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Letter to the Editor 3

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English Christmas Composition
Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to movie stars staging extravagant weddings.

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Letter to the Editor 3
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Nowadays, many movie stars stage extravagant weddings, weddings that have sky-high cost. I do agree that the money “spent” could be put to better use. If the movie stars cut their expenses and rain millions on different charities, I am sure the wedding would just be as beautiful and memorable compared to hosting a billion-dollar wedding banquet. I will explain my reasons below.

A compassionate heart could compose a memorable wedding.

In order to make something to be memorable, that incident has to be unique / special so that everyone would remember. In countries like China, a few million dollars would be able to construct a simple school or an organization. The bride and groom could have a picture in front of the building they sponsored. This will surely be more memorable than buying 100kg of shark fin. The moment one is willing to reach out to help others; their hearts will be immediately filled with joy and success.

A pair could still have a memorable wedding despite donating millions to a charity. A memorable wedding does not require luxurious food or expensive wine. A simple cathedral and banquet hall could achieve the same results. I am sure that a wedding would be more memorable if you did something that would benefit others in the long-term, rather than satisfy your own temporal desires. Many years after the wedding, when someone asks the stars what made their wedding memorable, the stars that choose to take the “short-term path” would probably be dumbfounded, as they most likely would not be able to remember the 100kg shark fin they ordered for their wedding. However, those who took the “Long-term” path will surely remember as they not only changed themselves, they gave the needy a chance in life.

Simple is beauty. I am sure that many have heard of this phrase before. Indeed, a simple wedding could also be beautiful. Some may.

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Letter to the Editor 3. (2018, Aug 17). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/letter-to-the-editor-3-2/

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