchen committee in our church. We would also go to the homeless shelter and feed for thanksgiving or if we would have dinners for the church and have extra food me and my grandmother would take the leftovers to the shelter so it wouldn’t go to waste. We went to the projects and gave out personal hygiene items. Basically, we were helping serve the community and giving back to our people. Religion is very important in my life because it motivates me. Motivation is a key thing in anything you just about do. I pray daily and trust god because it just gives me a sense of peace in my life. No I am not interested in changing my religion. But I would like to know why certain religions do what they do and dress the way they do.

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