Reward System In Gasco Company Commerce

This paper looks at the influence of the wages and rating systems in GASCO industrial oil company. The paper introduced general information of the of import of the wages and rating in company success. Furthermore, how the policy of the work force should be designed in the company for employee to understand it. GASCO designed an effectual wages and rating system for their employee will be presented in this paper. Finally it will show some mistakes that obstacle the employee from acquiring the good public presentation during the rating procedure.


Evaluation and wages system is the most of import component of any organisation to success and accomplishing the ends. The troughs of any organisation private or public should see that the employee is the power of the work, so they need effectual system to actuate them to go on working in the organisation. The system of rating and wages are different among the companies.There are a competition between the companies to make an effectual system to pull a new employee to fall in them.

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The successful rating and wages system should run into the employees ‘ demand, so each organisation should see that in their planning. The of import demands that employees are looking for it in the organisation are safety, just rating system, good environment and good sum of salary and bonds. GASCO one of the authorities companies that create a good planned system of ratings and wagess which will show in this paper. Sometimes even a success development system has many mistakes that might oppose the effectual of it, so the troughs should happen solution for any of these troubles.

Brief History of Gasco

Abu Dhabi Gas Industries ltd ( GASCO ) is one of the gas companies in AbuDhabi in the UAE. The company is managed by Mohammed Sahoo Al Suwaidi. It was established in 1978 which following the directive of late His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nayhan. It was a partnership Company between Abu Dhabi National oil company ( ADNOC ) with the bulk portion of % 68, Shell and Total with % 15 and Partex of 2 % .GASCO is runing company which responsible for bring forthing natural gases and associated gases from inshore oil production. ADNOC was wholly owned GASCO in April 2001 and gave the whole duties of commanding and runing the gases in Asab Plant. Now yearss GASCO become the largest operating gas in the universe and the biggest and of import oil industrial undertaking in the UAE. There are four comeuppances works that under control of GASCO, they are Asab, Bab, Bu Hasa and Habsan. All the GASCO ‘S four sweet transportation the gases that produced to a Ruwais Plant for go oning the procedure of the gases breaks. Furthermore, the merchandise of gases which is bring forthing from GASCO Plants are Methan ( C1 ) , ethane ( C2 ) , propane ( C3 ) , butane ( C4 ) , pentane plus ( C5 plus ) and produced liquid sulfur.

The GASCO ‘s vision is to be the most advanced and respected provider of Gas and Hydrocarbons in the UAE. Besides this vision focuses on chief rules which include honestness, unity, and regard for people with peculiar focal point on wellness, safety and environment. The GASCO ‘s was directed by the trough Mr. Mohamed who realized to do the chief ends clear for everyone who wants to fall in it. GASCO ‘s vision faced many disputing to implement it such as cultural alteration, altering in the work force, and the industrial development, so he started to construct a strong vision of GASCO from inside the company and focal points on the employee. He puts a strong scheme to take the company to accomplish the ends and go the most of import company in the UAE. This scheme was consisted many processs. First it was focused on squad leading and trained the employees by forming a strategic and leading workshop to develop their failing and strength their public presentation. Second, focal point on developing the client service by bettering the accomplishments and capacities of the full work force which will back up the material, technicians, operators, applied scientists and supervisors. Furthermore, the workshops of client service that will set up by the company are focused on chief construct which understand others and listen up. Finally, understanding the concern and operational environment in the work force, so every employee harmonizing to his places should understand of import construct like applied scientists should be familiar with hydrocarbon concatenation. Besides the fiscal directors should be familiar with finance operations and how the wages system works in the company. All these stairss enhance the company public presentation and enable the company to be one of the most oil industries in the UAE.

Employee policy

GASCO is like any company that give an chance for qualified people to fall in working the in the company. The most of import purpose of GASCO is accomplishing strategic end by giving chance for their employee to use their endowment and abilities in attractive environment. The employee policy is set in clearly written and available for all employees to actuate, do the work environment attractive and more efficient. Human Resource is the most assets for every organisation and responsible for puting the employee ‘s policy and se the system for evaluate or honor them. Besides it supplied the trough with a good program for bettering the employee accomplishment to strength them and maintain record of their advancement. HR ‘s policies are include conditions of the work, holidaies and foliages of absence, salary disposal, allowances, wagess, ratings development and wellness insurance.

