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Nowadays. more and more people use website ( facebook. chirrup. weber…and so no ) to fit people or run intoing friends. It seems that no affair adult male or adult female in modern society. all have an unfastened attitude about run intoing friends online. Then what about find a dating spouse online? One research undertaking reveals that males are much easier to accept happening a dating spouse online ( one of the largest matchmaking services. studies registering over 500 people a twenty-four hours. two tierces of which are males ( Neville. 1997 ) ) . and most of female merely want to run into friends. However that survey examined informations merely from a sample of undergraduate pupils in U. S. A. This research wants to happen out whether abroad pupils have the same attitude toward and experience with on-line dating as U. S. A. .

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Besides this research undertaking study that how many males and females will truly confront to confront the people they meet on-line. It can be hypothesis that male abroad pupil more likely to seek to run into people online in order to happen a spouse while female are tend to look for friendly relationship. This consequence can easy to understand that dating spouse online is a tendency in U. S. A. male or this phenomenon extend to the whole universe. At the same clip. we can detect that whether abroad females are merely want to run into friends online as U. S. A or non. Methodology This research investigated 25 abroad students’ attitude about meeting friends and happening dating spouse online. and which option ( friend or spouse ) is their chief intent when they are utilizing cyberspace.

A sum of 25questionnaires were responsed by 13 males and 12 females pupils in Navitas English in Sydney. consisted of 12 different states. This research was surveyed on 10th of Oct. in 2012. The average age was 23with a scope of 19-28. The questionnaire used non merely close inquiries but besides unfastened inquiries to measure attitudes to run into friends or spouse online. Result The consequence on figure 1. shows crystal clear that. partnership is non the intent ( 0 % ) for both gender. Friendship is the first motive when abroad pupils utilizing the cyberspace. This effect is about the same with the old research study ( chief ends on choice mate or expression for love affair merely 0. 1 % . Knox. Daniels. Sturdvant. & A ; . Zusman. 2007 ) .

Harmonizing to Figure 2. . it is obvious that in this research over two 3rd ( 69 % ) males have the experience meeting friends online. much higher than female. Different with males. merely less than 40 % adult female truly hold friends on the cyberspace. This distance besides reflect on the consequence of meeting on-line friends face to face. Those people who has friends online. over half ( 40 % in 69 % ) male will run into in a existent individual. However. merely seldom 1 % female privation to run into face to face. This consequence can be seen obviously that males are more likely to run into friends on line than females. at the same clip they are willing to do on-line friends become existent friends in their existent life.


The findings of this study are consistent with the hypothesis that male abroad pupils more likely to seek to run into people online in order to happen a spouse. while females are more likely to seek for friends. and investigated the attitude of on-line dating of 25 abroad pupils in Navitas in Sydney. On the footing of the consequence of this research study online dating or run intoing friends are non merely occur in America. but has been happened at least 12 states.

It can be besides assumed that although the chief intent of utilizing cyberspace is the same for both gender at get downing ( run intoing friends ) . but compare with adult female. abroad adult male have an unfastened attitude about run intoing friends online and have more desire to do on-line friends become a existent friends. this factor makes overseas male have more chance to run into and happen a possible spouse by the cyberspace.

There besides has a point needs to be discussed. because the sample of this study merely have 25 people. that means even a little factor might do a large different for the consequence. and that might do the effect loss the truth. In order to do this study better. we should happen more sample following clip.

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