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Response to “Are Zoos Good or Bad for Animals”

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  • Pages 2
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    In this article I learned some of the good and some of the bad about zoos domestication of animals. Many people have different views on whether or not zoos are a good place for animals to be. I believe that it depends on the zoo itself. Some zoos are really good at taking care of there animals while others neglect the creatures. In the article it brings up the point that zoos have greatly increased in the last 4,000 years.

    Many zoos now use safe habitats for there animals instead of steel bars and cement cages like they used to use back in the day. They have also changed the ways that the zoos acquire the animals. Instead of just capturing them directly from the wild, many zoos use captive breeding programs and also bring in abandoned animals that other wise wouldn’t survive in the wild. These programs have saved many animals who were also on the brink to extinction.

    However, trying to domesticate these animals also brings up the point that some animals are just meant to be wild. An example of this would be with elephants. Because of how massive they are and that they take a long time to mature, some experts say that it’s very difficult for them to meet many of there needs like they would have in the wild. Many zoos can’t afford these animals diets because they are so limited. “Zebras at the National Zoo in Washington D. C. tarved to death because of insufficient or incorrect food, and the same zoo’s red pandas died after ingesting rat poison” . Many of these things I didn’t know and have shocked me. I intend to use this information to help me further develop my paper, and to show the pros and cons of animal domestication.

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    Response to “Are Zoos Good or Bad for Animals”. (2016, Oct 15). Retrieved from

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    Are zoos a good thing answer?
    Zoos are popular attractions that educate and inspire the public. While zoos have many benefits, there are also arguments that can be made against them. While zoos capture endangered animals, they also maintain populations of endangered animals in the wild.
    Are zoos bad for animals essay?
    The animals sickly and poorly fed in zoos, and the cages of animals are always dirty and never cleaned, due to which animals that live in these zoos suffer from many different kinds of disease and ultimately die earlier than those animals living in the wild.
    Are zoos good or bad for animals pros and cons?
    Conclusion. The most serious issue with zoos is that, while they do provide security and safety for a lot of animals, they can also provide major problems for the animals themselves. And though they provide a lot of benefits for researchers, they do come at a cost, whether it is worth the risk or not.
    What are 3 good things that zoos do for animals?
    Breeding programs help preserve genetic biodiversity and help reintroduce critically endangered species into the wild. Having animals in protection provides a reservoir against a population crash in the wild. Zoos have helped remove animals from the endangered species list and have saved many from extinction.

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