Reward System

Reward system in the company is playing an of import function to actuate the employees. Reward in concern filed refer to a manufacturers, regulations and benefits that employee acquire for their plants like wages, allowances and wellness insurances. GASCO handle their employees reasonably, candidly and supplying them with healthy and safety environment in the work force. The wages system in the company is really clear for every employee and written in clear manner in the one-year book for employee to allow them understand how they will honor harmonizing to their occupation. GASCO ‘s wages system had many aims and designed which are maintain a competitory salary degree with comparable employers in the part, honor single employees harmonizing to their public presentation in the work and mention the earning to the occupation and cognize differences in accomplishments degree.

The policy of wages depends on the grade degree of the employee ‘s place and the class construction consists of 20 classs. The policy of company to pay equality and competitory wages to pull, actuate qualified employee. Furthermore, that will take employee feel satisfy and reasonably. The employee gets their salaried harmonizing to their public presentation and part toward the company success. There are two formal salary graduated tables in GASCO 1 for UAE national and the 2nd 1 for expatriates. It structures composed of two constituents basic salary and supplement allowances that depended on the employee ‘s grade degree. In add-on, there is a scope of the wage that allows employee ‘s wage to come on over period depending on their public presentation, implement and accomplishing the company ‘s aim. There are other benefits that employee can hold it like auto allowances, lodging allowances, educational aid for their kids and wellness insurance.

Employee graph + sample of the wage

Evaluation System

There are two chief ends of rating system. The first end trades with commanding the employee ‘s behaviour and mensurating their public presentation. The 2nd end focuses on the employee development and how can set up strength their public presentation and design a preparation session for them. GASCO consider of have great plus system of their employee. The chief intents of measuring employee are maintaining eyes on the advancement of their public presentation, to actuate and disputing them for altering occupation demand. There are many ways to measure the employees in the company such as one-year studies, personal development program ( PDPs ) and Competency Assurance Management System ( CAMS ) .

The company normally at the terminal of each twelvemonth it was created a study for their employee to happen out about the degree of employee satisfaction, concerns and sentiments about the occupations. This feedback from the studies will do a strong communicating between supervisor and the employees which will assist for sweetening. Besides, there are developing plan and workshops for guaranting work competency and promoting employee to develop their accomplishment and to strength their public presentation in their occupations. Furthermore, the intents of the preparation Sessionss are introduce new tools or in engineering in work topographic point and fix employees for new place or new duties. The supervisor is the 1 who responsible for make up one’s minding bout the preparation of the employee from their one-year public presentation during the twelvemonth. The CAMS is one of the rating methods that GASCO used to measure employee by inquiring them inquiry about their occupations in general and their public presentation accomplishments or instances that happen in their workplace, from the consequences of the direction public presentation which used to add to the personal development programs for each employee.

Mistakes of the rating system in the company

The trough in any company should be qualified and understand how to measure their employee. Sometimes there some mistakes that might go on during measuring public presentation.

Recent Consequence

This instance might go on when the supervisor buttocks employee on the recent public presentation occupation alternatively of buttockss him harmonizing to his public presentation over longer period.

Contrast Mistakes

This mistake might go on when a supervisor start to measure the employee against each other ‘s alternatively of comparing them harmonizing to slandered public presentation. This manner will confound the employee of understand the demands of the occupations and how they achieve the aims or non.

Rating Forms

This mistake might go on when the supervisor tend to rate all employee with the narrow scope and everyone looks norm. This is non effectual because he should place the weak and strong acting employee.


It was clear that how the wages and rating systems influence the company achievements. The troughs play the of import function to put an effectual policy of his company and how he can recognize the employee stratifications. GASCO has a good wages system that motivate and synergistic any qualified employee to fall in them. Besides it was set a clear development procures that will assist their employee to develop their accomplishment and perform in a high slandered. All that understanding of the employee demands and how they motivate and feel reasonably in workplace will assist the company to success and be the most of import company like GASCO ‘s accomplishment.

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