Restaurant Management of Colegio De Amore Narrative Report

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A paper presented to the department of Hotel & Restaurant Management of Colegio De Amore In partial fulfilment for the requirement in the degree of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management BIOGRAPHICAL DATA The author, Marissa Joana C. Hisole was born on January 26, 1995, in Taguig City. She lives her simple life as the youngest of the three children of Mr. Manuelito R. Hisole, a driver-mechanic at AGnP, Batangas, and Anicia C. Hisole, a simple housewife. She is currently residing at Barangay Aguado Southville 2, Trece Martires City, Cavite.

The author finished her elementary at Bagong Tanyag Elementary School, Taguig City, and her secondary education at Luis Aguado National High School,Brgy. Aguado Trece Martires City, Cavite. For her college education, she enrolled at Colegio De Amore and took up Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. ACKNOWLEDGMENT The trainee would like to express her gratitude that her success couldn’t turn into reality without the following people who helped her in different ways.

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Above all, to our Almighty God for all His unending blessings and guidance He showered upon her. Her adviser Prof. Virgilio N. Escalante, for helping her to undergo the On-Job-Training even If the trainee had one more subject to take; and for her untiring guidance, patience, knowledge and valuable information. Most especially to her beloved parents whom with all their best faces, for working so hard just to support the trainee’s education. To all her co-trainees, for they became her inspirations in order to strive and pursue with her training.

Despite the many efforts, trials and hardships exerted during her training, she would like to dedicate all her accomplishments and success to our Almighty God for His many blessings showered upon her and to her loving parents for their moral and financial supports. I. INTRODUCTION On-the Job training or OJT is a practical training wherein students are asks to do the actual job. Through this, they would be learning in a practical way and hence would be enhancing their skill sets which are needed for employability.

Through OJT’s students would be getting exposure of the real world, confidence of facing real situations and they would be doing networking making contacts for themselves. OJT’s would also help them understand what are their real strengths and weaknesses. Students learn discipline, organization, and people skills while they train out in the workforce. Since on-the-job training is supervised by real employees in real-life work situations, anything can happen, and students must learn “on their feet”. Sometimes, this sink or swim method of learning can be quite beneficial.

Students will adjust to working, and they will gain invaluable experience that they can take with them as they move forward with future careers and education. There is specific number of hours that students must fulfil while on their training activities. On-the-job training is significant because it takes skills training into the real world, and teaches students to produce in a different, more adult, environment. Students may well pick up new skills they can use for a variety of purposes. Many students may continue on with an employer after on-the-job training ends, leading to a successful new stream of income.

Oit is actually OJT, or on-the-job training – this type of training can help students to become more familiar with the realities of working; in some cases, on-the-job training may lead to a stable and fulfilling career. OBJECTIVES The general objective of ojt is to prepare students in the reality of working and to be globally competitive in the world of business. It may have its limitations: It is usually job specific; skills gained are not necessarily transferable; and it could be unsuitable for developing wider competencies.

However, the gains far outweigh the losses. During the course of the training, the students are given an opportunity to experience first-hand exposure to tasks and responsibilities essential and related to their chosen field. The student will then apply theory learned in the classroom to their experiences in the field – this may include: client relations, field exposures, administrative and clerical works, and other tasks to hone them to become a competent employee someday.

The students will also use their practicum placement experiences to refine their information management goals, develop their skills and competencies, integrate core values from their institution towards linkage companies, and uphold personal principles and values to be awaken to the real challenges in a work environment and gain further practical skills and knowledge. Aside from these, the student will also gain confidence, sharpen their ability and be creative, increase their network of professional contacts and become ready for their future career endeavor.

II. History of Microtel Microtel recognized as an all-new construction, high quality, clean and safe brand, with properties offering single, double and suite accommodation for the budget conscious traveller. * Loren Ansley conceptualized Microtel in 1986. Came up with “micro” rooms about half the size of convention ones. * 19 x 9 foot rooms with a queen-size bed for less money. * Microtel were originally constructed with all single queen rooms and typically charged US$ 20-30 a night. The very first Microtel is in Rochester NY built in 1989 offering on single rooms at rates ranging @ 24. 99/29. 99. III. MISSION To aggressively grow the Microtel brand in strategic and accessible locations in the Philippines and maximize Shareholders value To effectively and efficiently use our expertise and resources using the latest industry trends and practices to offer value priced Accommodations and services and international standard Accommodations (consistently clean, secure and comfortable) to the business and leisure markets

To be the employer of choice of people who embrace common core values (professionalism, competence, integrity, humility, passion, honesty, teamwork) by providing our employee development and growth To practice good governance through fair, transparent, sensitive and responsive leadership, that includes contributing to the socio-economic and environmental development of the country VISION We envision ourselves as the leading, preferred and reputable hospitality and property management group providing Excellent customer service

Sound management practices Great satisfaction to our shareholders and franchisees Opportunity for employee growth & development and better life to the community IV. LOCATION AND VISCINITY MAP V. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Marinelle Brana President Manager Housekeeping Department Security Sale Department Accounting Department Front Office Department Lito Fano Jeed Anthony Manuel Bong Housekeeping Attendant/Driver Emman Macua Driver Danilo Langit Gardener Maintenance Robert Anipion Dennis Oafericua Team Leader Dennis Oafericua Night Auditor

Jendel Basilan Marjoe Caliboso Desk Clerk Anita Sales Asst. Accountant Alelie Dela pena Zandro Tumambing Housekeeping Attendant Sunny Marty Ballesteros Housekeeping Supervisor Jilmer Eusoya Guard 2 James Manlabas Guard 1 Maricar Angela Go Sales Account Executive Jay fe Dela rosa Head Accountant Arian Christian Esplanada Front Office Supervisor IV. COMPOSITION OF MICROTEL * Function Rooms * Wireless internet access * Non-smoking Rooms * Disability Accessibility Rooms * Safety deposit box * Photocopy, fax and mailing services Free flowing coffee in the lobby * Laundry services * 24 hour vending area * Ample parking space * Complementary continental breakfast * Massage (on-call) * Schedule shuttle service * Front desk constructed w/ one section covered to a suitable height serving guests in wheel chairs and little people * 57 Rooms with: * 27 Single (19 sqm) * 18 doubles (25 sqm) * 12 suite (30 sqm) * Connecting Rooms * Queen sized beds with chiropractor approved health for the back beds * Sejong restaurant, a concessionaire * Full sized Shower & bathtubs *

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