How Music Motivates Me

I believe in the power of music. That it can change the way you think and feel. I believe in the power of music. Music teaches. Music motivates. Music connects. Music inspires. What it does do. What it be? -Hans Christian Andersen once said, “When words fail, music speaks.” -“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything,’ -Music is an escape. A chance to get out of our stressful everyday lives, and be free for a while like a message to the soul. It has the ability to let us reflect on life and articulate our beliefs. Though music changes over time music are timeless -more than a ring to the ear or a sound bouncing off an eardrum -a voice, a drug, a cure, a feeling, a language, and a source of life and passion -Music has the power of unity.

Music allows a diverse group of people to come together and embrace the power of music as one. The emotion I believe music gets all of the emotion out of us and can bring out souls to life different genres of music bring different emotions. Music heals hearts, changes minds, and frees souls Nature The rustling of leaves, or the buzzing of bees -waves crashing on the sandy shore on a cool, early morning. The sound of a crackling fire on a summer night. Music, or sounds, you may say, adds to the mood of an environment what can it be a voice a political statement a cry for help an instrument of change -people in this world who are not heard people ignored, pushed away, or not properly cared for.

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A chance to be heard Concerts -a distinctive feeling experienced at a concert thousands of people there for the same reason all joined in support of one particular artist bonded together who in some form has influenced each and every person with their music. A different form of energy it’s electric and it runs through your veins as you desire more has the power to bring people together and make you feel something because of an emotional conclusion that they are coming to through the music. Teach you about life by making you feel something Misconceptions that teens listen to is that it is all rap or hip-hop all of it is just complaining and whining and swearing must be full of curse words and terrible topics. Not true -music can really give you a good perspective and put you in the shoes of others lets you know how others think and feel -As well as how your actions can affect the people around you also a great way to express one’s self.

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