How My Uncle’s Death in Colombia Motivates Me to Pursue Higher Education

It was just a regular thursday, but who would know my life would change after that day? I tumbled up to someone screaming in agony, I thought it was a bad dream, so I tried going back to sleep, but I couldn’t. The screams got louder at this point I was no longer dreaming. I got up confused and terrified. I followed the screams all the way to my parent’s room. I opened the door and I saw my mom screaming and throwing her pillows against the wall. My dad whispered into my ears, “Nicolas, your Uncle passed away.” Those words would never leave my mind no matter how hard I try not to remember I stood there paralyzed and stuck in time. I would never let slip from my memory seeing my mom cry, it wasn’t normal to see my mom cry, she was always the one stopping me from crying.

I ran to my room, hoping it was my imagination playing with me, it doesn’t matter how many times I tried closing my eyes and falling asleep, I could still hear those screams getting intense and heavy getting closer to my ear to the point as if someone was screaming at me. I couldn’t fall asleep realizing I’m about to spend the rest of my life without my uncle. l have only seen him through a camera I hated the fact that my only and last memory sees him through a camera. I kept on asking myself, “Why god, why god!” He had a beautiful soul. He was always blissful and never down, he always looked at the bright side. My mom told me there was never a dull day with him, he is always cracking jokes or playing soccer on the streets of Colombia.

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People always told me that l was going to grow just like him I guess that’s why my mom cried even more when she looked at me that day because I remind her of her dead brother. Later that day I realized my uncle got shot in the head two times and they left his body to rot on the sidewalk until the ambulance came. I always use to video chat with my Uncle because he lived in Colombia. He always promised me that he was going to teach me how to ride a motorcycle and how proud he was of me, because I was about to graduate middle school. I lost a piece of myself that I’ll never get back, but like him, I must look at the bright side and move on from this. I must become the man he wished me to be. Education was everything for my family, they wanted me to be the first to go to college. I take my education very seriously because I want to be the first. All I wanted is to make my family and my uncle proud. Because I know he’s smiling and watching over me.

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