Motivates Me To Look For Answers Where Others Do Not Find Guestions

A matchup between two of the greatest maestros of the game- the final was not yet over. As I slipped to the edge of my seat, Rafael Nadal served out the set and gathered the victory points against his bitter-sweet rival Roger Federer. This scene used to be a common one about four years back. ‘Grand Slam Tennis’ still kindles my passion for Tennis and my love for Rafael Nadal. But above all, it kindles the child-like fascination and excitement within me. Maybe this was what set the ball rolling, for this inquisitive kid who has grown up in a generation where the virtual world is growing at an exponential rate. In a world where the unreal seems real, the near-life like the portrayal of the present-day virtual characters has always intrigued me. My major dream is to create machines that simulate the action portrayed in such games in an effective and natural manner so that kids can enjoy them in reality rather than slouching before a television screen or a monitor. This passion is the driving force of my quest to pursue a specialization in Robotics at your esteemed university.

As a person who completely relies on logic and reasoning for every step that I take in my life, the problem-solving aspect in Electronics drew me like a magnet. This in turn led me to take the same subject in my High school. As I was taking little steps into the field of electronics, using breadboards and wires to forge connections, I happened to do a project of standardizing and calibrating the galvanometers and potentiometers which triggered in me a spark – a fire to delve deeper into this domain. This project convinced me that electronics was my area of forte and I was offered admission at Sri Sairam Engineering College, one of the premier institutions for engineering in India to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Instrumentation.

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My undergraduate studies presented me with a vast array of opportunities and I left no stone unturned in pursuit of my area of interest. I did a miniature model called ‘Votometrics’ that integrated Embedded Systems with Biometrics and IOT to develop a secure and error-free voting system using the AADHAR card provided as a unique identity to people in my country. Furthermore, working as a team of three, we developed a robot that could serve as a line follower as well as an obstacle avoider using Embedded Systems and C Programming. My internship at Enarka Instruments in Bangalore, India, further enhanced my knowledge about the implementation of embedded systems in inverters and other electronic devices. All these experiences enabled me to realise that the various domains of electronics are interconnected and that working on Robotics and Control provided me with an immense sense of satisfaction and happiness.

The idea of Microprocessors and Microcontrollers and Control Systems constantly kept intriguing me and finally when it was introduced in the 4th semester of my undergraduate study program it gave me a thorough understanding on the basics of the various controllers available in the industry as well as their working in various applications. The Microprocessor and Microcontroller lab was without doubt the most exciting phase of my study. This was also a key reason as to why I chose ‘Embedded Systems’ as my elective in the 6th semester to further my knowledge in this field. Currently I am working on my final year project along with three other members in the domain of VLSI design.

While my past academic and research work coupled with the hands-on experience that I have had laid the foundation stones, the present phase of my grooming and a focused, determined Akshta Suresh Master’s in Mechatronics and Robotics, New York University and passionate approach towards future endeavours will complete my ensemble and will help me achieve and sustain success in the long term. Consistently amongst the top performers atschool, I have always given my best when it comes to academics. Academics aside, I have dedicated a lot of time to social service, and have embraced the idea of ‘giving back to the society’. I am an active participant in the ‘Rotaract Club of Loyola Community’, a club which organises frequent blood donation camps, clean-up programs, etc. I am also a member of ‘Unbox HappYness’ program organized by the Rotaract Club of Loyola Community where we distributed old clothes to underprivileged people in the slums of Chennai.

In addition to this, I did a lot of volunteering work for the flood affected people during the Chennai Floods in 2015. Besides social work, I am an avid Sloka learner and have learned Slokas from the tender age of 3. Also, my graduation in ABACUS: GELS has made my foundations in mathematics pretty strong. I have been a polyglot all through my life. Apart from being well-versed in Tamil, my native language I have completed courses in other languages. I have finished Cambridge ESOL Level1 Certificate in ESOL International (CAE, Certificate in Advanced English) besides being proficient in the Sanskrit language. To validate the same, I have completed the ‘Vichakshana’ exams conducted by the Samskrit Prachar Sabha. Another feather in my cap is the certification that I received from Infosys for completing a training in information technology during my eighth grade.

With an intention to pursue a course that constantly fascinates me at every turn and motivates me to search for answers where others do not find questions, I feel the Master’s in Mechatronics and Robotics from New York University is the best foot forward. In the current scenario where constant updation is the need of the hour, the unparalleled facilities provided by your institution I believe create a perfect environment for me to hone my skills and further my quest in starting a company that will help develop robots to serve mankind and also as a means of entertainment. It is indeed a real honor to have a chance to be associated with a University of your repute and I assure you of my best efforts in performing to the standards expected of me and to play my part in the development of the college through my work.

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